Incomplete ending of love (shot 1)

Hii guys,how are u all .I hope u all are fine.???????I am extremely sorry to all my lovely readers for not posting the next part of my ff.So,i m writting this os for both Kaanchi nd Sanveer fans.This is my first os.So,guys plz comment down from which i’ll get to know tgat how many of u liked it or not.Critics and suggestions r most welcome here.

So let’s start
In this os,i m playing the character of love.
U all have seen or heard about many love stories from which some have happy endings or some have bad endings.But i m going to tell u a love story which have no ending ….it remains incomplete in the last nd i m the witness of this story.

It’s midnight:
A street is seen which is fully immensed in dark and fog.Not a single streetlight is present there.Only with the help of moonlight a boy can be seen who is running as fast as he could.He is badly injured…..the blood is clotting from his head.But why he is running???Oh My God!!! some goons r running behind him,they have guns and weapons in their hand.

Person1:No need to run ……u r badly injured.We’ll definitely kill u.But it’s ur decision that u want an easy death or not.
Boy is doing every possible try to run away from the goons.
Person2:I think we have to show him the trailer.

(The man triggers nd shot on right leg of that boy)
Now,the boy fell down on the ground and is taking his last breathes.
Person1(head of the gang):I have warned u,but u didn’t listen mee… u have to pay for this.

Person1 other six persons to do something.

Saanchi:Veer!!!!!! she screams nd get up from her sleep.
After hearing Saanchi’s scream Grandmother fell down from the bed.
G:Hey bhagwan….Kya hua iss ladki ko…Kahin kisi bhoot ka toh saaya nahi hai.

Granny stand from the ground nd sits beside Saanchi’s bed….who was sweating heavily nd looking tensed.Granny caresses her hair.
G:Beta!!what happened???
S:Daadi!!!Maine dekha that Veer is……dead.

G:Shhhhhhhhhhh…No need to say something.(She gives a side hug to Saanchi)Beta!!it was just a bad dream.Don’t think about this,Veer will be fine.Complete ur booty sleep nd tmrrw is ur exam na.
S:Daadi it’s beauty not booty.
A smile appeared on Saanchi’s face.She looks on the clock.It’s four’o clock of morning.
S:Daadi aap so jaiye…main abhi aati hoon.Aur exam tmrrw nahi today hai.
She come out from the room and called Veer,but Veer didn’t receive her call.????

In morning,
A big hall is seen in which a man is talking to soom politicians.
M:Thakur sahab!thank u for coming.I hope u didn’t forget ur promise that this year candidates for CM will be from our party.

Saanchi comes downstairs.She come across the hall.She is going to college.She have worn the pink churidaar salwar-kameej with simple white earrings.She is looking like an angel.
M:Saanchi!where r u going beta??
S(nervously):I m going to college papa ji.
M:Ok beta!Go nd take care of urself.

Saanchi exits from the main entrance.
Screen freezes on Sanchi’s face.

Saanchi’s dream come true.?????

Soory guys,if u feel bored.Plz comment down…..If u want me to continue this os,plz tell me through ur comments nd if u feel bored plz tell me…I’ll stop writting.
Thank u for reading.Bbye.
Love u all?????

  1. Negisanyukta

    Guys im extremely sorry…some words r missing in this.
    Person 1 signs other six persons to do something.
    Now,all goons together triggers their gun and shot on the boy’s chest.

  2. Dhruti

    superb os dear………………post next one soon…………………….

  3. awesome dear

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    Amazing superb sweetie waiting for next part

  5. So do amazing story yaar…….

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    oye, Sanyu………tujhe permission ki koi zaroorat nehi hai……..bejhijhak likh daal & jaldi se post karde……..mujhe pata nehi tha ki meri durgeshwari ko action sequences bhi pasand hai!!!!!!ek dum khidkitod episode tha……….luv u a lot meri sweety pie……..

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  9. SohanR

    Awesome hai…..Vaise bhi tune mujhe pehle hi kahaani soona di thi.Loved it????
    Waiting for the next part aur jaldi post kar dena……I’m eagerly waiting for Kaanchi’s meeting.?????

  10. Shayra

    Hyyyy…….so gud to see u back????
    I thought that might be u stop writting.
    It’s damn nice.Eagerly waitting for next par.

  11. Niyaaa

    Awsome khidkitod intro yaar but main kabir ka intzar kar rhi hun wo kahan bhaga diya??? uske bina sab sunna sunna h??post nxt asap.. bye tc

  12. Awesome, its very intresting nd waiting for next part.

  13. RuCh23

    No need to ask Sanyu, just continue this. It’s awesome ???

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  15. Logesh.M

    This OS seems really interesting sanyukta???But that dream?????????Why so much violence?!!!Is that serial like that??Veer played sanskar in Swaragini??Nani telling booty instead of beauty????Is Saanchi’s papa evil??Anyways Eventhough i dont know about serial,Ur ff is very interesting ??????Ur childhood pics are awesome..u look chubby??your childhood pics are resembling my didi???(She is not my own didi)???my semester theory exams started on october 31 and its ending on November really sorry,i will not be able to read ur ff’s till nov25..And i will also be not able to update my ff’s…?????!!!!!!!Take care sanyukta sister…

    1. Negisanyukta

      Thank u soo much bhaiya for ur constant support .This serial is not like that….this is a medical drama show having revenge,love triangle?????
      Waah bhaiya….u r too intelligent haan.Yes,Saanchi’s father is a evil character in this os.????
      Btw,what’s ur sister name??
      And it’s ok bhaiya…i’ll not post next part till 25th of this month bcoz of my extra classes.
      But i m going to miss ur writtings a lot.???
      Love u loads.????

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      Thank u soo much for support.Keep reading and commenting dear.

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