Internet Wala Love 26th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rupa gets arrested by Police

Internet Wala Love 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya hugging Jai and getting emotional. She says all days will not be equal and if we have love then we have fight too, but I promise that I will not leave you alone. The man looks at them. Jai says we will make everything right and says I will drop you. Aadhya says today I will drop you as if someone troubles you. Vihaan asks what jai and Aadhya did? Karan says they have done a big crime and says until they know what their punishment is, everything is finished. Rupa talks to a guy and says same thing shall happen at the engagement as we planned. Jai asks with whom mom is talking? Aadhya says may be someone. Jai tells that he will drop her. Aadhya asks him to go and sleep. Jai acts to get hurt. Aadhya gets worried.

Karan blackmails Vihaan to do something with Jai. He throws knives at him. Vihaan agrees to do anything. Karan says you have taken the right decision. Jai asks Aadhya to go home. Aadhya says let me check. Vihaan compromises with the electricity wires and gets worried. Aadhya brings Jai to room. Jai tells Vihaan must have slept in some other room. Aadhya asks if you were acting to get hurt. Jai says I have a surprise for you and shows the gifts for their engagement. Aadhya gets happy and looks at the bangles. She wears it and asks how is it looking? Jai says very beautiful and says this is for those who have supported me always. He kisses on her hand. He shows her earrings which he bought for her. He takes her to dressing table and makes her wear earrings. He says now I can shop all things for you and says I will switch on the lights. Rupa calls jai and asks if he is in his room. Jai says yes. Aadhya asks him not to switch on the lights, if Rupa sees her then it won’t look good. Jai says ok. Aadhya sleeps on his shoulder while they are talking. Jai calls Karan and asks him to tell Diya that Aadhya slept while talking and asks him to inform her not to worry. Karan thinks let her sleep today, from tomorrow nobody can sleep.

Next morning, Rupa gets a call and is shocked. She tells Dadu that all their orders are cancelled. They watch a news that all reporters got unwell and hospitalized after having their bhujiya. Karan and Ragini smirk. Rupa reads the messages and tells that people are getting mad about their bhujiya. Media and the people tell slogans against them. Rupa comes out and asks them what happened? Aadhya and Jai wake up hearing the slogans. The woman try to blacken Rupa’s face, but Aadhya comes infront of her and get her face blackened. Jai asks them to leave. Aadhya tells them that Mittals are reputed family and this might be someone’s conspiracy against them. She asks them to leave. Jai closes the door. Rupa gets teary eyed. Dadu thanks Aadhya for supporting them. Aadhya says nothing had happened to Diya and says she had the same bhujiya. Karan calls Aadhya and says Diya is vomiting since morning. Aadhya tells Jai that she has to go as Diya is unwell. Rupa is in shock.

They come home and see Diya’s bad condition. Doctor comes and checks her. Jai says she will be fine. Aadhya asks what happened to her. Doctor says food poisoning and says all poison came out, and asks what she had yesterday. Ragini says she had Rupa aunty bhujiya. Aadhya says whoever have done this will be punished and says I will get them punished. Ragini smirks. Karan looks on. Rupa talks to the workers and tells that workers have no idea about it. Dadu asks her not to take tension and says I am surprised for Aadhya and says she has supported you and took your blame on herself. Rupa says I didn’t do wrong and says she was moved by her gesture. Police comes and says there is an arrest warrant against you. Rupa says there is a misunderstanding and says I am trying to figure out the things. Inspector says there is a complaint against you. Rupa asks who has filed complaint? Inspector says Aadhya Verma. Jai says I will be with you. Aadhya is still at home. Karan tells Ragini that this is our first step and says lets see what happens next. Ragini says you will have difficultly to stay together.

Precap: Karan tells that there will be dhamaka in the court tomorrow. Aadhya consumes the bhujiya and her condition deteriorates.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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