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Hey people… Now the episode begins

The episode begins with Viplav working along with Raj in their office.Raj says “Viplav,I have to tell you one thing.”

Viplav-“Tell me,Raj(Haan bol.)

Raj-“I am proud of you…the way you handled that Deven.”

Viplav-“That was necessary Raj,that moron kept tabs of all of us and tried to harm my family. He had to pay for that and he will regret the day he messes more with me and my family.”

Raj-“By the way,because of that beast,Dhaani Bhaabhi had to suffer a lot,that moron deserves severe punishment.”

Viplav-“You said right,that bastard tortured Dhaani a lot….”

Saying so,Viplav reminisces the moment Dhaani broke down and hugged him. He reminisces Dhaani hugged back by him. Raj observes him and says “You are thinking about Bhaabhi.”Viplav absent-mindedly says yes and later realizes what he said. He looks at Raj who says “You two are…”

Before Raj could complete,Viplav says “If there would have any other person who needed my help,I would have done the same,so….” Raj then says “Cut this ‘helping any other person as well’ crap okay…She is your wife and damn it…you have fallen in love with her….so dare say it that it was your humanly duty only.”Viplav looks on and says “You know Raj, I love Richa and she will be the one always…so don’t talk unnecessary” Raj looks at him and tells Viplav that he is not denying Richa was his wife..Viplav looks on…Raj maintains an eye contact with him and says “Viplav,Richa Bhaabi was your past,she is gone now,mourning her death every now and then won’t help.You are now married to Dhaani Bhaabhi and in all these months of your marriage,you have started to like her… I won’t say love….that is upto you…but don’t deny that you like her. You adore Dhaani Bhaabhi like nothing else.Her pain weakens your heart,her one smile and you gawk her like an idiot…”Viplav  looks on and says “Aye…Raj…” Raj says “Kya aye.. I am telling the truth Viplav… Dhaani Bhaabhi makes you complete.And you can’t help it but adore her personality,her everything…..Do you realize it?” Raj sighs watching Viplav silent hearing him. He says “Viplav,you both had a past,you got married for Rishi and Suhaani…for all your life,you cannot resist falling in love with each other,one day it has to happen and it is destined.Embrace your happiness before it is too late…and you remember Richa Bhaabi’s words in your dream right??? It is not just a mere thought,it is her wish to see you happy… She must be watching you from wherever she is and wishing that you may embrace your life you have to spend ahead with Dhaani Bhaabhi…Trust me,you will not regret.”Viplav looks on and sighs….He passes a slight smile to Raj and Raj too smiles signing him to think about what he just said… Raj then says “Chal baatein bohot hogayi…let’s work…” and they continue their office work….

Scene changes… Dhaani comes out from her fashion house along with Shaalu and leaves for Suhaani’s and Rishi’s school to pick them up.On the way,she thinks of a plan with Shaalu and kids…Shaalu too gets excited..They reach the school and soon SuRishi are seen coming out happily. Dhaani places a soft kiss on their foreheads and Shaalu hugs them…and makes them sit on the seat…She fastens their seatbelts..and asks if they are ready for a surprise…Dhaani looks at them..and says… “We will have fun…and then only go home……” Kids squeal in excitement…. Shaalu dramatically huffs hearing kids making noise….. Kids laugh at their Boo’s antics…Dhaani too smiles feeling content seeing her kids smiling and having fun…..Soon,they reach the mall. Dhaani asks Shaalu to get going…as she will call Maa,park the car and come….Soon,they are seen having fun in the mall… Kids get excited in the children section while Shaalu and Dhaani take care of them.. Shaalu then notices some dresses far away…and squeals “Bhaabhi… those dresses are so pretty….” Dhaani looks at the direction and asks Shaalu to go ahead…Shaalu goes while Dhaani looks after the kids….Soon kids come to her…and all four of them head towards the food court…. They have some fun…Kids tell Dhaani that next time they will bring their Daddy too… Dhaani smiles…Shaalu notices it…and nudges her playfully.. Dhaani smiles thinking about her new found feelings……

Soon,they are at home… Kids rush to tell Kanak about the fun they had…while Shaalu stops Dhaani and says hugging Dhaani “Bhaabhi,I always wanted you and Bhaai to accept the love you have for each other and be happy…Slowly and gradually it is happening…and I am so happy…..” Dhaani smiles…Shaalu smiles…and goes wishing her all the best…

