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Like this Manika and Nandini used to talk on daily basis.Two months passed in no time.Their day was incomplete without talking to each other.He used to share everything with her but nandini being an introvert,she doesnt expresses herself much.They came to know lots of things about each other,each other’s likes and dislikes,dreams,past..!

There was a special place in their life for each other,may be not known by them.Nandini came to know so many things about him,his behaviour..It was all because of some past incidents,his break up but she didnt force him to know more as no one can change the past so its better we dont think about it and escape with its pain…!

She has also forwarded hand of friendship two to three times but again he refused,so she decided now she wont ask anymore.One day he himself will ask me for my friendship.

She also came to knew about his moods.We all know why Manika has been given the name “Monster Manik”,due to his anger issues.!He get angry soon and say whatever comes in his mind but soon he realises his mistake and apologise for it.

Nandini found that beside that rude face,their is an adorable kid hidden.
Next week,its Manik’s b’day.So she’s planned few things but before executing it,she thought that she should ask him once as he has already told her that “she doesnt need to make him feel special“.
What if she arranges everything and he doesnt like..




Good one??
Whats going on.?

Nothing just talking to you..
Ok can I ask you something.?


Wo its  your b’day in a week so can I post on your b’day.?

No,its not needed…I dont celebrate my b’day and I’ve told you not to do any special stuff for me…



Nandini’s POV

He didnt even text after that.Uff,I’d planned so many things for him,now I’ll delete evrything..!Monster..!!

Guess what,where I’m…!

Hmmm,no idea?

At space…


Yeah they’ve called me here to sing in the annual function…Actually principal has been calling me for two years,but I was denying everytime but this I accepted…

So how’s the college..I mean evrything as it is.?

Yeah almost…Now I’m near music room…

Music room….So many memories…..

Yeah yeah,,you’ve punched me here only…



Actually FAB5 and nandini and Navya had collaborated for a competition.It was the beginning of their semester.And Manika was famous as “the angry young man” of the college but Nandini wasnt afraid of him.

They started jamming but everytime the sync was being disturbed because of FAB5 but Manik being Manika was blaming the girls for this.
Nandini was controlling her anger but now it was enough.

Mr.Malhotra,how can you behave like this.!You know its your fault still you are blaming us..!””said Nandini angrily

Wohooooo look who’s speaking..Lower your tone Ms.Murthy otherwise….”said Manika with equal rage but was cutoff in between

What otherwise,haan….?What….speak n…!!!””said nandini stepping towards him making him step back

Wohooo guys calm down…””interrupted Cabir

You should say this to your Friend..”said Nandini staring Manik

Listen…””Manik said but again cut by Nandini

You listen….””she said stepping ahead but got entangled with the wires,stumbled and fell along with Manik on the floor…
He fell with Nandini over her and kissed him…
Fab 5 was amazed to see this.

Nandini instantly stood up and ran from there followed by Navya…

Ayyi appa,,What was this…”she ranted while washing her mouth….

She came out of the washroom and here the Monster was standing…

So how’s the experience..?

Shut up…

No no tell…what were you saying “You Listen” ,yeah say now I’m listening..

It was just an accident…!!

Really..?You wished it to be real..?

And this was it Nandini could not tolerate this anymore and she punched Manik on face very hard….

And then silence prevailed there…!Nandini left from there muttering “You are disgusting”

Ohh god…Those days were really fun….

Yeah.And then our performances at Musicana…I so wish to relive those days…!!

So you are going to perform on which song.?

I havent decided yet…!You suggest..?

Hmmm,there are lots of good songs…”YEH ISHQ HAI”..

Ok done…

Do send me the video ok…!!



It was really an amzing day…


Ok,I’m sending relax.I’ve sent you on whatsapp…


Nandini played the video and get lost in it……

I’ve attached media above,do watch it.)

Its awesome??
I loved it…

N yaa listen….

Yaa say….

