Incomplete ending of love (shot 2)

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I know Kaanchi fans(including me) r not happy with the ongoing track in SDCH……..par umeed pe duniya kayam hai.So,let’s hope to see our Kaanchi as lead.???????

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So,let’s start:
Recap:Saanchi was very tensed about her dream that Veer is no more.Her granny also consoled her to forget her dream.In morning,Saanchi came out from the house for college.
Will her dream come true????????

In Car,
S:Driver !!plz drive fast.
(Saanchi is looking upset nd wants to meet Veer as soon as possible)
D:Ok mam.

Saanchi takes a paper from her purse nd read the poetry written on that sheet.

A fb(flashback) is shown:
In 12th class,teacher is is giving lecture on love.Students r hearing his lecture very carefully except Veer.He is playing bingo with his partner.

T:So,write a poetry on love as our next chapter in novel is the love story of Romeo nd Julliet.I want to know about ur views on love.Ok,so u have only 20mins to express ur feelings.

After 20mins,
T:Have u all written ur poetries??So let’s start with Saanchi’s poetry.
(Saanchi stands from her seat)
S:I m extremely sorry sir but i have not written a poetry bcoz i don’t have any believe in love.
T:It’s ok Saanchi.Sit down.

(The bell rings .It is the favourite time of students-Recess)

Pragya to Saanchi
P:Abeo Saanchi maharani…I know u have written a poetry then why u lied to sir??
S:I knew that u will hold my lie.
P:Of course yaar.We r childhood friends.But plz tell me na??
S(hesitantly):I don’t want anyone to know about my feelings nd especially that moron Veer.If he will get to know about my feeling he will make my fun.
Flashback ends.

Saanchi gets a call from her granny.
D:Hello Saanchi beta,Have u reached college???
S:No,daadi.I m on the way.
D:On ur way of college there is a lord Shiva temple.Beta today is ur exam so take blessings of God.
S:Ok Daadi.

Screen shifts to a big mansion in which all servants r busy in decoration nd Kusum is guiding them.
Kusum(scolding):What r u doing ??? I said na that Aysel is allergic to blue orchids nd apply lily flowers on the pillars.

A boy is seen coming towards Kusum but she is busy in scolding the servant.
B:Maa!!Don’t be hyper.It can affect ur health .
K:Don’t behave like a Doctor(she bits her tongue)
How can i forget that u r not only my Golu now u r a doctor too.
Ka:For u …i m always ur Golu maa.
Ku:Awwwwwww…i luv u beta.
Ka:Luv u too maa.
(Kabeer gives a side hug to Kusum)
Aysel(in a dramatic way):It’s ok maa i know u don’t love ur daughter?????U found me on roadside nd adopt me.
Ku:It’s not like that Kaju…..I luv u to beta.Even u r my favourite nd who said u that u r not my own daughter??
Aysel: Kabeer bhaiya.
(Kusum holds Kabeer’s right ear nd starts scolding.Aysel smirks)

Ransh also come there.He has wear a yellow shervani nd looking like a charming prince of a kingdom.

Kaysel(together):Oh My God!!
R:How i m looking??Today is my engagement so i have to look like the most handsome guy in the party.
A:See maa someone is flying in the sky nd let me tell u Ransh bhaiya in the party no one is going to see u bcoz today i m going to wear my white lehenga .I’m going to become center of attraction in the party not u.
Ka:Aysel plz don’t tease him… coming days his life is going to become a hell.
R:What r u saying bhai??
Ka:My poor brother don’t u know the side effects of marriage??
R(scaredly):No bhai!I don’t know anything about this.
Ka:After marriage life become a black nd white movie of hindi cinema.
Ay:After marriage life become a desert having no hope of water.
Ka:After marriage u can’t take a single decision without ur wife’s permission.
Ay:After marriage life become a heaven without angel.
Hearing all this about marriage,Ransh is looking upset.
Ku:What is wrong with both of u??Ransh beta no need to believe on nonsense talkings.After marriage life becomes more beautiful.Oh god how can i forget this!!!!
Ka:What happen maa?
Ku:According to our custom ……..I engagement brother in law of marrying girl have to give her a red dupatta with blessings.
Ay:And my calculations Kabeer bhaiya have to do this ritual.It’s interesting.
Ka:Ok!maa i’ll order a red dupatta for Sheena.
(Sheena-girl who is going to marry Ransh)
Ku:No beta.U can’t order this .U have to go temple nd take red dupatta from pandit ji with lord Shiva and maa Parvati’s blessings.
Ka:I don’t believe in this but can do anything for my family’s happiness.

