This article is the consequence of the never ending(seems to be really infinite) drag with stupidity in the serial some of them are mentioned here.Being a thahaan fan I only see the show for thahaan to realize their love n I am sure 95% of the viewers too are glued due to this show only bcoz of thahaan. Writers should add something LOGICAL as we are in 21st century.The stupidity is becoming untolerable day by day.
1)This serial is one among those shows which started with a motivational idea.But it took a complete U turn just after few days n totally got diverted from its real motive .It too turned into an infinite SAAS BAHU drama similar to most of the daily indian soaps like MATHS n SWARAGINI.
2)Thapki n Bihaan infinite 3 months.The writers method of counting.First differentiate the days as below
a)Ganesh puja – in September(let me assume it to be on 30 September)
b)Diwali-in November(assume it to be in nov 30)
c)New year-in January(this cannot be changed)
d)Makar Sankarnti-in January(it can be either 14 or 15)
e)Valentine day- in febuary 14.
Then integrate it within 0 to 90 days .After putting the limits the answer is as Bihaan told to Vasu
Afterall writers are the world’s best MATHEMATICIANS.
3)When doctor declared Thapki dead,then as Bihaan gave CPR she regained consicouness.First of all such a thing is not possible in medical science.Maybe the writers might have changed some of the components of the CPR machine afterall writers are the world’s best INVENTORS.
4)When Bihaan kept Thapki under the shower so as to remove the chilli powder,she held his collars . (I did not understand the logic maybe she has never used a shower before). Even Bihaan held her( as if they both were going to fall due to the PRESSURE of the water ).She even stood beneath the shower without knowing (understanding) why Bihaan kept her there .
5)Bihaan saved Thapki from the marsh just by holding a tree branch.The tree branch might have been the world’s STRONGEST .
6)Bihaan used knife to unlock Thapki’s stucked lips(the world’s SOFTEST knife).
7)Thapki working as maid even after being educated.(she might be having fake degrees , I am 50% sure or her certificates might have been blown to space by the world’s BIGGEST tornado).
8)Vasu hates Thapki only because she stammers n stammering people are not good at heart(world’s AMAZING PHILOSOPHY.This philosophy should be studied in detail as it will throw new light on human character ).Afterall Thapki was going to be just a housewife as she is now.(Maybe vasu desperately wanted her daughter-in-law to become a news reader or work in a call centre .This same truth will be revealed later.)
9)Thapki believed finally that Paan helped Bihaan during the marriage.(How IDOTIC a culprit will go n give proofs so that he might be caught).
10)Even though Thapki was working earlier she doesnot even have 500 Rs in her bank account.(surely wasted all on her makeup)

  1. Brilliant!

  2. Hey payal I hundred percent agree with u too many unrealistic things in this show only thing worthy is thahaan and the makers r not even starting their love story at the first place

    1. And I love the pic yaar

  3. Absolutely correct payal…all points are real but god knows y writers don’t put logic in all things..ur 10 point was…it seems like production house is confused to what n how to make it..a motivational show or typical one…bihaan said that he studied till 8 standard..i mean seriously..not even 10…m really glued with it for thahaan only..bTW nice effort

  4. completely agree with u payal.
    watching this crap only for thahaan.

  5. Post this on colors website…They really need a dose of reality. All points 100% correct !! Writers seriously need brains to count the 3 months !! Only watching because of Thahaan !!

  6. OMG Looks like u r too frustrated with this serial n ofcourse why not this serial shows such crap things.I mean no one in d world r dumboos like thapki.My god she doesn’t understands any schemes that were planned against her.Seriously ur all mentioned points r true.

    I wish this will end soon n writers show us some practical things

  7. 100% true
    We all r watching tpk for thahaan

  8. payal……your observation is correct,most of the viewers are Thahaan fans,they watched to see their unification….but,our writersjis were tried to test our extreme level of patience….

  9. 100℅ right.I agree with u.

  10. absolutely correct…watching this only for thahaan , waiting when will they feel for each other and want to know their reaction after the completion of 3 months ( actually i always think that court gives 6 moth of time to rethink about divorce)

  11. I agree with you on all of ur points..brilliant!! I wish the makers had seen this n get in whatever is written.. I think the makers think the viewers r illeterate or dumbos that we will digest everything whatever they show.. sometimes i fel d serial has becum a real crap..i wonder how much love is stuffed in thapki that she can sacrifice soo much only for is also wonderful that a cowshed can be so clean without any smell..i think gulabo has joined SWACH BHARAT MISSION n keeping her cowshed soo clean that thahaan can sleep there peacefully n mk a mandir too..AMAZING!!

  12. Hare ram… apko patha nahi hamari kannada main bolthe hai ki ..”ravi kanaddannu kavi kanda”
    Humko nahi diktha na wo writer ko dikthaye …..
    Not only this serial all serial are imagination. …..adjust karo yaarrrrrr

  13. agree by the way is even your name payal?

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