Internet Wala Love 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rupa realizes Aadhya’s love for Jai

Internet Wala Love 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya staying in Jai’s room to take care of him. Jai asks for water in sleep. Aadhya makes him drink water. She looks at him lovingly and gets emotional. Jai holds her hand and turns. Rupa asks Ash to listen carefully and says I didn’t let any family member stay with Jai as I want you to take care of him. She asks her to make place for herself in Jai’s life so that he throw Aadhya out of his life. Ash hears her. Rupa asks her to go fast as Jai is alone. Aadhya hears someone coming there and thinks to leave before aunty or Ash comes. Ash thinks aunty trapped her, now she has to stay in stinking place. Aadhya frees her hand and hides, one of her bangle break and falls down. Ash comes inside and switches on the AC. She sits there. Aadhya sees Jai getting uncomfortable

and thinks Jai’s health will worsen with high AC. Ash thinks to go to other room and sleep, and thinks Jai will not know. Aadhya comes to Jai again and sees his body cold. She thinks to massage his body with hot oil.

She secretly goes to kitchen and warms up the oil. Rupa comes to the kitchen. Aadhya hides. Rupa feels the smell and thinks what kind of smell is this. She sees lizard, gets scared, takes water and leave. Aadhya comes to Jai and massages his feet with warm oil. She checks his temperature and thinks it is normal now, but he can catch fever again if sweating. She turns him towards her. Jai hugs her in sleep. Aadhya changes his shirt and cares for him all night. In the morning, Aadhya checks the time and thinks it is 7 am, she has to do show at 8 am without Jai today. She thinks Rupa will handle Jai. Rupa thinks Ash must be taken care of Jai. She comes to room and calls Ash. Ash comes there. Rupa asks if she didn’t take care of Jai. Ash says I was here, now went to washroom. Jai wakes up. Rupa asks if he slept well. Jai gets flashes of Aadhya taking care of him and asks Rupa if she came. Rupa says she didn’t call also. Samrat is outside the Mittal house and sees Aadhya using the stairs to climbed down. He thinks she is playing hide and seek game for Jai. Ash tells Jai that she has taken care of him all night. Jai thinks it was Aadhya’s perfume smell on my blanket. He goes to washroom. Rupa finds the bangle piece and thinks who came here. Samrat calls someone and asks him to hire Shubhankar as cricket coach.

Aadhya comes to the show and thinks how to do show without Jai. She begins the show. First caller calls. Aadhya takes the call. Caller tells her that she is having a friend, she feels love for him, but sometimes think it can’t happen. She asks her to say. Aadhya imagines jai with him asking her to tell how it feels to be in love. Aadhya tells the feelings of love. Rupa buys the radio station. Rupa tells that she will inform everyone. She hears radio station employees talking about Aadhya’s show, and telling about how she spoke about love as she herself is in love. Jai thinks she didn’t call me or come to meet me. She is doing solo show today and calls her, but she is busy with the show. Rupa sees Aadhya wearing the same bangles and hearing her indirect love confession as she talks to the caller. Rupa gets angry. Jai thinks to tell Aadhya that someone is following her. Rajat comes and asks if he is fine. Jai tells that he needs to go to Aadhya’s home. Rajat says she went to Radio station. Jai asks him to give radio, and plays Aadhya’s show. He hears Aadhya talking about love. Jai thinks she is not in love and talking like she has done PhD in love. She imagines Jai and tells that it happens in love. Caller thanks her and ends the call. She imagines Jai asking her if she can confess love when he is infront of her. Aadhya looks on.

Jai asks Aadhya with whom he is in love with and says you can’t hide from me. Aadhya says Jai..He asks her to tell. Aadhya smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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