Imlie 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie goes to Save Aditya

Imlie run away to save Aditya

Episode start with Rupali asking constable do look into matter. Constable says police head is busy. Rupali and Imlie decide to distract police constables and imlie goes inside to meet head of department.
Imlie listens that aanand can’t be realesed, as Aanand is more important to us as we can’t risk country security against Aditya tripathi.
Imlie shout that I will save my husband, you all can’t risk Aditya. Female constable drag imlie out.

Satyakam and Methi get all information and they call tripathi house. Aparna take call, Methi ask about Aditya, but Aparna scold them that due to Imlie and your family, we are not able to live peacefully. Let my son stay alone.
Methi cries that how imlie will stay them? Earlier aditya was there to support but now she is all alone. They both decide to visit Delhi.

Malini, Dev meet Kunal so that they get help. KC tell you and Aditya are friend right?? Malini don’t scold me, already Imlie was behaving immaturely infront of media and Home Minister. KC says and you are behaving so maturely right. But dismiss saying I shall support you.

Tripathis think why God testing our patience. Police arrive with Rupali and Imlie, and blame Imlie for intrupting Police work. Aparna scold Imlie that she will be blamed if any thing happen to Aditya. Imlie say i decided not to work, but tripathis doesn’t listen to her and warn her not to do anything at all. Aparna lock Imlies, while Senior tripathis and Junior tripathis lock horns.

KC infrom chartuvedi that police has decided to do search operation. Malini thinks hopefully Imlie doesn’t do immature thing.
Imlie think where is sector 4 and how to reach there. She prays and jump out of window. Imlie reach on middle of road and think where to go, and think Of aditya. He guides that use your trust and you will reach to me by taking any road.

Senior tripathis blame Imlie. Junior tripathis support Imlie and she has right to know about Aditya. Pallavi goes.
Malini decide to go to meet tripathis, to support. Anu says KC was right, you don’t want to divorce aditya, as you still consider yourself his wife. But you are wrong, i respect Kunal, as he is right and he is only one who can help you to move on, he has feelings as well. Malini says I need tripathis to give moral support. Anu says you will be hurt only. Malini says we are in this situation becoz of you, so keep your advice to yourself and she leaves.

Precap: Aditya and Imlie meet, while there is fire all around. Aditya-Imlie run to save themselves but get separted. Before Imlie Aditya meet their hands, someone take Aditya.

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Sorry guys some emergency came up, so got late in updating episode

  2. So again anu flipped after corrupting her daughters mind.

  3. @Shraddha, hope all is ok and emergency is sorted or under control.
    Take care x

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Yes @kally, its under control and everything is ok now. Thanks for asking☺️

  4. Malini going to get hurt more n insults from the great adithya n T

  5. Imile,serial is getting worse day by day…imile is projected as a super human which is unaccepable for a person of her age…Malini’scharacter has hardly any role. .it looks more like a fairy tale .Director probably in a effort to magnify Imile character is spoiling the story.

    1. The series is getting worse everyday, the writer is not thinking before writing a bad and useless story imile talk to anyone even police without thinking, why making her great, bad story so far, very annoying

  6. Malini lover turned hater

    Malini’s character is getting worse day by day. She didn’t want her mom to get caught by imlie. That’s okay but why shout at imlie for that? Why tell the police that imlie is obsessed for aditya and that’s why she is calling herself as his wife. How disrespectful? I don’t like imlie and Aditya is a criminal.. but Malini is no less. She is a hypocrite who thinks of herself as mature but she is not mature as well. She is spoiling her image, her friendship and her relationships for a lost cause. So disappointed with her. And if Malini lovers can justify her behaviour then I just don’t understand you ppl. Pointing out her flaws but saying it’s okay because she needs to learn yet showing endless hate to adilie makes no sense to me. I feel as though Malini lovers keep abusing imlie lovers and vice versa when the truth is none of these characters deserve our time except for Sundar

    1. Sundar is the best and far better looking than Aditya

    2. Totally agree

    3. You are right in saying that malini’s character is getting worse day by day but she is still better than aditya and imlie. You must understand that after being cheated on like that, there is going to be a lot of frustration in her. It would be very unrealistic if they show her completely in support of aditya and imlie. And I am not justifying her actions just stating a fact. You’re also right when you say that she is fighting for a lost cause as she shouldn’t pine after aditya she should distance herself from him rather get him punished.
      I feel like they’re ruining all good characters day by day in order to put the leads in a better light. Though I don’t think it’s working.
      Also I feel mostly people criticize adilie they do not abuse adilie lovers.

