Internet Wala Love 27th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Shruti lies about Jai

Internet Wala Love 27th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai thinking he has found the way to come out, and says I am coming…Maa and Aadhya. Aadhya and Rupa tell the media that Jai is innocent. Reporter says who will tell what is truth as the girl’s brother is claiming that Shruti will tell the truth. Aadhya says Shruti will tell the truth and tells that she wants to meet her. Karan hears the news on TV and tells that Rupa and Aadhya can do anything. He tells Shruti that he has punished Jai and locked him somewhere from where he can’t elope and will die there. Aadhya comes there and asks who is you to decide. Ragini asks didn’t you get peace reaching media and says you will support him always. Aadhya says I will support him until Shruti tells me truth. Ragini asks her to leave. Aadhya tells that she knows that they have bear enough and tells that Shruti can be fine. She asks karan why he is not getting her treated and asks him to give her a chance. She asks Shruti to become fine and says your brother has bear so much seeing you in this condition and asks her to give them some hope or sign. She says everything depends on you. you are the only one and can do something. She asks her to react and say something. Shruti holds her hand. Ragini takes Aadhya out and says it is2p enough. Aadhya tells that Shruti has a movement in hand. They don’t listen to her. Aadhya thinks to make her fine for Jai.

Goon keeps the food plate inside and asks Jai to have food. Jai holds his hand and pulls it and asks him to open the door. Goon says I will open the door and asks him to leave his hand. Karan and Ragini release smoke inside. Jai faints again. .Karan slaps the goon for agreeing to open the door. He says Jai shall not come out from here. Goon says fine. Karan gets a call and he gets shocked. He says I am coming. They come home. Nurse tells Karan and Ragini that Shruti was missing from the chair when she returned.

Aadhya brings Shruti to hospital. Doctor checks her and tells that may be she is remembering old happenings. She says she has to make her calm down. Jai gains consciousness. Aadhya brings Shruti to Jai’s house. Dadu says if this is right to keep her here. Rupa asks him to come to room. Jai gains consciousness and sees lights flickering. He shouts that fire broke out. Goon opens the door. Jai pushes him and runs away. Goon calls Karan and informs him. Karan says Jai will reach Aadhya. Aadhya thinks where is Jai? And thinks of the moments between them. She hopes one Shruti gets fine and tell truth to Karan, then all enmity will end. Jai comes home and calls her. Aadhya hugs him and asks if Karan did something. She asks about his injury. Jai says he is fine now. He sees Shruti on the sofa. Karan tells Ragini that Aadhya is not in her house. Ragini says she might be in Mittal house. Jai asks Shruti to tell what wrong did I do with you. Aadhya asks what are you doing? Jai says I am talking to her and says I will not leave her. Dadu and Rupa come there. Jai says I will not leave her. Jai is about to take the knife. Karan and Ragini come there. Karan shouts Shruti. Shruti gets up and sits.

Karan says how dare you to try to kill her. Aadhya asks him to see that Shruti is fine. Karan asks her if she is fine. Aadhya tells that Jai did all that deliberately as Doctor told that she will be fine if she is shocked. Dadu says I am proud of you. Karan says he is responsible for her condition. Aadhya says I had a talk with Jai and he told me everything. He didn’t do anything with Shruti. Ragini says Jai lied to you and tells Shruti told the truth to them that Jai forced her to make relation and then dumped her. Rupa asks what? Jai says there was nothing between us, and tells that he didn’t do anything with her and is not responsible for her condition. Karan asks Shruti to tell truth and tell Jai’s truth to his family. He says he was feeling pain since 5 years and wants Jai to have guilt in his heart. He takes out revolver and asks her to say. She asks if that was truth and asks her to tell. He keeps knife on his forehead and says either of us, either Jai or I will die today. Shruti speaks up and holds Jai responsible for her condition. Jai is shocked.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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