Internet Wala Love 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya kidnap Ragini to get PK freed

Internet Wala Love 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya finding microchip there. Jai says they are smart and misguided us. They have shifted PK from here. He says we shall leave from here. They see Karan standing infront of them. Jai asks where is PK and hits Karan. Karan says even I can hit you and give answer, and says I am enjoying seeing you worrying and I want to see you like this. Jai says fight with me, but leave PK. He says you know that Diya is pregnant and says if anything happens to PK then she will go in trauma. Karan says you didn’t worry for other girls and says you leave the other girls to cry after using them. Jai says I didn’t take advantage of any girl till now and asks him to tell who the girl is. Karan says I will tell before killing you. Jai says you will not be saved. Karan asks him to get saved first, and sprays something on their faces. They faint. Later, they gain consciousness and find themselves tied to the chairs. Jai asks Aadhya to push her chair towards him and they open each other hands, and leave from there. Aadhya reaches home and sees Doctor checking Diya. She thinks Maa shall not know about Diya as her pregnancy news will break her. Doctor asks Pratima to show her blood test report. Pratima says I will show you. Aadhya tells Doctor that you know that she is..Doctor says she is pregnant. Aadhya asks her not to tell this. Just then Pratima comes there with the report. Doctor says report is fine, may be she is stressed about something. She says she shall not stress in this condition. Pratima asks what condition. Doctor says she is weak and asks her to keep her happy and make her eat food. Pratima taunts Aadhya. Aadhya takes Doctor out and thanks her. Doctor says you can’t hide it for more days and asks her to take care of Diya.

Rupa tells Dada ji that she is going to office. Dadu says you are unwell. Rupa says I am alone now and I have to handle everything. She says I have to go to office. Jai thinks just few more hours then everything will be fine. Rupa tells Dadu that Jai is stubborn since his childhood and says she never thought that he will forget his family. She says I will accept that I have no gabru babru beta and leaves. Jai goes to his room and thinks to check his profile. He thinks to check who were his girlfriends in 5 years. He searches the girls with Singh’s surname, but he couldn’t find any girl. Aadhya recalls Rupa slapping Jai, and Dadu telling that he hates her. She thinks everything is a mess. Jai comes to her and tells that she don’t know what to do. He asks if she trust him. She says yes. It is her imagination. Jai is at his house and calls Aadhya, and asks her to meet him. He tells her that they have no option and have to attack them in their own way.

Karan tells Ragini that they must be planning, we must be careful. He says they shall not reach PK and says he didn’t hear bhaiyya from his sister’s voice since 5 years. He says Jai has to pay for his karma. Ragini says we will do masti like past and cries. She hugs him. Karan says we shall not fall weak as we are near our aim. He says their families are against us, this is the best time to attack and punish them. Jai tells Aadhya that they must be thinking that we are alone and weak, and must be planning to attack us. He asks if she knows what to do. Aadhya says we can’t do like this and says it is risky. Jai says we have to do this for family and asks if she trust him. Aadhya says more than myself. Jai says I love you. Aadhya says I love you too. Her bangles get stuck in his watch. Jai says even this doesn’t want us to separate and says we can face any problem together. Aadhya in saree falls down near Ragini. Ragini sits to help her. Aadhya sprays something on her face. Jai comes there. They take Ragini with them. Karan worries for Ragini. Jai calls Karan and asks if Ragini didn’t reach home. He asks him to leave PK. Ragini asks karan not to leave PK. Karan tells that he will leave PK and nothing shall happen to Ragini. Jai says ok. He tells Aadhya that once PK is freed, they will expose Karan and Ragini.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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