Imlie 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Madhav Lies To Aryan

Imlie 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harry tells Imlie that if he doesn’t kill her, Jyoti will ruin his life. He attacks her, she moves aside shouting, and he falls down from the window. Aryan and family rush out hoping Imlie is fine. They find Harry lying injured on the floor. Gudiya comments that earlier Jyoti fell down and now her ex-husband. Jyoti thinks she sent Harry to kill Imlie, but Harry himself is on the deadbed; now she herself has to kill Imlie. Nila notices her expression and asks where is she lost when her husband is about to die. Jyoti acts as concerned and asks to call the doctor. Aryan with Sundar carries Harry in and thinks why Harry went to his and Imlie’s room and fell from there.

Doctor treats Harry. Jyoti threatens Harry to accuse Imlie that she pushes him from the window or else she will kill him. Imlie thinks what is Jyoti murmuring in Harry’s ears. Harry points at Imlie and then his hand falls down. Arpita says he wants to say something. Doctor informs that Harry suffered paralysis due to a head injury. Aryan takes Imlie aside and says at the place where Harry feel down, he feels he fell from their room. Imlie reveals that he had come to their room with a leaver to kill her. Aryan gets angry on Harry. Imlie says Jyoti is behind all this. Aryan says she supports Jyoti sometimes and sometimes speaks against her, he is confused. She asks him to be her partner for a day as per his wish without questioning her. He agrees and shakes hand with her.

Madhav with his mother packs his bags to leave the city and gets afraid seeing someone at the door. Imlie walks in with Aryan and asks Madhav not to worry as its her. She tells Aryan that Madhav was attacked thrice. Aryan assures Madhav that he is safe and asks if Jyoti got him attacked. Madhav lies that Jyoti didn’t do anything. Imlie is shocked. Aryan gets angry on Imlie and says Madhav did wrong with her and he will not spare Madhav. He says he knows Madhav’s Pagdandiya address and Madhav will be punished for his sins for sure. Imlie gives her oath to Aryan and asks him not to say anything to Madhav. Madhav just says he didn’t do anything. Imlie sends Aryan away and asks why did he lie.

Madhav recalls Jyoti threatening to kill his mother if he takes her name in front of Aryan and Imlie and ordering him to leave the city with his mother before Aryan and Imlie reach there. He tells Imlie that Jyoti is a mad woman who threatened to kill his mother, so he had to keep his mouth shut. Imlie apologizes him and his mother and promises to protect them in Pagdandiya and expose Jyoti’s truth.

Jyoti scolds Hary and Kairi for failing to execute Imlie. Kairi says she is not a slug and has got an information for her, but needs gold bangles before that. Jyoti frowns and gives her gold bangle. Kairi says Harry didn’t fall from the window, but Imlie pushed him down. Jyoti says she knows that and asks her to return her bangle. Kairi says bangle is for her next task and says she will kill Imlie. Jyoti says looks like even Kairi hates Imlie and thinks Imlie deserves death. She asks how will she kill Imlie. Kairi says its no one of her business and asks her to keep the other pair of bangle ready. She leaves thinking Jyoti’s drama will end tomorrow.

Aryan recalls Madhav denying that Jyoti attacked him. Kairi walks to him and thinks his disappointment won’t last long as she found a way to get truth in front of him. She dusts his laptop to gain his attention and tries to clean his ear. He warns her to stay away from him. She asks why don’t he speak to her then and asks what should she serve him. He asks if she can end his frustration, distance, and differences between him and Imlie and get them closer again. He then apologizes her for being rude. She says everything will be alright as nobody can separate him from Imlie and he should be courageous. She says she will bring a coffee for him and leaves blabbering.

