Indiawaali Maa 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Hasmukh reaches Kaku’s stall

Indiawaali Maa 22nd January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The next morning, Kaku prepares Hasmukh’s thaali and takes a leave for work. Hasmukh offers to carry her bag but she says not at all, she will be fine. She comes across some neighborhood ladies crying. They were saddened for losing their houses, and wish they could help their families. Lakshmi consoled them, and tells Kaku to leave.

Hasmukh speaks to Cheenu on phone. She takes his consent to call him Batuklal. She complains that he has forgotten her, but she still miss him. Hasmukh senses she was upset. Cheenu wonders how he know this. She says if you have something, then you decide to leave it; but when someone else takes it, you dislike, why? Hasmukh says may be she never realized how dear it was for her. She asks if it is the right decision to go abroad for internship. Hasmukh says only she can tell. He spots Kaku’s tiffin.

Hasmukh comes to Lakshmi and asks her the address of the shop where Kaku works, she left her tiffin. Kaku was busy on her stall. A lady comes to taste her pickle and inquires about the recipe. Kaku shares the recipe and says it is extremely easy.

Lakshmi takes the tiffin from Hasmukh and tells him to take rest. She brings the tiffin to Kaku and says her husband was about to come with the tiffin. Hasmukh followed Lakshmi and spots Kaku holding her knee with pain due to constant standing. He thinks about her claims that it was an air conditioned mart where she sat.

Lakshmi returns to Anand Nagar. Hasmukh comes to Lakshmi and says he is enough with her lies, now she must do what he tells her to. He shows her a knife. Kaku comes backs happily. She offers some help to the neighboring ladies. They were apologetic.

Kaku comes home. Lakshmi told Hasmukh how to cut the vegetable. She asks Hasmukh to go and take rest, but Hasmukh says when in Bujh he used to work, Kaku also cooked for him. She had been working in scorching heat all day long. Kaku lies that she works in air conditioned atmosphere. Hasmukh tells her not to lie. Lakshmi takes a leave. Hasmukh says he came behind Lakshmi to her stall and know the truth. Kaku steals looking at him and tries to make up that the shopkeeper was not ready to keep her pickle. Then she thought she should sale the pickle and set up a stall. Hasmukh interrupts that she should narrate such false stories to someone else. He holds her hand and thanks her for standing with him, he is proud of his Kaku. Kaku was relieved. Lakshmi smiles from the door. Kaku cries that everyone here loves Gujrati pickle. Now she will get good business, and once he recover they will return to Bhuj. Hasmukh promises to recover soon. Lakshmi leaves. Hasmukh goes to cook for Kaku. Kaku waited on the couch. Hasmukh feed her with his own hands. She was appreciative of herself being a good teacher. Hasmukh did not believe he really cooked well. He massages her knees while Kaku feeds him.

Rohan was in the room when Cheenu comes to sleep. Rohan turns to leave the bed. She allows him it is ok, he may sleep here. Rohan takes the blanket. He spots Cheenu mark boundary of cushions on the bed.

The next morning, Kaku comes to sale pickle on her stall. She spots the woman, who asked Kaku for the recipe selling the same pickle on another stall. Kaku was moved. The lady was about to attract more customers than her.

In the evening, Kaku returns home tired. She knocks at the door but it wasn’t answered. She was tensed when Hasmukh does not respond and calls him. Inside, Hasmukh sat on a sofa, terrified of a stray dog in front of him. He takes the call, and tells Kaku he is here, standing in front of him and staring right in his eyes. Kaku was worried.

PRECAP: Rohan tells Mr. Murti to wait for another day; it is the last day of notice and the society residents won’t be able to pay such huge amount of tax. There, Kaku had gathered the society women and requests their help for a big order of pickle.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. She has lied to her hubby from day 1 trying to be mother India!
    Glad this show is ending!

  2. Rohan is lousy in that role. Doesn’t know how to act that character. Kaku is ok but she is over reacting

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