    4. Aditya is a cheater, there is no need of Aditya, he should Die , poor malini ,feeling sad for you, i hate imlie

    5. And yes sundar is far better than the rest of the characters.

    6. Storyline is total crap 💩💩
      Imlie wonder woman, can do anything, very strong so why the heck did she not STOP forced marriage 🤦‍♀️
      So strong, why did she not move to hostel after a day or two (the goons were gone).
      Completed her education and makers shown her grow and mature into the good woman she is.
      No, instead we get this contant babusahib, hamara pati jap which makes me dislike her as it’s at the cost of an innocent life knowingly being spoilt, and her sister to boot!
      Aditya and Malini never had a chance to experience married life and to know if it would have lasted or not, how could they, there was that third person in their marriage hanging around day and night😡

    7. Yes, and this aditya is unbelievable. He apparently realised that he did not love a woman after wasting 7 years of her life. What makes imlie think he is going to remain faithful to her that she kees chanting my babusaheb

    8. Totally agree..makers have to stop highlighting Imile’s character..serial will loose it’s content if this continues

    9. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Yeah Sundar is infact the best !!!!!!

  7. I feel like makers are trying to ruin malini’s character day by day in order to glorify imlie. Why do they have to show malini going to tripathis again and again and harbouring feelings for that cheater undeserving of her attention. She needs to distance herself completely from these people, move on . Although I really wish this bigamist aditya gets thrown in jail. I don’t like imlie at all but Aditya is much worse.
    Hope both the sisters leave him for good. I mean why are they showing two women desperate for a man who doesn’t deserve either of them.

    1. Aditya should Die , cheater , fraud

  8. The only one I respect is milini to make un acceptable person like imili which over all the human she can do any thing sorry but i want milinito save adi o prove her friendship and all of us knew she live adi if he live her or love imili which is afire stone i thing the writer must be logical little bit this show let me return to the old india films which one indin person can win over milion. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 sorry love make one strong but not impolite and rude as this ugly imili her personality is overacting and irritating annoying one 😡😡😡😡

  9. Kc is promoting his pairing with malini, can I hope for good days ahead and a progress in malini n kunals love story.

    1. I hope so too

    2. I hope so but i want stupid adi and imili know that their aren’t liver drom the past and this lues to make adi feel comfortable with his bad imili

  10. Bhawani Athreyan

    Malini is the best character in this serial. next comes Aparna, Aditya s mom who acts very well. Aditya’s is responsible for all this mess. Hw ditched Malini who really suited him Imlie is not a patch on Malini. she could have made a better life without Aditya

  11. imlie the homewrecker and aditya the bigamist

    Honestly this is a show that started nicely and could have gone much more beautifully but instead the makers already made up their minds to portray wrong messages to the viewers by turning this show into a circus. Two people easily had destroyed the life of someone and has no regrets even one bit. The so called fans of the gross couple will do nothing but justifying home wrecker and bigamy shows that they all need a reality check. It is very natural for any human who unconditionally loved a person and had history with them for 7 years to feel that sadness and mental anguish being betrayed by two people he/she trusted the most. At first anu didnt wanted her daughter to marry the reporter but now that they are on the verge of being divorced she is instigating and brain washing her own daughter for her own benefit. No mother would want their child to go through the things they have faced so she is not completely wrong but still more or less she did wrong by hitting the home wrecker devi with tubelight, insulting her mother every now and then, insulting tripathis on every occasion even before when things were going all good. It is very easy to blame others as nobody wants to acknowledge their own mistakes. Anu needs to get off her high horse and let her daughter move on. Being her own mother she cant see her daughter’s sufferings. And as for imlie devi i have no words. I had respect for her when she was a girl who wanted to pursue her education and fulfil her career ambition of becoming an officer. Maalini’s marriage could have been stopped and her life could have been prevented from being unnecessarily ruined if either one or both the spineless cheaters spoke the truth on time but no she had to be dragged in this unwanted mess by the two. If not imlie devi, atleast the uncle could have used the legal method of annulling gunpoint marriage back when he hated imlie devi. Such a gross disgusting ridiculous couple who easily got free pass of the damage they have caused to someone. Anyways none of them will be punished since the leads are always glorified no matter how much of mistakes how much of sins they do. The makers just want to paint the innocent person in bad light to justify and whitewash the so called home wrecker devi and the so called hero bigamist. But guess the makers just wanted to do every possible damage to the innocent person. Everyone in the show has faults but the heartless and brain dead adilie bhakts will always be blindly worshipping the gross couple. Also what is left now is the 3 puppets in the tripathi house building a statue of imlie devi while doing imlie imlie jaap along that the bigamist uncle doing aarti on his imlie devi. I just wish Maalini gets peace from that toxic environment and the two toxic people. She needs to take a stronger stand for herself by not going to that family. It wont be that easy initially but if she continues to try her best then it will become difficult for people to cause anymore pain to her. Also she should realize that the horrible spineless narcissist aditya does not deserve her at all. Home wrecker selfish devi can keep her uncle baabu saaheb tied behind her dupatta. Maalini does not need the selfish bigamist to complete her. Maalini alone is strong enough to heal from the pain given to her and she will realize that. The saddest truth is literally only a very few viewers are understanding maalini’s mental condition. And anyone with right sense of mind clearly will know that she cannot be blamed for her behavior and that she will soon realize that she won’t let anything define her worth as soon as she becomes stronger. And hopefully soon enough she will become the person she should once she is all healed by taking bold stand for herself nonstop by dodging against anyone who tries to gaslight her. Would love to see that. But it is happy to see that there are still viewers who do understand what she is going through and her feelings. Such a horrible, ridiculous show which could have gone way much better turned into one of the most typical regressive content with sindoor suhaag drama.