Precap: Aryan gets romantic with Kairi, leaving her nervous. Nila watches via window and stands shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Precap….. precap…. precap ….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    A lion Hua Kairi k Pyaar main pagalπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Aryan ko hua Kairi se pyaar
    Jyoti karti rehti hai vaar par vaar
    Har baar ho jaata hai uska plan fail
    Aakhir Kab hogi usko jail?🀣🀣
    Imlie ko maarne chala Harry bechaara phans gaya,
    Joyti chudail ke chakkar mein khidki se gir gaya🀣🀣🀣

    1. Aunty blue ne dekha A lion or Kairi ko dekha pas pas
      Chillayi zor se ” Re Kachi Ambiya…….Hui jaye tohra Satyanas”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Arre waah!!!! Mazaa aa gaya🀣🀣

  3. Somebody commented on yesterday’s forum, why show your bitterness against the serial here, the makers are not going to read it. Yes, the makers read only those portions which suits them. The fandom demanded eye locks, lip locks, tears drop, love confession, consummation from this forum, and the makers obliged them. Didn’t the makers read these demands from this forum before obliging the fandom? Then wouldn’t they be reading some bitter comments as well? The sweet comments drove the makers f**k this show out of shape, and it’s now not only the worst show, but also the most hated show of Star Plus in the prime time slot. So now only bitter comments, like bitter pills, can help both, the makers and Star Plus to do the turn-around rejuvenating performance. And the bitter pill is that Star Plus must issue a warning to the makers to come out with something substantial, appealing, and entertaining to do this turn-around in a month, else this show be closed giving place to a better serial. This is an extremely difficult task for the makers because its protagonists are sinners and because of which the show has lost its moral and ethical credence. So another bitter pill for the makers to recover. Bring in a track of remorse and repentance on part of your protagonists to repent their sins for its mitigation and remission, and then move on.

    1. The fandom demanded eye locks, lip locks, tears drop, love confession, consummation from this forum, and the makers obliged them. Didn’t the makers read these demands from this forum before obliging the fandom? Then wouldn’t they be reading some bitter comments as well?
      I never demanded any of these. I hate romance itself πŸ˜‚
      And I don’t think makers read this forum really !
      Twitter and Instagram Handle must be their source of information.
      For that matter, many Adilie fans exist here. Then why aren’t their demands fulfilled ?
      You know why ? Because makers go by TRP. If TRP is high…it means any decision they took about leads can be followed and improvised. They feel that pair is accepted. So bring down trp…like I do by not watching this serial !
      And most importantly…bitter comments aren’t wrong too ! The abusive words one uses is wrong. Suppose if you are a student and want to complain about another student who bullies you. And you want to complain to the teacher about the same. Will you go on saying to the teacher that he is a ***** (like all beep words) ? Or will you say that particular kid bullies you and has a bad conduct ?
      Complaining about serial is never wrong but when one uses abusive language…. I guess one should first launch complaint about that !
      And yeah…they aren’t my protagonists either !
      I myself am more inclined towards the old pair.
      But please no bitter comments… I mean no abusive language !

    2. @Shri. I think you take the abuses very seriously, rather very negativity and get offended. Yes, it ought to be that way. But I would give you another window of glimpse. Abuses have a unique place in Hindi heartland (may be even in other parts as well) literature and folklore. Heard of the classical song “palat ke doongi gaali re”. In traditional marriages in Braj, Oudh, Bhojpur, Mithila, Magadh, and others, the ladies from the bride side sing songs of abuse in praise and in presence of men from the groom’s side while these men are devouring a banquet hosted by these ladies. Anyway, abuses are very powerful. One abuse is worth a thousand words to describe a situation or to express a sentiment. For deeper insights, you may like to visit the world of abuses.

    3. That’s the best joke I’ve ever heard so far πŸ‘‡πŸ€£πŸ˜‚.
      this show out of shape, and it’s now not only the worst show, but also the most hated show of Star Plus in the prime time slot. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
      By the way where is the proof for your statement πŸ€”?
      And yes it is proved, there are still people who live in a dream bubble πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ.

    4. Do you have a proof otherwise? Plz get out of the habit of responding personally to a comment aggressively with dripping sarcasm that emanates not from rationale, but from your aarti of the sinner protagonists and blind love for this filthy serial.

    5. @Sumitra
      I agree with @Shri.
      And abuses or abusive language is a very seriously topic and not okay because here in the forum are not only adults but also teenagers and kids.

