INSTORE FOR US… it’s her story (shot 5)

Oh! Maya is still standing in the railway crossings…

Her phone rings. She opens her eyes and gets tensed seeing the train. Maya jump off the track and closes her ears put of fear.

Maya sits away from the track. Her phone rings again.

She takes the call…


Adithya (He is a happy go lucky nature guy): Hai,is this Maya mal hot on the other side?

Maya:it’s not Mal hot, it’s malhotra.

Adi: I know I was just kidding. I was hoping to make you laugh as you are upset. Are you wondering, how I got to know? I do have some good news to tell you. Shall I? This noon when you was walking alone in the park Road.

FB. . .

Maya is walking determined. Adithya crosses by her.
Someone from behind takes her bag and runs. Adi runs behind him and catches the bag. As soon as he returned, Maya has already reached railways.


Adi:I think you would have gone to police station right? So now, your bag is with me. Now tell me, when and where to meet?I will give back myself.

Maya:I don’t need the bag. You keep it yourself. Please don’t call me again.

Adi:you don’t want! It was your debit card credit card and some cash…

Maya cuts the call. Adi doubts her behaviour.

Maya has already lost her leftover courage…

She leaves the railway…

Aditya is with his friends.

Adi:if she didn’t want the bag, I would have given it to the thief itself. May be some use to him.

Friend: how did you find her number?

Adi: it had a credit card in the bag, I called my friend who works in a customer care. He gave me the phone number. Then, madam scolded me and disconnected the call.

Friend smiles…

Adi:I have never come across such girls who doesn’t want her own bag.. that’s why we say Life is full of surprises and miracles.

Friend: exactly…

Adi:by the way, my mom is coming for a medical conference.

Friend: Dr. Lakshmi is coming… wow Great.

Adi: just 3 days…

Adithya smiles seeing a bike in a shop. He goes inside and it seems like he liked the bike too much.

A hospital….

Adithya with his mother walks in.

Reception counter.

Mom: excuse, can I meet Dr. Vidya?

Receptionist: yes, you are Dr. Lakshmi right? I have been strictly instructed to bring you to her.

Lakshmi nods. Adi looks at her.

Mom:what’s this reaction?

Adi: lakki…I am so proud to call you as my mom.

Mom:why suddenly?

Adi: look people in your profession have a great opinion of you. Proud of you!

Mom:it will take one hour to end my work…

Adi:don’t worry… I will wait for you in the nearby library take your time. Bye.

His mom leaves.

Adithya turns to go.

Receptionist: Maya malhotra…

Adithya stops.

Receptionist:you can enter next.

Maya nods and sits down. Adithya has already occupied her near by seat.

Maya turns and sees him looking at her. She frowns.

Adithya waves hello at her.

Adi:can I get a photo of your feet to set as my mobile wallpaper?

Maya frowns and stands up.

Adi: Maya mal hot…

Maya reminisces and sits down again.

Adi:when I had called you, were you out on some important work? You switched off your phone telling me to keep the bag. Did you think I am with the thief and thought of robbing you fully?

Adi laughs.

Maya sits mute.

Adi:sorry, I was again kidding as you are upset. You finish your consultation and wait here. I will bring your back as soon as possible.

He gets the back. But Maya had left.

Aditya is walking with his mother…

Adi:I never thought one has to struggle so much to do a good deed.

Mom:you can only take water to the horse. But you can’t make it drink,right? Let it be. Where are we going now?

Adi:There is a surprise…. I have told you about a bike I saw on the store.

Mom:yeah, that one you showed on Internet too..

Adi:yeah the same… I have decided to but that.

Mom:you was saying it’s expensive..

Adi:yes it is costly..I am thinking to take a loan.

Mom:it doesn’t sounds good, I think you should not take that. It’s not worth to invest so much on a bike. Let’s buy a less expensive one.

Adi:but I feeling to buy that.

Mom: but I don’t like to do so. Rest your wish..

Aditya gets sad.

They reach the store.

Aditya goes in…

Mom: Adi… did you feel bad?

Adi:can’t lie that I didn’t. A little bad. But am asking you again, don’t you really want me to buy that bike?

Mom: don’t buy it, it’s doesn’t feel right.

Adi: okay, then I will get the serviced car.

Adi gets in and waits… He sees the bike and gets sad.

Thank you Shesha and Jasmine Rahul for the comments…

  1. Happy to see Adiya pairing…

  2. Shesha485

    Liked the episode. Aditya’s introduction was nice. Maya refusing him getting the bag back was surprising… Weird Maya! Aditya asking the photo of her to make it as a phone wallpaper was hilarious. Why did he get sad seeing the bike? Excited for the next episode

  3. Jasminerahul

    Aditya is so sweet to call her malhot just to make her smile.aditya thinking that if he knew that maya didn’t want the bag he would have allowed the thief to take it was funny.adiya meeting was nice. Aditya’s dialogues to her were unlike the show adi n mom have a good bonding.but name is different. The last scene was sentimental. Why is adi attached to the bike?Nice pics

  4. Didn’t expected Adi here. Are you making Arjun enter the ff after Adiya gets close? Besides, this episode was too good. Loved the nature of Aditya..

    1. Meghu

      Hey zingo,why are you not logging in? I was worried. . . Wait and see the turns😅

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