Precap:Kaanchi’s first meeting in temple .???

Guys it was my first attempt to write a long one.Plz tell me through ur comments did u liked it or not.Every comment really means a lot to me.
Take care nd stay safe .
Luv u all.????

  1. Anu88

    So so amazing and awesome episode yaar……..I am eagerly waiting for the next part…….. update soon yaar……. on-screen me kanchi pair ho ya na ho hum logo ka tu me kanchi are rock…….hope CVS vi kanchi ko pair banaye……….keep it up dost………

    1. Negisanyukta

      Thank u soooooooo much for ur constant support dear.????Nd i’ll try to post next part on 20th of this month…..for Kaanchi,fingers crossed.
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  2. Its amazing….. Plzzz update soon

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      Thank u soo much dear for showing support.
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    This is great Sanyu ??? all the family moments are so lovely ???

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      Thank u dii for ur constant support.Keep reading dii.Love u loads.????

  4. Dhruti

    amazing and awesome ff dear i’m also waiting for next one …………….
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    take care and come on TU asap with next one part of your story………………..
    Be regular if it’s possible……………
    see you soon……………

    1. Negisanyukta

      Oh pehle toh thank u soooooooo much for long nd cute comment.No,dii mere exams nahi the…bas mann nahi kar raha tha nd sorry for that.????
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  5. Riyarocks

    mujhe achha nehi laga Durgeshwari……………arey infact bohut bohut bohut achha laga………mind blowing khidkitod…….bole toh, ek dum jhakaas……..ab jaldi se nxt waala post nhi ki toh tujhe maroongi…….&&& my fav part was jab kabir & aisel, ransh ko dara rahe the………haha……..gud nt…..luv u a lot

    1. Shayra

      Sanyu ka naam durgeshwari bhi hai kya??

    2. Riyarocks

      nehi nehi….main usko tease karne ke liye bulaati hoon…..haha

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      Nahi Shayra…..dushtani dii ne bas mere naam ki oh my maata kar di hai???

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  6. Swethaa

    its amazing awesome dear
    and kabir aysel telling about marraige its sooo funny
    waiting for next epi dear

    1. Swethaa

      but dear i think this is unknown love for u shot 5
      not incomplete ending of love
      please just check once i may be wrong

    2. Negisanyukta

      Dear i can understand ur misunderstanding…’s my fault.It is incomplete ending of love,my first os nd unknown love is my fanfic.
      Sorry for that dear.

    3. Negisanyukta

      Thank u sooooo much dear.

    4. Swethaa

      wo actually aysel ransh kabir kusum dekh ke aisa laga ki unknown love tha
      tho is me bhi kabir ki family yehi log hain bus yahi samajh nahi aya but now understood thanks for clarifying dear

  7. So amazing story very nice keep it up

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    Fabulous episode.Loved it.????

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    1. Negisanyukta

      Shayra ki bacchi ……kahan hai tu itne time se???Thank u for ur support nd keep reading.
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    Today,i read ur story frst tym….it is sooo nyc…..nd keep it up

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      Thank u Aku didi.It really means a lot to me.

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    Fabulous..great job.
    Loved it.Keep writting sweetie.

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      Bhai thank u bolne ki formality kya karni..yeh to aapka kartavya hai.???

  12. Niyaaa

    Amaz yaar.. Finally darshan de hi diye..dhanay ho aap.??..shaadi k side effect wala hilarious.. ???.. Ab bas jalldi senxt wala epi.. Post krna wrna maar padegi??..isse request samjh yaa order?.. Bye tc.. Gud nit???

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