    6. @Hello. What’s wrong with abuses for the teen agers, if it’s OK for them to indulge on demanding and enjoying eye locks, lip locks and consummation and discussing how to extract sperm from a man’s balls using needles and sending it to labs for its fertility test.

    7. Metin

      One of the many mispresented trp reviews…

    8. @Dara
      Yes I have all the positive statements from the people+Star Plus big promotion😜.
      And who the hell are you to tell me where I can comment? Do you have a special permission or what? You comment also here. And do not insult the protagonists with your ridiculous sinner accusation.

    9. @Hello. The veracity of what I have commented is validated by your this outburst. You keep reacting.

    10. @Hello. You have all the positive statements from the people+Star Plus big promotion to prove what? That it’s the best show, and the most liked show in the prime time slot of Star Plus? Firstly, its trp at 1.9, its decline from 2.5 to 1.9, its fall in position from 2nd to current 7the or 8th belies your claim. Secondly, what is the admissibility of the proofs that you are ready to produce. Hello, plz don’t stake false claims. And plz don’t hound me with your volatile temperament.

    11. My take on this……band Karo ye lambe lambe comments likhna….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚……Mujhse itna padha nahi jataπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    12. I know Sumbul is only 18 years old
      I know he is 13 years younger than Fahman
      I like the chemistry between them
      Their romance is very beautiful
      I have seen the Prior star many times
      I know that Fahman only supports Sombol
      But I want them to fall in love one day

    13. @Sumitra…
      If toxic content is shown in serial’s…there is no harm to the public.
      But use of abusive language is damaging this generation. Why ? Regularly I heard such abusive language used by students in school, or even the children of my building. The start of sentence begins with abusive word and ends with the same.
      And I think it is very necessary to curb the usage of such deplorable language.
      Serious baat hi hai ji !
      Because we are living in a society where I guess everyone wants a decent career, status and decent riches. So why not maintain the same in language ? I expect decency in language, that’s it ! Not a very big deal…or an impossible wish !
      See… I was always against usage of such language…even the children smaller than me and people of my age or elder than me. I used to show disgust when I came across such language. I scold the smaller ones…warn people of my age about it. Surprising thing is they respect me and take me to be an idol so they respect my word and stopped using such language atleast infront of me. Sometimes, I used to record them and send the same to their families. They never revealed my name..thankfully ! But family curbed the usage of such language. I believe people use such language when they are exposed to the same. Surroundings’ effect ! When family members use such type of languages…children grasp it. So, I am strictly against it ! And I have all the rights since I never use and allow anyone speak such words infront of me
      Simple thing…do you use abusive language on your parents ? No, right ! Which means somewhere you agree it’s wrong. So when it’s wrong, why use that !
      Yes. I agree I am very serious about it ! Very proudly ! I never spare my family members when I hear such language…that may indicate the seriousness I have about it very clearly I guess !
      And most importantly I believe everyone gets respect by the way they carefully use words…by the decency one shows in one’s life.
      I think no one has right to say the serial is indecent or inappropriate when the language one uses itself is indecent. Need to set it right, first !

    14. @Dara..
      ”but from your aarti of the sinner protagonists and blind love for this filthy serial.”

      I guess I am not from this community. I just have problem with the language. So I am out of this discussion.
      I never spoke in a positive light about the serial either.

    15. @Sumitra..
      “you may like to visit the world of abuses.”

      I am already living in such a world. Thus I am against it. When one is exposed to such environment…then only one knows the value of the beautiful language…that old culture.
      If history had a culture of abuses…we can’t to anything about the past…but we can do something about the present, isn’t it !
      Or else in coming days…you, me and everyone will be hearing such words from our children directly on the face !
      In Indian culture I mean history maybe such words have been used outside always…but if such words were used in families… they were simply ousted from the house. I am just saying to curb the language. I am much better infact ! πŸ˜‚

    16. @Shri. Albert Pinto ko gussa kyon aata hai? Aur gusse me so kyon gaaliyan bakta hai? I don’t know the answer. You are a psychologist, plz do some reading in sociology also, and try to find the answer. And I will thank you if you share the answer with me.

