Indiawaali Maa 4th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Rohan defends his parents against Mr. Murti

Indiawaali Maa 4th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

UpdateHasmukh comes out of the house. Kaku walks to his side, and he hugs Kaku. Hasmukh assures Kaku his support in this fight of right and wrong. Kaku speaks to Rohan that he counted the cost of their brought up last time. She nurtured him for nine months in her womb until now; but now she has nothing to give him. She asks him to go. Rohan turns to leave. He hits a stone and loses his balance, he was hurt. Kaku holds herself back. She tells Rohan to have milk turmeric at night. It seems he hasn’t slept well in days. The path he has taken, surely takes away one’s sleep. Rohan leaves Anand Nagar.

Rohan comes home. Mr. Murti asks if his parents left Anand Nagar.

Cheenu tells Kaku that Rohan forced the buyers to cancel their orders. Kaku cries. Cheenu offers to speak to Rohan. Kaku tells Cheenu to focus on her visit abroad and her meetings ahead. Kaku was determined to fix Rohan now, Cheenu shall promise not to speak to Rohan about anything. Cheenu asks Kaku if he is so wrong. Can’t he be the one she met in US? Kaku cries and says wandering from the right path is one thing, and kicking everyone to get your path of success clear is other thing. It is now imperative to teach him the lesson of humanity, and that also, strictly. She can also not hate Rohan, just like Cheenu. Cheenu denies loving Rohan anymore. Kaku asks why her eyes never side his words.

Rohan tells Mr. Murti that Anand Nagar is vacated. Mr. Murti congratulates Rohan and asks to prepare for the construction. Rohan says there is one problem, his parents are still there. His mother wants justice for those people. He requests Mr. Murti 48 hours to resolve the matter. Mr. Murti tells Rohan he cannot do anything in his life, his parents…. Rohan asserts Mr. Murti not to speak about his parents like this. Mr. Murti was furious. There was a heated argument. Meenu comes to request Mr. Murti lend 48 hours to Rohan. Mr. Murti agrees with a warning. Meenu holds Rohan’s hand and consoles him to relax. She requests him not to say thanks, else she feels complete stranger. He turns to leave. Meenu poses as if she had a strain in muscle. Rohan caresses her hand, asking who told her to interfere. She says she did this for him. Cheenu watches this from the stairs.

Kaku was leaving home. Hasmukh asks where she is headed now. Kaku says she needs to speak to these people. How can these people be displaced by someone so easily. What if tomorrow, they are forced to leave the other place as well? Hasmukh appreciates Kaku for standing against her own son, for the right cause. Kaku leaves.

Mr. Murti speaks to a gang of goons to keep an eye on Kaushalia Gadvi and her husband. Even if Rohan intervenes, they should end him as well. Vasu hears this conversation. Her hands tremble. Mr. Murti caught her with the tea tray. He asks Vasu to sit. Vasu asks if lending Rohan 48 hours was a lie. Mr. Murti pours tea for Vasu. He says he saw love in Rohan’s eyes for his parents, but he cannot lose the project for their love. He threatens to leave Vasu if the news is leaked.

PRECAP: Cheenu tries to call the number but could not connect. Kaku and Hasmukh were asleep. The goons set their house on fire.

Update Credit to: Sona

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