Internet Wala Love 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya agrees to make Jai meet her boyfriend

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Internet Wala Love 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai reading Aadhya’s letter that she is actually in love, never thought that this would happen with me, but what we don’t think same thing happens with us and writes that her love changed her black and white life as colorful. She writes he gave me so much happiness that I couldn’t handle. And asks what do you think who is he? Aadhya thinks thankfully I didn’t write his exam. Jai asks who is he and asks her to tell. Aadhya says there is nobody. Jai asks her not to lie and asks her to tell. He says Aadhya, you cheater, my best friend is in love with someone and who didn’t tell me. He asks Savvy who is he and from where he came? Aadhya says I will not talk to you. Jai holds her hand and asks her to say. Rupa thinks she has to put full stop now and tells Jai that

Aadhya is feeling shy and will tell when right time comes. Jai says I want to know. Rupa makes them go. Jai asks whose team you are in? Rupa says your team and thinks it is good that Aadhya didn’t write my son’s name, else she came with all the planning. Savvy takes Aadhya for shopping. A shop keeper holds Rajat and tells Jai that he is not giving money. Jai pays him money. Shop keeper asks Jai why his face is sad? Jai says nothing.

Shop keeper says real reason hiding behind nothing. Rajat eats chips. Jai looks at him and asks him to eat. Rajat asks what happened to you. Jai tells them that Aadhya is in love with someone and don’t know who is he? He tells his life that there was no man in her life when she was about to engaged to Samrat. They sit in car. Jai tells that Aadhya said that the guy came in her life and filled her life with colors and asks if she was not happy before. Rajat asks him to start the car. Jai says she was with me all the time so when did that guy come in her life. Rajat tells Jai that they shall leave now and gets down from the car.

Vihaan sees Aadhya and Savvy going and asks Jai to go and ask Aadhya directly. Jai gets down from the car. Rajat sits in the car. Aadhya thinks of Jai and gets emotional. Jai comes and asks her to tell who is that lucky guy? Aadhya says I will tell later. Jai says I am upset that you are giving my place to someone else. Aadhya looks on hopeful and surprised. Jai says I was joking. Aadhya closes her eyes. Jai says I am your best friend and shall know everything. He says I am very happy for you and says atleast you are experiencing true love. Aadhya looks at him. Jai asks if she is getting musical, out of focus feeling, heart beat stops and just she can see him. He asks if she has a feeling that she loves him. Aadhya says I never got happy till now. A woman asks Jai why is he holding girl’s hand. Jai leaves her hand. He says we are friends. Woman says guy and girl can’t be friends. Jai says who said this? He says this is 21st century. He asks Aadhya to tell the name. Aadhya says Jai. Jai is surprised and asks her to tell the name. She is about to go while he follows at them. They fall together in the sarees/dupatta cloth. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi….plays…Jai asks who is he, who wants to snatch my friend from me by getting lost in your hairs.

Aadhya says ok. He asks her to make him meet her tomorrow in café. Aadhya says ok. Jai says I am very excited to meet your boyfriend and says until I approve you can’t move on in relation. Aadhya looks on. Jai says yes and falls again. They are still in the cloth. Savvy comes and takes Aadhya out. Jai says Aadhya will make me meet her boyfriend and asks Savvy not to be jealous. Savvy asks Aadhya from where she will get her boyfriend. Jai folds all dupattta as asked by the woman. He says bye and leaves. Savvy says from where we will get boyfriend in 24 hours.

Jai is searching something on net and tears the papers. He says I am getting good questions with much difficulty and says he is preparing to test him. Vihaan and Rajat looks surprised. Jai says Aadhya is perfect so she shall get perfect guy only. Vihaan says we shall order guy from the God. Jai asks him to see the match. Rajat says if she is in problem then who will save her if the guy is straight and honest. Jai says I will save her and you both are also there. Rupa hears them.

Aadhya and Savvy come to the restaurant to take guys’ interview for making the boyfriend. Jai tells that he made questionnaire and if he don’t like the guy then he will kick him out. Vihaan gets angry as Jai throws omelette on him and says I will throw him out. Jai thinks to test him.

Precap: Jai asks Aadhya about her boyfriend. Aadhya says he is masti khor, but when she is in problem, only he helps her. Aadhya takes the guys’ interview and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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