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Nandini’s POV

How can he block me..!!I mean what happened suddenly!!Everything was going good,we’d a good bond..And I never felt that he doesnt want to talk then suddenly…..!!
He should’ve told me if he didnt want to talk inspite of doing this coward thing..
I also dont care if he doesnt want to talk….!!

She was acting as she doesnt care but deep inside she was hurt,really hurt.She wanted to know the answer.Everything has became difficult for her.He was there on his mind everytime.She tried a lot but his memories werent leaving her.She decided to divert her mind and kept herself busy all the time.Everytime she used to be there on mobile,using all SNS,her studies was also getting affected but she had not any other option.

Like these a week passed and they havent shared a single word.
One day she was going through her whatsapp and  put a qoute on whatsapp status and she was shocked when she realised that he has viewed her  status…!

Nandini’s POV

He has seen my status like how. ?He hasnt block me here..Whatever I’m not going to talk to him anyway….

*You’ve a new message.


Nandini’s POV

I wont reply…Why the hell is he texting me now..I am not going to reply..Should I.?
I wont……

But deep inside she wanted this to happen.She wanted to know the reason.She wanted to reply but she was upset too..!!

Someone is talking to me.?

How are you.?

As if you care.?

May be I do..

I dont think so..

I can explain..

I dont want any explanation…
(Shit…!!No,No I want explanation.)

But I want to explain..

Infact go ahead…I really want to know why did you BLOCK me…!!

My mood wasnt good..I was so stressed about my future and my this last attempt..I know blocking you wasnt an option..But I didnt want to vent my all frustration on you..And I know you would have keep asking what happened and all and it would have pissed me more…
I know whatever I did cant be justified by this..I’m sorry…

Woww…!!You should have told me…I would have never text you again…You dont have any idea,what I have felt these days..

Exactly I didnt want that..And it was difficult for me too..I missed you too...

When did I say I’ve missed you?

Ok baba you havent…But I did….
I used to come on whatsapp just to check your online status..!!

Ok fine..
Good night

What happened?
I said n I’m sorry…
You’re still mad at me..?

So shouldnt I..?

Yes you should but I’m sorry n…
I wont do this again promise..,!


What fine..??
You’ve forgiven n??I meN everything is back to normal.??

I’m feeling sleepy…Talk to you later…Bye…


Nandini’s POV

Now what…Like…….Should I or shouldnt..!!Whatever he did was justified?Should I forget everything easily..?Dont know,,I’m not feeling that old connection anymore…What if he again does the same…!!Now forget everything….Sleep…..

Now they’ve started talking on whatsapp…!
Beside nandini’s message,in the bracket,its her POV…


Hii……(why I’m not getting that old kind of excitement)

What’s up..??

Nothing…just sitting idle…

How was your exam..??

Yeah it was good…
I need to go now.Bye…(I dont know what to talk)

Ok bye…


There was an awkwardness in their conversation..That block thing has drawn a line between them…Manik was trying his best to make everything like earlier but nandini’s behaviour has changed and was justified too….Manik felt that they should end it inspite of stretching it without any emotions….

01;00 am
Hey nandini….
I know you must be sleeping now but I need to clear something..
I know whatever I did have hurt you a lot..And I’m really sorry for that…But these days I’m feeling that you are drifting away but I know its natural..But I really wanted to give a new start but I dont think its going to happen so its better we end it here..
The last few months with you was really amazing…
Have a good life ahead…

Nandini saw the message @3;30am..She can feel that he was really feeling bad…So she decided something…


Just Ok??

Yeah…Now you’ve decided so what can I say…!!




Shut up…Dont you dare to do anything like this otherwise I’ll kill you…I think you havent forgot my punch???

Ahhh…Nandu is back?

I missed you….

Me too….

Finally feeling relaxed…..!

So everything fine..??

Of course…?
Anyways you are fine n??I mean your mood…??

Now its perfect….
Thank you….

Ha ha..
Now end this formality….

And now we should sleep….

Good night…

Its good morning lol…????




Like this many more days has passed.And their bond was becoming stronger day by day…They have became emotional support of each other…Nandini used to motivate him that everything will be fine whenever he felt low…And he used to be there for her always…Talking to each other has became a habit for them…Manik has followed her on instagram again (when you block someone,you unfollow them automatically,,she followed him back..)
Now its NEW YEAR….

Nandini has dropped a NEW YEAR message for him but he didnt reply…She was waiting for his message but no reply….

She got a parcel,she unpacked it and found a CADBURY CELEBRATION PACK and a note attached to it….


For a girl who came in my life as a true blessing..A person so special that even I feel special and lucky to have as a FRIEND…Thank you for making my 2017 better…Be with me always…!!For my nanduuu…..


Her eyes couldnt believe FRIEND…!!She was happy,,emotional at same time…She was reading that note again and again with tearful eyes…And that FRIEND word has made her more than happy….

So chocolates….FRIEND?? Ahem ahem….?

What..?Dont give me that look…?.

Ok wait….Why would I accept your friendship hn??You havent accepted right??

Excuse me,Ms nandini….I’m not asking for it….I’m telling you….!!

Ahaaa…..Itne haq se???

So how are you feeling,I’m your friend now..?


You should feel proud of it?

Yaa yaa…I was to dying for it….Thank you so much….

You are welcome….?

By the way,Thank you for everything….

Are you done with your Thank you’s????

Yes…Ok I gotta go…Talk to you later…Bye..



Hii fariinddddd

Where are you farinndddd….(title FARINDSHIP)

What???Have you got FARINDMANIA…?????
And what is this fariind???

New version of friend???
Where were you…?

Wo actually I was cooking and then having dinner…!!

Everyone is fine n??

What do you mean??

I mean after eating food which you’ve cooked??

Ohh please…
I’m a good cook….

Self praise is no recommendation…!! ?
If you really want me to appreciate your cooking then I need to taste it…!!

Ok fine..But I know you also cook good…So lets see who’s better…You will cook anything for me and I’ll do the same for you..!!Fair enough??

Ok done…
But what will we cook??

You say what do you want to eat..?
I’ll have passta..?

Ok then I’ll have biryani…??

Pasta is easy to cook….

And here comes nandu’s excuses….!!?

I’m not giving any excuse…Ok fine….
Next sunday??

Ok done…


Heya guys….
So here’s the next chap..
Hope you’ve liked it….

Finally they are friends now..And what do you think who is the better cook???

I wasnt going to post till my exam but after seeing your comments couldnt resist??
Keep loving and supporting….

And my all other works are on hold till my exams…
Keep me in your prayers..??

Lots of love

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  4. Hi kanfi ur too amazing,I must say it.I’m fidaa on ur ffs .all the best for ur exams.

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Cute convos..Amazing eagerly waiting to know who is the best cook…

  6. Neehaa

    This is just awsome

  7. AnanyaNair

    Cute update? . Waiting for the next episode …
    And all the best for ur exams??

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