Internet Wala Love 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai finds out Ragini and Karan are imposters, Diya is pregnant

Internet Wala Love 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rupa getting shocked seeing Shubhankar’s post which reads that Mittals have a criminal records and they want to be away from famous family. Rupa replies that they don’t want to have relation with such cheap family. Jai comes to the house which he rented. Aadhya opens the door. Jai asks why Karan is after me and says he told about his marriage plan with her. Aadhya asks him to give his hand and applies ointment. He says we shall complaint against them. Ragini says we don’t have any proofs except that letter which is in Rupa aunty’s handwriting. Ragini takes Diya to a hospital and asks her to get some tests done, and not to worry. Diya goes to get her test done. Ragini says once I get these reports then you can’t think what I can do, and says Aadhya just get ready

for the storm.

Jai tells Aadhya that he will go to Kanpur and take out info about them. Aadhya says they are dangerous. Jai says I will return fast and asks her to take care. Vihaan comes to Karan. Karan says Rupa and Shubhankar are fighting badly and enjoys reading their messages. Vihaan gets angry. Karan says you have been lucky for me and says I want you to execute our next plan. Vihaan says I am not doing anything and says it is enough now. Karan kicks on his back. Vihaan asks him to kill him and gives the gun. He says I will not do anything against my friend, kill me and my parents. He asks what wrong did Jai and Aadhya do to you? Karan says what wrong did Jai do, you wanted to know and takes him to Shruti.

Diya gets her report and gets shocked seeing it. She drops the papers shockingly. Ragini picks the report and smirks. She steals one of the paper and asks Diya to come. Jai comes to Sharma ji’s house. A woman opens the door and asks who is he? Jai says he is Karan’s friend and came to meet him Woman says they are the tenant and this is Sharma ji’s house who stays in US. Jai shows Karan and Ragini’s pic and asks if they are Sharma’s kids. Woman says no.

Karan brings Vihaan to Shruti and says this is done by Jai and that’s why I will ruin everyone’s lives connected with Jai. He says I will kill them. Jai calls Aadhya and says Karan and Ragini are not your Papa’s friend’s kids. Aadhya asks who are they? Jai says they are fraud, but don’t know about their purpose. He says they have nothing to do with Sharma ji. She recalls Shubhankar telling that he had seen them in their childhood. She says they could have done anything with us, as was staying in my house. Jai says I know and says they will be exposed soon. He asks her to relax and says I am coming there. He asks her to make the message reach them and spoil their sleep. Aadhya says ok. She keeps an envelope and rings the bell. Ragini opens the door and gets the envelope. Karan asks whose letter is this? Ragini opens the letter and reads this letter is for fake Ajay Sharma’s kids, and very soon everyone will know. Karan says this might be done by Jai and Aadhya and trying to reach us. Ragini says I have a good way to stop them.

Jai comes to Shubhankar’s house. Aadhya asks why did you come here? We would have meet at our house. Jai says he called her many times. Aadhya says she was in washroom. Jai says we shall file fraud case on Karan and ragini. Aadhya says ok. Ragini knocks on the door. Aadhya asks Jai to hide and says Maa must have come. Jai hides under the bed. She opens the door. Ragini comes inside and gives her envelope. Aadhya reads it and is shocked. She says how can Diya be pregnant, this is a misunderstanding. Ragini says this is real report and says only I know about this. You know what people do and upload on social media and asks her to be careful. Jai is shocked too. Ragini leaves. Aadhya says how can Diya do such a thing. Jai says someone will answer about this.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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