Moments later,Dhaani is seen in her room putting clothes in the wardrobe…She looks at Viplav’s clothes and smiles touching them…. She closes her eyes…and slowly…the image of Suhaan fades away and Viplav is seen approaching…She opens her eyes and says “Suhaan…I hope I am doing right…” A lone tear escapes from her eyes…and she wipes it… While closing the wardrobe,she sees one key kept there and she thinks how come she never noticed it…and she thinks “She never noticed before..because she did not want to…” and takes the key out….She thinks Viplav might have kept it and thinks not to use it..but is hesitant to let it go… But before she could keep it back,kids come to her and insist her to come to them..She inserts the key in the hole of the drawer near the table and goes…. Moments later,kids are seen in Viplav Dhaani’s room.They see the key and try to open the drawer.They open the drawer with difficulty…and see a black diary and few envelopes and albums there…Before they could see it…Dhaani comes to them and they move back without pushing the drawer..Dhaani sees them and rushes to see if they hurt their hands or feet..On seeing no marks or injury..she kisses their hands repeatedly and says how could she leave them alone… They hug her and rush outside.. Dhaani notices the stuffs in the drawer but does not take them out… Seeing that drawer a bit messed up,she thinks to organize and keep the stuffs neatly…While she is taking out those stuffs,Viplav is seen in the room.He shouts “Dhaani!!” Dhaani flinches hearing Viplav and moves back making those stuffs fall… Viplav looks at her with rage while Dhaani stands shocked…Viplav moves forward and holds Dhaani by her arm…

Viplav-“How dare you Dhaani?”

Dhaani-“Viplav,I was just….”

Viplav-“Dhaani,you could have waited for sometime till I open up to you…but you could not…Who the hell gave you permission to open it and check it out….”

Dhaani-“Viplav,I was not checking it out. I was keeping it back…”

Viplav sighs thinking Dhaani was making an excuse…and yells at her while Dhaani sobs trying to tell Viplav the truth that she did not read or see anything…

Viplav-“ I was about to tell my feelings to you.. I was thinking to …..but no… didn’t you think that you should not invade someone’s privacy like that….

Dhaani-“Viplav…will you please listen to me???”

Viplav is angry and he even snaps at her for having no manners taught to her about not to invade anyone’s privacy… Anger overpowers him and he says the reason must be her being an orphan …having no one to teach her right and wrong..Dhaani looks on shocked hearing Viplav’s outburst and cold behavior… Dhaani sobs hearing his comment on her being an ill-mannered orphan who does not know about someone’s privacy… Dhaani could not say anything as she was shocked about how things changed between them….Viplav gets angry and turns to come down… Dhaani asks him to stop,but he grabs his car keys..and walks off leaving Dhaani behind…. Dhaani runs out to stop him…but he walks off in anger…

Dhaani sits on the floor crying while Shaalu sees her and runs to her…Dhaani hugs Shaalu and tells her everything…Shaalu looks on and says…Bhaabhi… I know Bhaai is angry but please you don’t misunderstand him…. Dhaani cries and Shaalu consoles her…. Dhaani wipes her tears…and turns to Shaalu…She says “She is going to bring him back…” and stands up. Shaalu asks her to take her along…but Dhaani says against it..and walks off towards the car…She rushes and Shaalu looks on…

Viplav is seen driving in anger thinking Dhaani could have asked if she wanted to know but what was the need to search about things when he was not there….. He drives…Dhaani is searching for Viplav and soon sees the car Viplav is driving… She rushes…Viplav too sees her and drives rashly…. Dhaani sees Viplav looking at her rage instead of driving and asks him to watch out… Viplav drives rashly…Dhaani too drives rashly….Soon,Dhaani and Viplav are seen adjacent to each other’s car..Dhaani asks him to listen to him… Viplav drives without paying heed to her words…Viplav gets shocked when Dhaani’s car collides with the tree and the door of the car opens making Dhaani fall off it.… Viplav shouts “Dhaani!”He rushes to her…and places her head on his lap and cups her face… He feels his blood stained hands and freaks out… He panics seeing unconscious Dhaani. He carries her and places her in his car…and drives towards the hospital…. He asks the doctor to treat Dhaani soon… He looks at Dhaani who is unconscious and tears roll down his eyes… He looks on when Dhaani’s hand leaves his hand while she is being taken to the ICU… He runs his hand through his hair in frustration and mumbles what did he do… He takes out his phone…and calls Shaalu… Shaalu panics… but asks him not to worry as Dhaani would get fine…Viplav reminisces snapping at Dhaani and his behavior a while…and goes back to a flashback of seeing Richa being taken towards the ward during labor pain..when he saw her alive..for the final time… He thinks about Dhaani..and looks at the way she was taken for treatment…. He gets frustrated and looks at his blood strained clothes…and panics…He sees Shaalu coming towards him.Shaalu goes to him…and Viplav hugs her weeping…Shaalu consoles him..and says she was doing nothing Bhaai…she wanted to keep those stuffs only….she did not invade your privacy… Viplav reminisces about snapping at Dhaani calling her ill-mannered maybe because she was an orphan… Viplav says he did a mistake…grave mistake…. Shaalu looks at him…Viplav mumbles…he snapped at her…and called her…orp…Viplav chokes…He then says if anything happens to Dhaani… Shaalu says…she will be alright..and hugs him to console….