    1. I understand Malini’s anguish and sorrow and also how it might be affecting her mentally.
      Not only did Aditya tell her point blank that she was not his wife, he also said he loved Imlie.
      On top of that she had to create KC because Aditya told her Imlie won’t accept him until she was settled. Pathetic little 💩 laying that responsibility on Malini too.
      Then to ask her to tell T family that divorce was mutual so they would accept Imlie 🤦‍♀️
      He also has Imlie saving him all the time, how the hell did he do his job before she Imlie came to save him from his occupational hazards?
      How the hell is he going to carry o his job.
      Best if he just stays home and babysits Imlie 🤣
      This pathetic man cannot do anything!

    2. imlie is the home wrecker and aditya the bigamist

      @Kally exactly first that pathetic excuse of a man started to ignore his loving wife for that marriage which happened through gunpoint and when he got called out for it he tried to gaslight her then keeping her in confused state for too long until that one episode where the truth confession happened between him and maalini in that park which they both were sent. And then he had the nerve to straight up tell her “imlie devi is my wife not you. I love imlie.” Seeing maalini’s face in that scene would shatter anyone. who does he think he is? That he is superior since he got two wives? 🤢🤢even the gossiping uncles look way better than him🤢🤮and yes he just wanted to escape from being the “bad one” so he told her imlie won’t accept him till she moves on hence leading her to create imaginary KC laying even that responsibility on his 7 years lover, (7 months wife) and amid all this I forgot to think how he manages to save his job before naukraani devi came saving him😆😆you know? I have noticed his face even look like 💩 after the things he did to maalini as much as how 💩his personality is and that is excellent idea kally 😆I even agree with the baby sitting part he should send his resignation letter and prepare to baby sit imlie😆😆he is already expert in that😆😆right now i can imagine the tripathis recieving news on front headline “patrakaar tatti kumar tripathi apne naukri chod ke apni naukraani devi ki murti banaane mein shaamil horaha hein”

    3. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    4. Love your username and I agree with each and every word you said. My thoughts exactly

    5. imlie the home wrecker and aditya the bigamist

      @Mystery thank you so much😃😃

    6. I feel really sad when people blame blame malini badmouth her and support Aditya imlie when she was the victim who suffered because of those 2 disgusting cheaters.

    7. imlie the home wrecker and aditya the bigamist

      @Mystery exactly i even don’t know what the maalini haters gain by repeatedly blaming her and bad mouthing her. I can’t believe that the gross couple actually has fanbase despite of ruining someone’s life. It actually broke my heart knowing that mayuri is suffering even in real life. (while reading the comments on this forum i found out about her real life situation i think two three months ago if i am not wrong. The user said her real life husband did suicide and she had expressed something about him on her insta) Actually adilie bhakts are just blind bhakts who do not want to acknowledge the things done by the home wrecker devi and bigamist uncle as they spew hate about the innocent person to make themselves feel better. They are just as heartless and brain dead just like the gross couple. They will instantly get their reality check once they meet someone like imlie devi and bigamist uncle.

