´Hi everyone!!.iam continuing this FF on behalf of my lost friend kifu 😔.hope you all will support me in this FF..

Sehgal house:

Adi is still staring at that girl while that girl repeatedly calls him..

Girl: excuse me!!.

But adi doesn’t respond which makes angry that girl and that girl hits him with her hands which makes adi come out of his trance and…

Adi:ye..yeah. who..who are you?

Girl: iam heer singh.i want to meet mr.andy Sehgal and this is his house right?

Adi teasingly: yes..this is mr.andy sehgal’s house but why do you want to meet that elderly guy who have already have a son instead of meeting young men like me??

Heer becomes angry..

Heer shouts: shut up!!.I dint come here to flirt with men’s like you okay?.I came here to inform something important to mr.andy Sehgal.

Adi: down.but now you can’t meet him because he is busy with his son’s engagement party and if you want to meet him then wait for an hour till the engagement gets over.

Heer: ok.

Telling this heer goes and sits in nearby chair while adi again continues to stare at heer..


Finally the dance gets over and Everyone starts exiting from engagement happily while priya pulls mihir separately in a lobby which shocks mihir and..

Mihir(shockingly): what are you doing?

Priya: hey are so boring yaar. All men’s will enjoy even before the engagement with their fiance but you are not even enjoying even after our engagement and that’s why I thought to flirt with you..

Telling this priya comes closer to mihir but mihir pushes her away..

Mihir: whatever you are thinking will be just happening in love marriage and not in arranged marriage like us..

Priya: you are true. But why won’t we change that thinking mihir? We are also going to be husband and wife like how the lovers will become husband and wife right?

Mihir: but lovers knows each other and so they enjoy but we don’t know each other at all  right? And I need time to understand you and till that please don’t force me…

Telling this mihir goes away while priya stands there upset..


After a while boltu goes to sumithra aunty and get blessings..

Sumithra: you made suprisingly entry!!.iam so happy that you came here..

Boltu: aunty I thought to inform you before atself but I dint have any gifts for mihir’s engagement and so I thought to do suprising entry atleast so that it will be a surprise..

 Sumithra smiles and..

Sumithra:your presence is a great gift for mihir’s engagement boltu because though you was in London but you reached here for mihir’s engagement..

They speak for some time while anu sees them and thinks..

Anu POV: this boltu have gained good name from everyone even though he is not here…what a nice man!!.but I want to do fun with boltu so that it will be more fun and what shall I do??

Telling this she thinks how to prank boltu and suddenly she gets an idea and goes to priya’s room and takes a lipstick and smiles…


Ananya and Amish feels awkward after their dance and feels something..

Ananya POV: why did I become weak when I danced with him??.

Amish POV: this girl insulted me a lot but why dint I stop her from dancing with me?

Thinking this they look at each other but they don’t speak and they part ways in different directions while ananya sees heer sitting there and gets shocked and she goes to heer..

Ananya: what are you doing here??

Heer is also shocked seeing ananya..

Heer: I should ask you this question. What are you doing here??

Ananya angrily: I came to complete my revenge on this family..but why did you came here?

Heer: I came here to save this family from Raiza.

Ananya gets angry but controls..

Ananya POV: this girl is unaware of everything. I came here to take revenge on behalf of my sister raiza.but she is in between me and this family..I will take revenge on this family for killing my Raiza and how will I explain this to heer??

Heer: why are you taking revenge and for whom?

Ananya thinks to lie (the reason for not telling to heer will be revealed later) and..

Ananya: it’s business matter.i faced lot of loss due to andy Sehgal so I came to challenge him in my new business.

Heer: are revenging in business? It will be interesting..

Ananya: will be interesting. But why you are saving this family from Raiza ??I heared that Raiza is dead..

Heer thinks..

Heer POV: Raiza is one mad and psycho. Her dead soul came here to attain her selfish wish and I won’t allow this to happen.i don’t know why ananya is asking about Raiza but I will lie because she should not know about this dirty girl’s secret orelse she will also get into trouble..

Heer lies: you are true that Raiza is dead but raiza have left her things here so I thought to take them because if the police comes here then they will think that Sehgal family have killed Raiza and so I thought to take all her belongings because Sehgal family is innocent.

Ananya is shocked and thinks..

Ananya POV: how did Raiza left her things here??she was killed in her own house but when did she come here??.heer is thinking Sehgal family as innocent but they are the killer of my Raiza so I won’t allow them to escape anyhow..if her things is here then I will stop heer from taking those things away because I want this family to get punished….

Heer: carry on your revenge and I will carry on my work.

Telling this heer moves away while ananya decides to follow heer.


Boltu goes to his room after talking with sumithra aunty and he sees the mirror and styles his hair and..

Boltu POV: hey boltu you are next shah rukh khan..woo hoo (he jumps in joy).

Anu is seen hiding outside his room and watching him and she controls her laughter hearing himself telling as shah rukh khan…

Anu POV: boltu gone over crazy after going to London…he may style like srk but now I will show himself as dummy box..

Telling this she smiles while boltu goes to washroom and anu enters his room and takes the lipstick and writes in mirror something and goes away…

After some time  boltu comes out from washroom and goes towards mirror and starts screaming like he saw the real ghost..

Boltu screams: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!.there is a ghost in this house….

Boltu jumps up and down in fear pushing every things while whole Sehgal family and friends comes to his room hearing his scream and anu too comes there as if she doesn’t know anything and…

Mihir: hey boltu what happened? Why are you screaming like this?

