Internet Wala Love 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahira hires Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai and Aadhya arguing. He tells her that it was a dare given to her, else he isn’t interested in proposing her, he is a social media star, all drama is because of her. She says I came to cafe for interview. He says you came for date, what a liar. She calls for help. The party goes on. Mahira talks to guests. She lines up the interviews. Roopa scolds the maid for her lies. Puru looks on. Roopa asks why did you apply such bad smelly paste on your head. He says its good lep for good hair. She says stop it, your home remedies are making it difficult to breath. Jai says there is no signal here. He doesn’t get internet access and runs to knock door. Mahira asks the girl to stop the music, she needs to make an announcement. They hear the door knock and go to check. The door opens. Jai and Aadhya fall down. Jai gets signal and smiles. Roopa asks maid why did she take off and go to mall. She asks the puppy not to play. She barks.

Puppy runs out. The maid reminds that there is no reign without the dog. Roopa asks Puru to stop the dog. Mahira asks Jai is this new viral video plan. Jai says sorry, there is lock problem, we got stuck. Aadhya says I have come for interview. She greets Mr. Bansal and asks how is his leg injury now. He says I m fine, I couldn’t give you a job as all the seats got full, best of luck. Mahira thinks who is she, she saved me from embarrassment. Shubhankar apologizes to Aadhya for being so useless. He drinks. Aadhya comes and sees the girls. She prays that she gets the job. Jai comes to talk to Mahira. He recommends his friend. Mahira says talented people don’t need a recommendation. Jai says I know, I m just a medium to make you notice talent. Mahira says I will see. Shubhankar sees Roopa convincing the puppy. He jokes on her. She says I m Roopa Mittal, mind your tongue and then do the talking. She shouts on him.

Mahira interviews the girls. Puru comes and takes the puppy. Roopa says lets go. Shubhankar asks are you family member. Puru asks why. Shubhankar says keep her in zoo. Puru says govt. Should ban you. Roopa sees Aadhya’s pic in Shubhankar’s wallet. She says how do you know this girl. Shubhankar says she is my daughter, don’t be around her, it won’t be good. Roopa says so they are father-daughter, I will teach them a lesson to remember me. Aadhya gives interview. Mahira asks how much knowledge do you have about internet. Aadhya says I have less knowledge.

Mahira reads completely net savvy, online blogger and 24 by 7 on internet. She asks why shall I give you this job. Aadhya says I need this job, I will work hard, I won’t give any reason to complain. Jai clicks selfie and posts that his friend is joining his office. Mahira says I want a tagline of love, a soulful line. Aadhya says love is something which won’t make you become of someone else. Mahira asks about relationships. Aadhya says if people try to keep relationship mutually, it can never fail. Mahira says okay, you can go. Tanisha says interviews results have come, your friend didn’t get the job. Jai asks why. She says Mahira gives job based on talent. Jai’s friend gets angry on him. He says chill, delete the status. She says I don’t need your help now. She goes and his shirt gets torn. Everyone laughs.

Mahira asks Tanisha to explain Aadhya her work. Tanisha says Aadhya, you are our new blog writer, so congrats. Aadhya gets glad. Tanisha introduces Jai and says you both have to work together. Jai says congrats, welcome to my world., you tortured me a lot, its my turn now. She worries.

Aadhya comes to office. Jai makes her fall inside Mahira’s cabin. Jai thinks how will Aadhya get saved now. Roopa asks Shubhankar to leave the house. Mahira asks Aadhya to fix the problem fast.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow!!! really interesting ???….

  2. adhya is just 16 in real life amazing acting nd chemistry wd jai from 1st episode

  3. Aadhya & Jai are really very amazing actor. Their acting, expression, movement are really appreciating.

    Specially, Aadhya’s smile!!!
    WOW :O What a smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just love it.

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