  12. Imlie Adi hater forever

    Hope Malini and KC get together and she forgets the idiot so called ex-husband. Let him live with that bush monkey Imlie-ah.
    I think Rupali was hurt in similar situation but she cant be pushing Imlie like she is so right

    1. I think Rupi’s husband left her for another woman, is living with that woman as Ripi is not divorced.
      If Rupi believes so strongly in LOVE, as she believes that Imlie had right on Aditya because she loves him, encourages Imlie and Aditya,then Rupi’s husband too is in the right place, in the arms of his lover.
      You would think she would have more in common with Malini, as both rejected by their husbands!

    2. imlie is the home wrecker and aditya the bigamist

      @Kally for real I wish I could jump into the screen and tell that annoying selfish Rupali that her husband too was right in his place to cheat her if she is supporting the home wrecking devi and bigamist uncle. The show would become a lot better if the makers show the gross couple and their 3 puppets getting their deserving lawful punishments.

    3. Thanks for making me laugh, love your comments 🤣😂❤

    4. rupali, pallabi,nishant monkey – ah imlie bhakt, aditya ko jail bhej kar malini ko free hona chahiye

    5. imlie is the home wrecker and aditya the bigamist

      @Imlie Adi hater forever to be honest yes. The makers should give a proper story like to Maalini. She should spend more and more time with KC. (Maybe just maybe) that method could make it easier for her to forget that narcissistic womanising bigamist. And yes it is best to let him live with the home wrecker devi. The two disgusting cheaters are just better off with each other only. And this is what I have been saying. Rupali was in similar situation as maalini so she SHOULD understand maalini’s pain but still seeing her support the wrong person clearly proves she is also a stain on women. She should get a hardcore slap on her face. I just wish someone knocks down some sense into her dead brain cells.

  13. Omg seriously. Imlie and aditya gets separated. Malini is totally losing it. She still wants to be aditya wife…madness”😐

    1. @Snazzy, hope Malini does not genuinely want to be with Aditya and that there is another reason🙏
      It would be a waste of her life.
      She needs Aditya like a hole in the head!🙄
      Aditya does not deserve her.

    2. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Kally, I think people should also get to prove their own points ! We should interfere by Imlie jaap of malini jaap !
      If your views do not match others, yours shouldn’t either hurt others ! Many people do get hurt.
      I think it’s high time and we should give some space to commenters here too…we can’t always invade their thoughts which contrasts ours !

    3. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      We shouldn’t interfere ***

  14. Imlie is not a home breaker. This story is a big eye opener for everyone how we see things from a different point of view and many of us are quick to judge others and react to certain things than undstanding it. I honestly can say aditya, imlie and malanie are doing an fantastic job and making people realize how short life is and how to believe in things. ❤️👌👌

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Exactly ! I appreciate your view point… Very different from others here !
      The forum did become completely one sided. Why can’t it be a praising two sided effort by everyone !
      Even I like Malini, Imlie, Aditya…because the series is strong in acting, dialogues, expression, and execution ! Actually anyone should have loved the series for their performance ! I guess since many here do not understand much of Hindi, they are not able to look into these aspects ! Anyone who understands depth of dialogue and conversation is bound to feel it amazing ! Sometimes language problem paves for big dislike like this ! Still many people who know show favouritism towards only one character in specific, what should I tell about them !😂
      The series is amazing according to me. Even with less cast, this show is working in notable way ! Worth impressive !

    2. Imlie bhakt ,

  15. Leads will assaulted, kidnapped, insulted over things that’s not their fault but never be hold accountable for whatever is actually their fault. Because lead can’t never be wrong and will be victimised no matter what they do. Honestly this is the most annoying part. No one is perfect, people make mistakes. But it’s the realisation and grow to be a better human than makes a good redemption arc. Aditya and imlie could have this kind of redemption had they genuinely hold themselves accountable and maintained dignity until divorce.
    For anyone who cheat the most decent thing to do is to be respectful towards their partner and family and wait divorce is finalised before showing affection towards next partner. It’s nothing else than disrespectful how aditiya and imlie have been forcing themselves into the betrayed family . In front of family insisting to take imlie to bedroom is disgusting. Before divorcing malini calling imlie wife in-front of neighbours is nothing else that disrespectful and inconsiderate. From this behaviour hard to see how they are sorry and regretful.
    There have been some shitty characters, like horrible people but with good redemption track they have been appreciated. One thing to do mistakes but another to not assume it and be inconsiderate. This is what got them so much backlash.
    Instead of showing illogical drama like best bahu competition or kidnapping makers can show imlie moving to hostel and finish her studies. While aditiya finish processing divorce giving malini and family time to move on. Once past bitterness are forgotten and imlie is educated she and aditiya can marry legally and legitimately. This could have been a good redemption.

