Indiawaali Maa 5th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Rohan returns to his parents

Indiawaali Maa 5th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaku convince the ladies of society to go back. The ladies were convinced that Anand Nagar is no more theirs. Kaku says she is in Anand Nagar. If possible, she will never accept defeat. She will sell pickle and Dhaipla to every house and collect tax money. No one can send them away from Anand Nagar by disowning them from their house. One of Mr. Murti’s spies was there. He calls Mr. Murti to inform that Kaku and Hasmukh are still in Anand Nagar. Mr. Murti shuts the door at Vasu’s face and tells his men to set Anand Nagar on fire.

Cheenu gets a call from travel agency, but she says she is busy in another work and will contact them on her own. Vasu comes to Cheenu with the news. Cheenu was tensed at once. Vasu forbids Cheenu to tell Abba that she came to her. Meenu overheard the conversation. She takes Cheenu’s car. On the way, Meenu calls Rohan. Rohan was insomniac, and thinks about turmeric milk as per Kaku’s instructions. Cheenu finds another car’s key on the floor nearby.

The goons had spilt kerosene oil all around Anand Nagar. It was prepared to be ablaze.

Meenu comes to Rohan and tells him Abba sent men to remove his parents from the way.

Cheenu tries Kaku’s number but Kaku and Hasu were asleep. Rohan and Meenu were in one car, Meenu tries Kaku’s number as well.

The goons had ignited Anand Nagar. Smoke fills Kaku and Hasmukh’s rooms. Cheenu reaches Anand Nagar and shouts, Kaku! Kaku and Hasmukh wake up due to smoke. Rohan and Meenu also reach Anand Nagar. Cheenu was already there, screaming for them.

Kaku and Hasmukh go out to check. The door was locked from outside. Rohan pushes the wooden rods and tries to get inside the society. The goons beat Rohan, pushing Cheenu aside.

Hasmukh and Kaku were now suffocating. Cheenu gives a wooden rod to Rohan for self-defense. The residents of society had rushed to help. Hasmukh was unconscious. Rohan jumps into the society. Meenu comes to wake Cheenu up who was unconscious. Rohan runs into the house to find Kaku and Hasmukh almost unconscious. He goes to wake Hasmukh, placing his head on his lap. Hasmukh does not move. Rohan was crying and checks his nerves.

Cheenu wakes up and cries for Kaku. She jumps into the society. Meenu stops Cheenu when they spot Rohan help both his parents out of the house. Cheenu runs to Kaku and Hasmukh for help. Meenu supports Kaku, while Cheenu and Rohan hold Hasmukh by shoulders.

The next morning, everyone gathered around Kaku and Hasmukh. Lakshmi and society residents were also there. Hasmukh looked around and asks if Rohan was here or was it a dream? Cheenu says Rohan came here. Inside the house, Rohan cried watching Kaku and Hasmukh’s photo and hugged it. Kaku and Hasmukh come inside. Hasmukh asks if Rohan would only hug the photo, or them as well. Rohan gets into Hasmukh’s feet and cries for apology. He was sorry for his behavior, and stupidity. He had trusted wrong people, and could lose everything in the quest of success. Kaku hugs Rohan. Hasmukh place his hand over his head. Kaku says she wondered where she missed his brought up; but today she realizes that the roots of her brought up were strong enough to bring him back. Rohan speaks to Hasmukh that he always felt that his teachings and experiences can never get him success. Today, he realized success is not about money, but by bigger tasks. He hugs Kaku and Hasmukh.

PRECAP: The society residents were against Rohan as he sent men to set Anand Nagar on fire. Kaku defends Rohan as he is her son. Mr Murti reaches Anand Nagar, and says like parents, like son.

Update Credit to: Sona

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