Internet Wala Love 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya decide to fight for their love

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Internet Wala Love 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya rushing home. Diya says he was much drunk and fell. Aadhya asks her to bring strong black coffee for him and tells Shubhankar that they shall talk. Shubhankar asks her not to touch him. Jai runs to hospital. Dadu tells him that Rupa is better. Jai feels bad seeing her unconscious. Aadhya asks him not to drink. Shubhankar asks her to go and romance with Jai. Rupa opens her eyes and turns her face. Jai asks why did you do this, you want to leave your jai. Rupa says when you can leave your mom and go to Aadhya, then why will I stay alone? Jai asks if she did because of this. Rupa says she didn’t give him birth for this day. Aadhya reminds Shubhankar of his promise that he will not drink. Shubhankar says you had promised me, but had broken the promise. Aadhya says sorry and says you are very important to me and I love you very much, but I love too. Rupa asks Jai not to have any relation with Aadhya. Aadhya asks him to listen to her once. Jai tells Rupa that he loves Aadhya very much and he feels complete with her. He asks her to ask anything, but don’t ask me to go away from her. Rupa is shocked.

Aadhya says she was happy in their own world. She didn’t know how and when Jai broke all walls and came to her. She says she tried to stop Jai and hate him at first. She says Jai is important to her like him. Jai asks Rupa if his happiness don’t matter to her. Rupa says since that girl came in your life, you are going away from me. She says Aadhya will not come to that house. Jai says I have full right on this house and Aadhya will come surely to that house. Rupa says you made me feel proud today and you don’t value me and tries to cut her and with knife kept there. Shubhankar breaks glass with his hand. Aadhya cries. Shubhankar says my 21 years old love is less than Jai’s two months old love. Aadhya asks him to leave it. Jai asks Rupa to leave the knife and takes it from her hand. He says if everything becomes fine by doing this then I will kill myself. Praveen and Dadu come there. Nurse says this is hospital and not your house. Jai goes. Shubhankar asks Aadhya to leave his hand and goes. Aadhya cries badly. Diya comes there and sees Aadhya’s hand bleeding too. Aadhya cries and says I can’t leave without Jai and Papa.

Rupa tells Samrat’s father that Aadhya did black magic on Jai, first she did black magic on Samrat and then on Jai. She says I gave same upbringing to Jai and Samrat, but Aadhya manipulated him and made him do mistake. She says she is doing the same thing with Jai now. She tells Praveen that they have lost Samrat and what they will do if Jai also goes. Praveen says I won’t let us finish and says I will not let Aadhya do anything, and says he will not leave Shubhankar and Aadhya, and will force them to leave this country. Rupa looks on after manipulating him.

Aadhya looks at Jai’s hand and says just our relation started. Jai says our parents are parents and not kids, they shall handle us, but…He says if they are doing wrong then we will make them do right. He says we will convince them. Jai asks her to show her hand and takes out his handkerchief. Aadhya says even you are hurt and tears handkerchief and ties to his hand. Jai also ties handkerchief to her hand. He tells that everything will be fine. Aadhya says that don’t know where Papa has gone and your mum is in hospital. Shubhankar is sitting in bar and drinking. Praveen comes there and sits with the strangers who were drinking. He asks waiter to give them drinks from his side and shows them video of Aadhya and jai. He tells that Aadhya traps guys of good houses. He points at Shubhankar and says she is his daughter. He then excuses himself. The two guys come to Shubhankar and asks can they befriend his daughter.

Shubhankar looks angrily. Aadhya tells Jai that whenever she sees Shubhankar angry face, she thinks they shall forget everything. Jai asks why they shall sacrifice their love to bring smile on their faces. He says he will make everything fine and says if she talks about leaving him then he will die, but don’t let her separate. He says we will find out the solution together. Manager calls Aadhya and says your papa is doing hungama here. Shubhankar tells the guys that she is his daughter. Jai and Aadhya come there. Jai asks Aadhya to stay outside and goes inside the bar. He asks Shubhankar to come with him. Manager asks Shubhankar to go. Jai sees Praveen there. He takes Shubhankar out. Shubhankar sees a couple getting closer on the road and asks Jai if he wants to do same thing with Aadhya. Jai thinks how can he think that I want to get physical with Aadhya and asks him not to say this about their love. He drinks Shubhankar’s wine. Shubhankar says it is last bottle and asks Aadhya to stop him. He takes bottle and says he finished all. Jai says I love her, and will meet her and love her, do whatever you want. Shubhankar looks angrily.

Dadu tells Shubhankar that Jai loves Aadhya. He tells Rupa that she will not get good bahu like Aadhya. Shubhankar and Rupa are shocked. Shubhankar and Rupa find Aadhya and Jai not in their respective homes early morning.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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