    1. @Bani, yes that’s what I would have liked from Adilie, just to wait until divorce finalised and then they could all start afresh.

    2. @kally, yes and I really fail to understand why can’t they wait until divorce. If it’s actually love and not lust or show off it shouldn’t be a deal waiting aditiya is free from his previous marriage.

    3. i completely agree. Even your comment on the previous update was also on point.

  16. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Let me try to understand this…the police, whose salary is being paid through our taxes, are saying that they cannot help Aditya………. what if it were Dev in his place…I wonder if they would have helped that class of person 🤔 hmmmm (more taxes 🙄) ….thank goodness the police in my country are nothing like these jokers…smh
    😲 omg Aparna was so rude to Meethi 😡 I really hope that Satyakam gets to Delhi really fast so that he can chuck these outlandishly rude people into place 😡
    Lol…Kunal set Malini so nicely back in her place 😃
    So Adi is being held hostage by killers, and his dear mother wants to kick back and wait for some good news as Dev and Malini are handling it 😐 …let me rephrase that…. Killer kidnappers say they will kill the hostage if the law doesn’t release an even worst killer than them !!! 😐 2+2=22 🙄 how dumb is that Aparna… would you prefer it your son returned in a body bag, rather than doing something about it ?? 🙄😬 ……..and why is it that one has to manipulate the law in order to get the job done?? smh
    The good thing about this generation is that they can identify the crap adults often dish out, as these adults are still stuck in the 60’s waiting for the holocaust to arrive 🙄 (hope this point is understood 🙏)
    Criminal Anu gave some good advice to Malini…. but Malini is so lost now that she ended up giving her mother a slap in the face 🙄😬
    Precap: 💗 adilie together, if only for a moment of true love and happiness 😍💃

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Serial’s are projecting it that way but in reality in India, hostages are very cleverly saved ! Indian police does a great job…
      This serial’s are spoiling the game.
      Well…taxes and bribes are common in any country either legally illegally or illegally legal😂
      But India does save even the common people held as hostages ! For that, I must pay tribute to my beautiful mother land !
      I have simple example to say what Indian police is – 26/11 Mumbai Attacks !
      The epic and that incident is one such incident which makes me feel proud about police department, especially Mumbai police is a fire coz, almost all freedom struggles centre is Mumbai and then it used to spread to other parts of India ! They way they risked their lives for saving residents at Vile Parle Main area, The places near Juhu, that is something I can’t describe in my words ! And a police who held a terrorist with his bare hands whilst the terrorist had a grenade and rifle ! Police are a fire here in India !
      Proud to be an Indian 💓

  17. The show I’d getting worse day by day aparna is overacting shebhas tears in one eye only other eye is nothing seriously and imlie is hurt blood is stuck on one side I dont watch it anymore lots of rubbish all the time aditya is kidnapped no other story one better end the show

    1. Homebreaker imilie cheater aditya , aditya should Die ,

  18. Why the makers make that Aditya a reporter because that pathetic man left Malini who is much educated than imli ,a professor,such a beautiful women ,but this idiot man left her for that ugly girl imli she Is too a pathetic women 🤔 . I hate this Imli the makers has shown her a intelligent girl so first she should correct her Language . Because I hate when she speak babusahib I feel very angry.

    1. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      Ugliness is in your thought. Is physical beauty the necessity to love or what ? And how can you insult a girl for her village language, bhojpuri is one of the amazing language which people are really speaking less now and you say that someone correct the language ?
      No Indian should be pressurized or told to speak in a certain language only, and besides Bhojpuri is a regional language still ! Thus one of state languages too ! So pls don’t bring in physical beauty and language issue ! This is not right at all…your comment should be such that it doesn’t bring any different serious issue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Sorry if I have been harsh but yes, discrimination physically or linguistically is not at all tolerable !

  19. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sumbul Touqeer was chosen through audition.She is portraying Imlie character very well with all the nuances of a village girl. All the characters have to act per script not per your wish. Go after script writers and producer. None of us are liking the storyline..None of these characters in real life live in this unequal society.

  20. Sati. Maharaj

    This show borders on stupidity Both Imlie and Adi killingthe show.Never saw two leading characters being portrayed so negatively

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