Internet Wala Love 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Samrat attacks Shubhankar and traps him in cricket match fixing

Internet Wala Love 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai and Aadhya calling each other at the same time and wonders why the other is not picking the call. Shubhankar inaugurates the cricket academy. A boy asks him to give coaching. Shubhankar says surely. Reporter questions him on cricket to which he answers. Photographers click the pic. Chandra comes there. Shubhankar asks when under 18 work started. Chandra tells that it will surely start and tells that his selection is good. Shubhankar asks what? Samrat takes his video with the man Chandra. Some boys ask for the autograph. Inspector comes and tells Shubhankar that he is arrested on the charges of cricket betting. Aadhya watches the video and calls Shubhankar. Rupa shows the collage to a guest and asks Jai to show it to others. Aadhya calls Jai, but his phone is on sofa.

Aadhya worries and thinks Jai pick my call. Jai is about to pick the call and sees many missed calls. Ash comes and stops him. She takes phone from his hand and tells him to attend aunty’s guests. She tells him that she will tell Aadhya that he is busy. Jai says ok and goes to Rupa. Ash rejects her call and makes the phone silent. Aadhya calls on Samrat’s number from which he sent the video of Shubhankar’s arrest. Aadhya takes the auto and asks driver to take her to cricket academy. Samrat looks at her and says I will return the insult with interest. I will have enmity with you. Aadhya thinks why Jai is not picking my call when I need him the most.

Rupa clicks pics with Jai. Ash keeps Jai’s phone on the side table. Jai asks her if she talked to Aadhya and asks what she told. Ash goes to Rupa without answering him. Jai thinks if Aadhya went to Agra alone. He gets worried.. Ash asks Rupa to talk to her online friends. Jai tries to excuse himself. Rupa asks where is Jai’s phone. Ash says I have kept the phone on silent and hide it. Ash asks Rupa to give speech. Jai asks Vihaan to give his phone. Vihaan says he will record Rupa’s speech. Rupa’s childhood friend comes there running after her dog. Rupa steps on the extention box and gets electricity current. Jai asks if mom felt current. She thinks why did this childhood friend returned in my life and gets upset.

Rupa’s friend Sushma sees her and comes near her. Rupa hides her face. Sushma says I heard that you are married in a rich family, but you are looking like a cartoon like you used to look in childhood. Rupa taunts her. Dadu asks Rupa to introduce her friend. Sushma says she is Savvy’s mother. Rupa asks her to eat cake. Jai asks Ash what she talked to Aadhya. Ash says I couldn’t talk to her, as the call was not connecting. Jai says where did you keep my phone. Ash says she doesn’t remember. Jai calls Aadhya from Vihaan’s number. He asks if she went to Agra. She says no and is about to tell about Shubhankar. Rupa comes and snatches phone from his hand. She emotionally blackmails him. Jai thinks to talk to Aadhya later. Aadhya comes to the club academy and asks where is Shubhankar Verma. The owner of the club tells that he is in jail. Sushma asks Rupa if she has stolen these jewellery. Guest tells that Rupa likes steal from someone’s shop, but don’t steal anything from her father’s small samosa shop. She tells about Rupa’s dad small samosa khishmish shop. Everyone laughs.

Rupa thinks how to stop this Sushma. Aadhya comes to the Police station and asks about her father. Inspector says we have left him and will do enquiry. Aadhya says my Papa is innocent. She calls Diya and asks if Papa reached home. Diya says no. Aadhya thinks where did Papa go? She thinks he might be fine. Rupa tells that she can’t drink. Sushma says you have drank many times and vomited too. Rupa says she is lying and funny. Sushma says you used to drink much. Dadu says I don’t know about your this talent. Rupa asks Ash to play music to stop Sushma from exposing her. Aadhya comes to the bar and thinks he can’t be here, as he promised me that he won’t go here. She calls Jai again, but he doesn’t pick the call and says just mom time today. He dances with Rupa.

Shubhankar is drinking in the bar and thinks of the boy’s mum asking him not to take autograph of a gambler and liar. Aadhya sees Shubhankar in the bar and comes inside. She asks him to come home and reminds of his promise. Samrat is also sitting there. Shubhankar says your father is a ruined man. Aadhya says there is nothing like this. Shubhankar says his respect was ruined. The man in the bar call him betrayal. Samrat says beat him and throws a big stone on his head and sits again. The men call him desh drohi and beat him. Aadhya tries to stop them, but in vain. Shubhankar gets badly injured. Aadhya sprinkles water on his face and gets shocked.

Jai comes to the hospital. Aadhya slaps him hard and asks him not to come near her. She looks at him crying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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