Indiawaali Maa 9th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Rohan agrees for Meenu’s proposal

Indiawaali Maa 9th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasu comes to Cheenu’s room with Meenu. Vasu was reluctant. Meenu says she convinced Vasu to speak to Rohan about their proposal. Cheenu must tell Vasu that she promised helping Meenu in all this. Vasu wanted to speak to Cheenu alone. Inside the room, Vasu thanks Cheenu for getting her due right in the house. She speaks to Cheenu about the proposal. Cheenu replies she has no problem.

Rohan speaks to the buyers for not cancelling the orders. He offers to drop Kaku to Anand Nagar, while he will have to meet the buyers. Kaku asks Rohan what Meenu said about loving him. Rohan did not want to speak about it now. Vasu comes to meet Kaku. Kaku happily welcomes Vasu. Vasu was thankful to Kaku, it was because of her that girls called her Maa. Now she can claim to be a mother as well. Kaku says she always was. Vasu was sorry for her past behavior as well, she realized that in a quest to be a good wife she could not be bad human. Kaku insists on her to let go of past matters. Vasu speaks to Kaku about Meenu and Rohan’s proposal. Cheenu will settle in Paris, and Meenu and Rohan can settle here. Kaku mentions Cheenu. Cheenu comes there and says she has no problem. Rohan hears the conversations from upstairs. Cheenu requests Kaku to agree to this proposal, she will settle in US and has booked tickets as well. Rohan comes downstairs and gives his agreement for his marriage to Meenu. Hasmukh also comes outside. Cheenu thanks Rohan for accepting Meenu’s proposal. Vasu invites them for dinner to discuss about wedding preparations. Cheenu also invites them home and leaves. Vasu congratulates Kaku who seemed disturbed.

Rohan comes to the room. He finds a bracelet in the drawer and recalls how Cheenu had gifted him the pair. She wished him ‘Happy Friendship Day’. Rohan claimed it to be childish, theirs is more than friends. Cheenu hugged him and said they are more than friends, but she wish the basis of their relationship is always friendship. No matter whatever their relationship status is, they must share a stronger bond of friendship. Rohan had clarified he would haunt her for lifetime even if he dies; he won’t leave her easily. Cheenu had promised him the same. Kaku interferes his thought when she comes in and asks Rohan how he can marry Meenu. If he doesn’t love Cheenu anymore. Rohan tells Kaku he will always love Cheenu only, but if she wish to move on in life he is helpless. It feels he should also move on. Kaku insists she has seen love in Cheenu’s eyes. Rohan says he is guilty of disappointing Cheenu, if Cheenu is happy with his marriage to Meenu, he will make her happy. He has been wrong all along, he hurt Cheenu and them, parents. He sits with Kaku and says they will now work on her business. He earned some money from fashion project and now he will work with Kaku on this project, to pay back all loans Hasmukh took for his studies. He will now work on footsteps of his father. Kaku says her business is at very initial steps, it will take a lot of time and more effort. Rohan was not reluctant of hard work, and had plan for savings and reinvestment in the business to make it success. Hasmukh overheard the conversation. He comes inside to kiss on Rohan’s head in appreciation.

Rohan asks them to get ready, they have to go to Anand Nagar. He will discuss the plan there. Later, they have to go to Mr. Murti and talk about Cheenu’s proposal. Kaku corrects that it is about Meenu’s proposal, not Cheenu. Rohan leaves. Kaku speaks to Hasmukh that Rohan loves Cheenu, he just feel Cheenu does not like him. She knows they are made for each other.

Mr. Murti was angry at Rohan and asks if Vasu has lost her mind. Rohan is a betrayer. Cheenu counters that if things did not work in his favor, this does not mean Rohan is a betrayer. Meenu threatens Abba to call police, if he misbehaves with his guests. Mr. Murti was emotional that his daughter stood against him. Cheenu takes Meenu inside.

PRECAP: Mr. Murti does not sit with guests and calls Rohan a betrayer in front of his family. Inside the room, Cheenu questions Abba how dare he bad-mouthed Rohan in front of her. Mr. Murti asks if she still loves Rohan. Cheenu replies yes, she loves Rohan. Meenu was shocked to hear this, a smile spreads on Kaku’s face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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