    17. @Prasanna
      poor really you negative people cry more for the trp’s than the positive people. You are so ridiculous.πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
      You know that imlie has a lot of competition in this time slot,so spare me from your crying about 2.5TRP’s-1.9TRP’s.
      Star Plus
      BY BARC
      WEEK 24
      Imlie – 2.0 not 1.9
      For the fact that u guys hate the series u guys care a lot about the TRP’s πŸ˜‚πŸ€£!
      And besides, what have TRP to do with the absurd claim that Imlie is the most hated series in this time slot?

    18. @Hello. It is ridiculous that you are again asking for proof which has been served on your platter. Proof of people hating Imlie? You think people worship the sinners, as you do?

    19. Metin

      Δ°f one cant speak proper, one uses abusive language.
      Δ°f one has trillion ego, arrogance, who thinks one knows best of everything, one uses abusive language.
      Δ°f one is a spoilt one, who cant express or realize one’s needs, one uses abusive language.
      Δ°f one is under pressure, one uses abusive language.
      But there is no need.
      Because it doesnt help anything.

    20. @Dara
      lord god cry softly, if you can’t handle arguments then leave it and don’t make these subliminal insinuations.

    21. @Hello. But you are crying again and again. No arguments, only cries and outbursts. Control yourself, girl.

    22. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
      Somehow I am a magnet for clowns. Why they keep attacking me, I fail to understand. Don’t you people have pets to play with?

    23. @Hello But trust me I love you ❀️ An Arylie❀️

    24. @Nira..
      “What’s wrong with abuses for the teen agers, if it’s OK for them to indulge on demanding and enjoying eye locks, lip locks and consummation and discussing how to extract sperm from a man’s balls using needles and sending it to labs for its fertility test.”
      You know what’s the beginning of all these ? Usage of abusive language. That curiousity associated with knowing what a particular abusive word means. I and some late teenagers here have already passed that stage and as students we know better about these recent language development and curiousity stuff associated with the same.
      And about eye locks and stuff… I personally hate these things being shown on TV or movies. I am against romance shown onscreen… uncomfortable to view.. I mean children can’t watch it on TV with elders and also leads enacting romance are much more uncomfortable.
      But that’s more of hormones and biology related there. And somewhere people should have a clear knowledge about it unlike the unclear knowledge being propagated on TV or any other source. And somewhere root cause of this problem is parents. Indian parents don’t give appropriate knowledge to their children in the adolescence and the result of it we all know. Also such topics are taboo as seeded by the society. And as a result curiousity. And what does curiousity do ? Unprotected intercourse, rapes and even underage crimes, robberies…
      If we sum up…it is the abusive language and curiosity associated with taboo which is damaging the future generation successfully !
      So in that case your demand should be the ban of romance in serials !
      I would have found it logical if same set of people commented about the same during Adilie’s track because they portrayed romance too ! But no !
      These comments particularly during this track shows that many people like you and many.. have issues with changed lead pairing more than their performance or storyline.

      And if we talk about facts…abusive language is a sensitive issue.
      But things associated with consummation, eye locks…these are things everyone comes across in life and play some part in our life…these things should be clearly known.
      But what’s the use of learning about abusive language ?… that’s the question !
      About the semen part… it’s a part of knowledge again. So yeah taboo and abusive language should be eradicated…until then, use clear crystal language to put your views about this serial. Hate is okay. But not this deplorable language !

    25. @Shri. So everything, except abuses, is fair because it’s knowledge gaining. If you gain such knowledge then chances of rape, unwanted pregnancy etc reduce. Have these reduced in US where every 7the woman is raped at least twice in her life? Abuses are integral part of the society, art, culture and literature. Learn them, don’t use them unless absolutely required. Use them when you are driven into an impotent rage, like Albert Pinto, and of course, like the most passionate viewer of Imlie, who feel totally cheated and abused by makers of Imlie who impose upon him/her villains/ vamps as heroes/ heroines, and their insult/ injury further aggravated by this fandom who argue that these viewers too, like them, must worship these sinners.

