Imlie fame Fahmaan Khan schools his fans for spreading negativity

Actor Fahmaan Khan, who is currently essaying the lead role in Imlie recently took to his social media to share a video where he can be seen warning his fans to stop spreading hatred towards other actors.

Without taking any name Fahmaan said, “I am making this video with regards to all the negativity and hatred which a lot of people have been spreading towards the actors I have worked with previously.”

He added, “Apke liye ye battle hoga, timepass hoga, mazak hoga lekin hm actors din bhar mehnat karte hai apko entertain krne ke liye.”

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Fahmaan captioned the video as, “This is a very serious issue and I am highly disappointed in all of you who have been doing this. I will not accept any of this anymore. Please be rest assured that I will take the time out and do what I have said in the video. I love everything you all do but negativity and hatred is unacceptable. Positivity in life reflects a lot on who you are and will be as a person. If you have negativity then please keep it to yourself and enjoy your life with it.”

  1. Why didn’t he make this video for Sumbul ! He didn’t even mention the Sumbul in the video!
    I feel sorry for him!
    Fahman Khan! You said you protect the Sumbul too much!
    He did not see the ugly words of Mega fans to Sumbul ??? This girl is only 18 years old!!!!!

  2. Of course
    And I support this video!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    But he should also support Sumbul because she is just a baby girl! and does not have much experience like Mega!

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