Sumithra looks his room and..

Sumithra: why your room is like dustbin?

Anu smiles in her heart while boltu pulls mihir in and shows the mirror in fear…

Boltu : see there..(pointing towards mirror)..

Mihir sees mirror with written something while boltu still shouts at him in fear..

Boltu: see there mihir..ghost have written with his /her blo*dy hands…

Mihir again looks at mirror and pulls boltu near mirror and erases those words with his hands and shows to boltu and..

Mihir: bro.. don’t you know the difference between lipstick and blood?

Boltu stands shocked..

Mihir: someone have pranked’s just a lipstick. By seeing this you screamed as if you saw the ghost right? And see (pointing towards the room) you made the room like garbage lorry…

Everyone laughs at boltu while boltu gets angry and shouts…

Boltu (shouts): shut up everyone!!!.tell me who did this??

Everyone glares him innocently while anu couldn’tsee him properly as she have done that and boltu notices anu’s different reaction and decides something…

Boltu POV: so you did this anu..wait and watch what I’ll do to you now..

Boltu: ok..I forgave that person so everyone can leave now…

Everyone gets shocked..

Andy: how and why did you forgave that person??

Boltu: that is my please everyone leave now and I want to sleep.

So everyone leaves without asking further questions while anu too goes in confused way..

Anu POV: why boltu forgave it easily????.is he planning something to find out the person??..

Anu too goes away in confused state while boltu starts laughing in his room ..

Boltu: what do you think anu?now you will be confused of why I forgave that person easily but the real dhamaka is going to start now only anu…I will prank you at midnight so that it will be more joke than me…

Telling this he smiles and offs the light and he lies down to sleep and after he closes his eyes a figure comes inside and writes something on mirror with its blo*dy hand…

And it smiles evilly and it disappears while boltu dreams bad and wakes up suddenly and sees the mirror again and gets shocked and this time he thinks it as anu…

Boltu POV: what did this anu think??.she thought that I will get scared again??foolish I won’t spare anu now….

 Telling this he tries to go angrily to anu’s room but before he leaves the blo*dy letters in the mirror slowly disappears on its own which is noticed by boltu and he gets scared and shouts but that ghost appears and stands before him and make his sound unhearable.,.


In a castle Shravani is seen roaming here and there while a phone rings and she attends it..

Shravani: hello.

Person: this royal hotel?

Shravani: yes sir. Do you want to book rooms sir?

Person: yes..please book 5 or 6 rooms..

Shravani: ok sir. Sir your name please?

Person: my name is Andy Sehgal.

Shravani: ok sir. Thank you so much.

Telling this they end their conversation.


Some place is shown and a girl is seen looking at sky and she smiles evilly looking at moon..



In a castle bela is seen roaming here and there while a phone rings and she attends it..

Shravani: hello.

Person: this royal hotel?

Shravani: yes sir. Do you want to book rooms sir?

Person: yes..please book 5 or 6 rooms..

Shravani: ok sir. Sir your name please?

Person: my name is Andy Sehgal.

Shravani: ok sir. Thank you so much.

Telling this they end their conversation.


Some place is shown and a girl is seen looking at sky and she smiles evilly looking at moon..


precap: mihir and Shravani meets.heer and Raiza flashback.boltu stabs…

i think everyone will have some doubt on heer and ananya and their relation will be revealed soon.some raiza’s secrets is known to heer which is unknown to ananya and that will be revealed in next episode😊.hope you all enjoyed this Episode.please tell in comment.

  1. Yes I really enjoyed the episode before 6-7 weeks I read this ff on kifu’s page I am happy that you are completing your friend ff coming to the ff heer and adi scence was funny poor boltu anu pranked him then that real gost raiza was ananya sister that’s why she wanting revenge but heer want to save them who is right between them I am waiting for next episode

    1. Heeena 00

      Thank you so much 😊. Happy that you liked heer and adi funny scene 😊.who is right whether heer or ananya will be knowing on next episode☺️.next episode will be uploaded on Monday..

  2. I really enjoyed the episode . It is awesome .
    Again awesome and interesting too.

    1. Heeena 00

      Thank you so much 😊.once again thank you so much 😊. happy that you enjoyed this episode ☺️.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Heer adi conversation was funny.what mihir told priya was arranged marriage they need time to know each other.anu scaring boltu was funny.but shocking that in the end boltu really saw the that raises ghost?Will anyone believe boltu?is ananya amish attraction formed because of any past they have?shocking that ananya wants to avenge this family while heer wants to protect this family.i think ananya is misunderstanding them.wonder who is this so called raisa. Is she Anita?is the woman who is laughing evily raisa?is she a ghost.are boltu anu a pair or will boltu have another girl?perfect pics

    1. Heeena 00

      Happy that you liked heer and adi funny scene 😊.yes in arranged marriage surely they need time ☺️. happy that you liked anu scaring boltu ☺️.it may be raiza’s ghost and that will be known in next episode☺️.you will know in next episode whether Ananya or heer is right in next episode☺️. Raiza will be shown in next episode☺️.boltu is paired with anu but there is a twist in it..anita hassandani detail will be revealed in upcoming episodes 😊. thank you so much 😊

  4. Boltu POV: hey boltu you are next shah rukh khan..woo hoo (he jumps in joy).

    This boltu is really the Shahrukh Khan of Television Industry. Very true❤❤

    Loved this dialogue..

  5. Truly, it was an amazing episode. Each and every dialogue was rocking along with scenes

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