    26. @Hello You always have the option to get yourself entertained by Clowns……….by Laughing like Hell….without saying much………..Take them as Your personally hired comedians or Mime artistsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    27. @Dara..
      Abh Albert pinto ko gussa kyun aata hai and woh gusse mein gaaliyan kyun bakta hai ! That’s a movie…
      In real life…such a person will be called gussail, paagal πŸ˜‚.
      And suppose maana gaali dena acchi baat hai…acchi baat hogi bhi tabbhi when you are fighting for a right cause. And what’s the right cause ? Fighting for some fictional character which doesn’t exist ? How is that any right cause ? If you are saying Imlie is a wrong serial. Definitely it is ! No doubt ! But then all the star plus serials must be just like Imlie again ! Then why not say anything against all of them ?
      If it’s about the storyline which you started hating… definitely fight for it !
      But seems like you are having problem with the changed pair…not the cast performance or storyline !

      Tum chaahe serial ke liye lado, maro, doesn’t matter ! Doesn’t matter at all to me. Infact I will say do fight for it ! But in a smooth and readable language ! That’s our request !!!!!!!
      But the way you are justifying that usage of deplorable language is nothing wrong… that’s where I am having a problem. I can never give a tick mark to a wrong thing which again and again tries to justify itself as correct.

    28. Sorry this comment which I last indicated to @Dara…is actually a reply for @Sumitra ! Sorry about the wrong identity usage here πŸ˜‰

    29. @Kesu !
      If the same understanding to learning abuse words but not using it…lies in knowing all the things but being careful about it.. where’s the problem ?
      I don’t think even in rage abusive words need to be used.
      If there is truth and rage in your perception and ideology, you can set the fire without using ghee !
      Like me for example ! I don’t use abusive words but I have power in my words…
      Power should be in way of thinking not in the abusive words !
      If you say that way…maybe all non-violence association and programmes are a failure in the world. But they surely aren’t. You tell me ! How fair it is to shed blood for blood ? A proverb – A pen is mightier than sword. If I improvise it…cleverness is mightier than sword. Similarly usage of right words which is lik a pen is powerful than abusive language which is a sword !

      Sorry but I don’t think any justification justifies the usage of abusive language !
      And please look for seriousness…is capitalism a serious issue or some fictional thing a serious issue.
      By getting and bringing in examples of Albert Pinto…you are simply reducing the seriousness of capitalism.
      But simple thing is fight is never wrong. But the way you fight for it makes all the difference.
      For example, one illiterate man can individually fight for freedom, but a literate man can use law and some clever techniques, joining more people into the force and unite and fight for the same ! Which will reach the purpose first ? Clearly, the second alternative !
      Similarly, do fight but with right words.
      Not negative and abusive words.
      Deplorable language just shows one’s vulnerability and indecency…nothing else can be achieved by it in reality.
      And the next point is if Aryan is wrong…Aditya wasn’t less wrong. That’s the truth !
      Why didn’t you fight during that time as well ? What stopped you ?

    30. @Shri. You r getting it wrong. There is no need for justifying the usag of abuses because abuses in themselves justify themselves as they are just an index of the deep malaise, the same way that headache is an indicator or manifestation of something not normal with the body. Abuses indicate the deep anguish, disgust, and helplessness of the abuser to which the abused has subjected the abuser. And what do you think about many commentators here, right now, who call names for those who refuse to adore this serial and its protagonists. Aren’t they the worst kind of white collared abusers. Who is worse – a person abusing a fictitious character, or a person abusing a live, but dissenting commentator? That’s why some one here has requested you to deeply study the type of abuses and abusers.

    31. @Shri. A pen is a pen and a sword is a sword. They cannot substitute each other.

