INSTORE FOR US… it’s her story (shot 2)

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Next morning…

Maya gets ready and smiles…

She dreams of forming a bond with Arjun.

She goes through his class… and desperately looks for him. She is unable to find him.

Days passes… Maya can’t find Arjun.

Desperately she decides to contact a friend of his class.

Maya:excuse me, you are a first year student right?


Maya:I am maya malhotra, third year. I think this belong to your classmate?

Maya gives her the paintings.

Friend:yes,it’s of Arjun’s.

Maya:I found it in football court. I searched for him to give this, I couldn’t find him.

Friend : he quit college and left. He got a job and discontinued the course. If you have to give it personally, then you have to go to Singapore.

Maya:thank you…

Dismayed she goes around her daily routine life…

Three years leap, In Mumbai. . .

Maya is seen waiting for a lift. Lift arrives and she gets in. Others also get in and someone is about to enter
But lift door closes,

Maya: did he look like Arjun? Was it my imagination?

Someone presses the button and lift door is opened.

Maya gets shocked to see Arjun.

Maya:oh God! It’s really him.

He gets in.

Maya:what is he doing in Mumbai? That too in my apartment. What to do now? Yes … go talk to him…

She practises her usual dialogues…

Others in the lift gets off one by one.

Maya:oh God! He will also get down in next floor, we will be alone, just the thought of it is giving me cramps in my stomach.

She starts getting nervous. The last one also get down.

Maya:I am suffocating. Looks like I can’t never talk to him in this life time…

Maya walks out.

Arjun:excuse me!

Maya misses a beat and starts panicking.

Arjun:you are that Maya right?

Maya nervously turns and nods yes.

Arjun: Hai, I am Arjun. I was also studying in the same college, but discontinued abruptly. I have seen you before.

Maya:where was that?

Arjun: once you bursted the test tube in chemistry lab, and gave everyone an attack. I was present there.

Maya (mind voice): you were the reason behind that explosion.

Maya:what are you doing here?

Arjun:I got a job here, flat number 701. Just shifted two days before,


Arjun:yes! What happened?

Maya:I am just opposite 702.

Arjun:is it what a coincidence!

They talked and reached the door front.

Arjun: okay then, let’s catch later.

Maya turns to open the door.

Arjun : Maya… I was in college just for 8 months, do you even know who I was? Did you ever see me in college?

Maya looks at him. Maya’s father Ashwin and uncle comes out.

Their talk interrupted.

Maya introduce him as a college mate,

Ashwin acts tough…

Maya:sorry, he is like this.

Arjun:it’s okay, bye.

Maya enters flat and peeps out through the peep hole.

Maya(herself ): you asked me if I have seen you,right? If I have stared my books as much as I stared you,I would have topped the class…

She smiles and goes.

At night, both talk to each other in the terrace…

Both are forming a bond slowly…

  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Shocking that Arjun discontinued his course for a job. Three years leap is unexpected… Loved how Maya again recalled her dialogue that she used to practice when he was there… Looking forward for their bonding…

    1. Meghu

      Thank you shesha485. Their bond would be next. 😁

  2. Jasminerahul

    i wonder why arjun was in a hurry to work by discontinuing his’s surprising that they both became neighbours.the biggest surprise is arjun too had noticed Maya in college.nice to see them chatting in the terrace.nice pics

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