Indiawaali Maa 12th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Finale Episode; Rohan-Cheenu United

Indiawaali Maa 12th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaku was impatient and waits for Rohan. He wonders what Rohan must be talking to Cheenu about.

Meenu convinces Cheenu to atleast meet Rohan once. Cheenu was angry and tells her to send Rohan away. Rohan was sleeping on the bench outside. Cheenu recalls everyone moment of the two spent together. She feels sad for Rohan and brings blanket for him. As soon as he wakes up, Cheenu turns to leave. Rohan smiles saying he knew Cheenu would come. He asks Cheenu what the problem is, they can solve it. Cheenu says she knows he can solve it, but she doesn’t want a solution. Rohan holds Cheenu’s arm and tries to convince her. Cheenu runs inside.

At home, Kaku was watching a photo of Cheenu and Rohan. Rohan returns home and tells his parents that Cheenu still loves him. She draped him with blanket when he waited outside. He will need to meet her more to find out the real reason, but she is leaving for Paris tomorrow. He calls Vasu.

The next morning, Cheenu was taking a leave from her family. Rohan and his family arrive. Cheenu smiles that it is great they came to meet her one last time. But she hopes they do not change her mind. Rohan says they came to drop her to airport. He complains to Cheenu that she downgraded his love by relying her decision on a medical certificate. It did not make her complete for him. Mr. Murti was clueless. Vasu says last night Rohan called her and asked her to keep an eye over her. She went to Cheenu’s room, Cheenu was talking to doctor to recheck the medical report. It said Cheenu might never be able to conceive because of accident. Cheenu turns to leave. Rohan stops her forcefully, and asks how she saw his love from the lens of this medical report. Cheenu says she is aware how much Rohan loves a baby.
Kaku intervenes that children definitely complete love, but love is not only based on having child. There are hundreds of children forced to live without parents, they can always adopt a child. Vasu says no one can understand better than her how painful it is, not being able to be a mother. But today, she is a wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Cheenu turns to see Rohan on his knees. He proposes Cheenu for marriage. Cheenu emotionally holds his hand, and nods. Everyone was happy. Rohan and Cheenu hug each other.

Rohan and Cheenu sat in the mandap, sharing rings with each other. Afterwards, their Vermala takes place, the wedding vows, mangal sooter and sindoor rituals. The couple takes blessings from elders upon completion of their wedding.
Cheenu presents Kaku with the Basundi she prepared. Hasmukh was done packing. He blesses them both to live a happy and successful life. It does not matter where they live. Kaku hides her tears and turns to leave. Rohan held her saree pallu. He thanks Kaku and Hasmukh, he got orders and even received advance. Very soon, he will pay all the debt on shop and their house. He and Cheenu touch Kaku’s feet for blessings.

After sometime… On the phone call, Kaku tells Cheenu the recipe of pickle. Hasmukh had just returned from yoga. He gets a call from Rohan. Kaku was excited. Rohan and Cheenu had a good news. Everyone from Anand Nagar had paid their property tax, and their houses are now theirs. Rohan and Cheenu say they miss them both. Hasmukh shares tea with Kaku. Rohan and Cheenu were planning to visit Bhuj.

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