    32. @Kesu…
      I get it what you are trying to explain.
      But I don’t think anyone in recent days abused someone.
      About your question – Who is worse – a person abusing a fictitious character, or a person abusing a live, but dissenting commentator?
      I say where’s the difference ?
      There’s Difference only in the sense that one is abusing a fictional character and other a live person.
      So did I say a person abusing a live person something good ?
      I was just the same even then !
      Anyways… I understand what you feel.
      But as you said – Abuses indicate the deep anguish, disgust, and helplessness of the abuser to which the abused has subjected the abuser.
      I believe this is not a correct way to think of it !
      I will tell you why ! For example – There are two children who lost their parents in communal riots and due to no timely help later.
      One of them later became a doctor and saves people keeping in mind his case about not not getting timely help to save his family.
      And the second one of them goes and avenges the people from past and he is deeply involved into any communal riot that may be organised.
      Difference lies in one’s perception !
      To feel anguish or taking it sportively depends from person to person.
      I have been subjected to bullying by fellow schoolmates about my complexion…but I never wandered around abusing them back because I know no medicine works powerful than ignorance. So I ultimately got rid of it ! Never considered it a problem in a first place.
      So… When you use no abusive words, you have a better chance to put your point. Suppose if I use abusive words…people who are against you use that as a point to pester you. So ultimately you are giving them a chance to abuse you !
      So what’s your opinion about this ?

  4. Okay Harry got a free flying lesson. Take-off point the bedroom and landing in front of the front door πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    I knew it already since his entry but today it is confirmed Madhav and negative or turns negative—–>never. For me impossible that a tall man lets himself be blackmailed by a small woman, and turns negative 🀨.
    Joyti what’s the point if Harry, blames Imlie…πŸ€”πŸ€¨? Nothing because Aryan will trust Imlie,+ Harry was in the bedroom of Aryan and Imlie,+ Imlie was just defending himself.

    I don’t know if he is just pretending and flirting with Kairi because she,flirts with him or if he is doing it intentionally and flirting with Kairi because he knows she is his Imlie??
    Annabelle will surely think- Aryan has an extra marital affair with naukrani Kairi, so why not with my BD πŸ€£πŸ˜‚. Hopefully Annabelle will use it and try to ruin Aryan and Imlie’s relationship, that would be fun πŸ€£πŸ˜‚.

    1. Kairi said about black coffee and then in flow flow she said ABP………..That alerted AryanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Abb Wo poora badle lega kairi se….Jo itne dino se…Aryan ko irritate kr rahi thiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      I think he finally got to know…..Kyunki He is Aryan Singh Rathore…..And he knows Imlie………….It’s not a rocket scienceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. I know it and you know it that ABP and black coffee should have warned his senses.
      But what if they distract him again and the waiting goes on 😀.

    3. I think
      Arian has found out about the email plan
      Now she plays with Imlie….

  5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ after long time seems he is getting his brain back

    1. After seeing Fahman ‘s expressions …..It feels he has got golden opportunity to take revenge from Sumbul…..For publically making his fun of His Baby lip baam……. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. What’s the point of exposing jyoti when she can get away with threats everytime. She threatens Harry so Harry has to do her bidding. She threatens madhav so madhav has to do her bidding. Even if she is caught red handed all she has to do is threaten police and they will let her go. What’s the point of even exposing her.

    1. True πŸ˜‚

    2. I really hope so
      The story will gradually get out of this format.
      Return an Imlie to the newspaper office.
      She will fight against the problems and obstacles facing the advancement of women.
      And get out of the mold of a housewife ….
      Aryan will support her everywhere and eventually she will become a successful woman and entrepreneur.

      Imile was born a fighter.
      And he has grown up like a warrior

  7. Metin

    Δ° think jyotis end will be going crazy.
    They show it as she is invincible.
    At that point human can beat itself.

    1. It’s Imlie who is invincible and superwoman!

    2. Metin

      Hi kally i missed your comments πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Metin

    Δ° dont get the obligation of “there is nothing to do in the world at imlie’s time slot” about this serial. Δ°m sincerly about it.
    Δ°s there something native, religious or etc. Thing about this serial?
    Δ° can name you anupamaa, ghkkpm, … Almost the whole serials list with many similar incidents. But are you writing there too to close those serials?
    Please enlight me dear reader?

    1. “Almost the whole serials list with many similar incidents. But are you writing there too to close those serials?”

      Exactly !
      That’s the whole point…
      It just shows people hate the lead pair not their performance or storyline.
      What’s in looks ? Why to be obsessed with some pair so much ?