Hmmm you can post anything you want on my b’day…



You’ve denied n??

So what…I’m allowing now n…!!

I’ve deleted everything whatever I had prepared…

So prepare again,,its two days left.?

Ohh please,,,as if I dont have any other work??

Now its your choice..I’ve allowed…
Now I’m going to sleep,the day was so tiring…

Ok good night…
Sweet dreams..

Good night..
My dreams?



12:00am 20th November

**firefly0812 has tagged you in a post

Nandini has posted an image with a long caption wishing him B’day….
He liked the post and commented “Thank you”

Happy B’day…

Hey,,where are you…


Yeah…Thank you..!!

Nandini’s POV

What should I reply now….Should I say the same..? No it would sound weird…Should I just say thank you or ignore this….uff….


I felt like ,so said it…

So whats the plan for today..??

Nothing.I dont celebrate b’days


Nothing serious just I dont feel to do that…

Ok…I’m going now…Have to wake up early tomorrow,I mean today?
Good night

Good night


12:00am 07/12

Make a wish. Whatever it is that your heart has earnestly whispered to the heavens, I pray that they do come true! Wonderful birthday!

Manik…Thank you but its not my b’day today??

What???You’ve told that day n…dont lie…!

Why would I lie…My b’day is tomorrow 08th Dec..?


Yes…But its ok…No problem?

Shit…No its not ok…Sorry…?

Are its fine..You can wish me tomorrow again?

Thank god I havent sent the gift..!!




You’ll get to know tomorrow…

Ok fine…?
Good night….


12:00 am 08/12

Now finally Happy b’day,b’day girl…..!!

Thank you so much….
My gift…..

Its nothing special…so dont get excited...

I’ll decide that…

I’ve sent a video on whatsapp..See and then say if you liked it….


In that video there was so many pics of nandini and beautufully edited and the song,it was sung by him…The perfect gift for her as she values feelings much more than materialistic things…

Manik….Thank you soooo much….It is sooo beautiful…..I really loved it…??

Thank god…I thought it isnt good….

It is the best….


They chatted the whole day…Manik did all the possible things to make her feel special,this was indeed one of the best b’days of her…!

But will everything will go well???

They havent talked for two days…Manik has told that he’d some work so he wont come online next day,so nandini also didnt text him but two days have passed but there wasnt clue of him….

So she decided to text him to find if everything is fine…


Nandini’s POV

Two hours has passed,he hasnt replied yet..!
I tapped his pic and landed on his profile and what I saw was unbelievable for me…!How can he do this to me…How could he…!!
How can he BLOCK me….!!

A layer of tear formed in her eyes….

Hey guys….
So liked the update..??
Vote,vote,vote and comment too?

And this amazing cover by my friend SWATHI

Lots of love

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  1. Gopika.S

    wow…amazing…loved it…
    eagerly waiting for next…. can’t wait to know why he blocked her….

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much dear??
      Next posted

  2. Ha this is awesome

    1. Kanfi


      Thank you??
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  3. TUFriendsForever

    Why he blocked herrr??? There must be something I lived the whole thing just soo cutee woww getting birthday wishes n all too cuteee
    The cover pic is nice good work by your friend

    1. Kanfi

      Hey rufiiiiiiii
      Hope you are doing well.??
      I’m really happy after seeing all your comments…
      I’m glad you are liking the plot..
      Next prt posted. .
      Thank you soo much??
      N lovee you bahut saaara

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Awesomely Cute Chappy…But why did he Block her..?will be waiting for the next..

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you…
      Why did he block her…hmmm see the next chap?posted

  5. Hey nxt one pls ???

    1. Kanfi

      Next is posted dear???

  6. This is awesome..pls post the next update soon

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much dear???
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  7. Amazing story line . Wonder y Manik blocked Nandu . Can’t wait for the next update . Pls post it soon

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much dear..
      Next is posted❤❤

  8. Kanfi

    Thank you so much dear???
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