Moments later,doctor is seen coming out of the room… Viplav rushes to him and asks about Dhaani.Doctor asks him not to worry as she is out of danger and was unconscious  because of the shock but after few more hours,she would gain consciousness and shifted to the other room by the next 24 hours where they can meet her… Viplav looks on…

Shaalu-“Told you Bhaai…Bhaabhi will be alright… Now don’t worry..just smile….

He gets Kanak’s call who asks about Dhaani… Kanak asks them to take care and informs that kids slept with much difficulty as they were asking about their mommy and I could not tell them….

Viplav cries with a smile…and says he will be back with Dhaani… He asks Shaalu to go home..But she denies and asks him to let her be there with him and Dhaani.. He nods…. Viplav goes to see Dhaani from the glass pane of the door… He looks at her sleeping frame…and thinks “WHAT IF I HAD LOST DHAANI….” He thanks god for making Dhaani fine…and hopes she gains consciousness soon…. Bolna maahi bolna song plays in the background…..

PRECAP: “You had hurt her with your words…now heal those with your actions….”

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  1. Renimarenju

    Oh My God!!! A spectacular episode with powerful emotions …….While reading viplav’s anger towards dhaani, I was feeling bit tension because it can create some issues among them and when dhaani’s car hit at the tree and viplav took dhaani in his arms and screamed “dhaani”….Oh god, that was so emotional…… I just loved the way u portrayed viplav’s feelings in this episode….his worry over dhaani when she was taken 2 hospital and his memory on his wife richa’s death…..Beautifully written and felt like I am watching them before my eyes…..And that precap is making more thrill 2 me and can’t wait any more….. Lovely episode……Thanks a lot for posting this one……Love u lots, patakhagudi

    1. Sujie

      Thank you dear…
      Thank you so much for all the good words…..I am happy that you liked it…and yes…. I was kinda free these days…so thought why not post the episode… I would be posting other episodes soon…by the next week I guess….
      Keep the love and support coming dear….
      LOVE YOU TOO….

  2. Deare sujie what a surprise just loved the episode fabulous thankyou so much..i will write later in detail..take care

    1. Sujie

      Hey Janice….
      Thank you…..
      Will wait for your details in what you liked in the episode..and what was okayish…
      Keep the love and support coming dear….
      Thank you

  3. Wowowo really sujjie… I had enjoyed a lot while reading this epi yaarrr…. How wonderful it is…. Even there were no love scenes but i loved it utmost yaar… So precap is even more intresting…. Like these situations happens only one will realize one’s love…..
    Ok i want to ask u something…. What r u studying sujjie… Which exams have you done writing??i m asking this because to find out if u r elder or older than me… Thats it… U can share it Only if u feel fre…
    Bye sujji…
    Take care..

    1. Sujie

      Hey Lalitha….Thank you for all the good words dear…..
      Keep the love and support coming dear….
      I am an engineering student dear… currently in my 4th semester… It too is gonna end soon…so basically…you see…I am an engineering student in a 2nd year…
      No matter what…you can call me sujie… I won’t mind that dear…..
      love you 🙂

  4. Dear Sujie,
    First of all thank you so much for your quick updates… It seems like we are being given a feast with so many episodes back to back. Rightly so, after waiting patiently for so many months, we are now receiving the fruits of our patience.
    Sharing with you what scenes touched me the most:
    The conversation where Raj makes Viplav aware about his feelings for Dhani. Just loved this scene to the core.
    The care and love Dhani showers on the kids. Shalu and Dhani making secret plans for the kids and giving them a great surprise.
    The painful scene where Dhani cries on being accused wrongly by Viplav. This was such an emotional scene.
    Last and the most touching scene when Viplav lifts Dhani and takes her to the hospital. His fears of losing Dhani was the most poignant moment of this episode.
    Please do come quickly with the Precap… The healing touch makes us anxious to know what will happen next. ………….Take care dear..Love to you…

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