    2. Exactly! The forum is filled with many who just say “close the serial’ the forum is for everyone to express their views and opinions, but all they’ll do is to cry “close this” why? You can stop watching, no one is compelling you. I don’t the show, don’t like it either but i don’t hate it and just love expressing my views. There’s way too much negativity. People need to stop spreading negativity and hate. And yeah about your question, the one who wants to spread negativity will do it everywhere. You can read the anupama forum…there too some people criticise the Indian culture about women being exploited by men and similar things. I’ve read some commentators insulting Indian customs in the context of anupamaa.

    3. @[email protected]@Metin. The USP of Imlie vis-a-vis others is that Imlie stands on an immoral, unethical, impious edifice with sinners as its protagonists and a forced attempt by makers and an unsavory fandom to slap a villain as hero and a vamp as a heroine on face of a resenting audience. Hence the protest, and call for closing this serial.

    4. Metin

      Did you lived a life with maximum aspects?
      Δ° can give your answer as “no”
      So according to you
      1- Everyone has to be in Hinduism.
      2- moral and ethics varies, but we have to ignore this fact , you dont want those even exist , thatswhy you dont change the channel.
      3- sriharshita , i have a suspicion about these groups problem.
      ( Actually it can be one fanatic with many id’s. ) They bend the truth. They have problem with religion or They are fanatics (not fan, just fanatic) of gashmeer. But if They say it openly They know, nobody listens them.
      now my proof:
      -swear words can be sign for one more thing, hate.
      – look after a few months older posts. They say everytime with different id’s exact same words . Aditya slept with malini. They didnt say anything. (Tdsa)
      Aditya made a false news about imlie (tdsa)
      Malini cut her wrist. (Tdsa)
      Malini sent imlie to a general purpose house (tdsa)…a long List goes on .
      They never mentioned that aditya is a disgrace for men.
      Δ° have to sleep, so in short…
      There Are two ropes : religion (gΓΌl, imlie,Fahmaan are muslim)
      Fanatism (paid or unpaid fans)
      So again caste or fanatism…
      Δ° hope im misjudging in both, i really hope.

    5. @Metin. What has Hinduism got to do with it? When did I link Hinduism with my argument or comment?

    6. @Metin. Do some introspection instead of Sitting shadows. You people are as much responsible as the makers for turning a serial, on its way of achieving classic status, into trash.

    7. @Sajna…
      Then what was the point of using the word impious ? You are getting in wrong words at a wrong place then if you don’t mean anything on religious terms. That’s what I mean ! Careful use of words is necessary…then the points you state are automatically stronger !

      I exactly understand your point !
      Back then when Aditya was wrong too…point is definitely he was not an innocent baby whatsoever. So, when they showed more hitter storyline before.?.infact more toxic that whole track of Malini raping Aditya 🀣.. I don’t know why I laugh everytime I write this… like victim itself doesn’t care about being raped…and that too being a man. It’s not s*xist type of comment but yeah…in India, I don’t think men are too positive about being submissive. So, yeah ! Back to the point…storyline was more than a trash at that time. Even now it is…on comedy terms because they killed the comedy and male lead being dumb. So why didn’t anyone comment the same that time about the toxicity ?
      Where were they back then ?
      Actually I believe these to be hard core Gashmeer fans. Infact I am a big fan of him too. But I just can’t be toxic and possessive about him being on the show. Infact he will get more wonderful projects than a silly daily soap as this ! And so that fandom is not able to digest the fact that a new pair is being liked by many …TRP shows that, right ! And they hate them onscreen.
      I just don’t understand the fascination people have about looks and chemistry !
      That shows how narrow minded society is. The society is like burned faces do not deserve to marry.. I don’t mean it…but that’s how people are actually behaving by spreading hate….

    8. @Dara !
      I mean common. That’s what I exactly meant before.
      People are not abusing characters…they are abusing live people in disguise of hating characters.
      This is much toxic drama than that they are showing onscreen. I believe even serial may not be justifying abusive words and the intention behind it like this…

  9. Why did Aryan not hug Imlie when she told him that Harry tried to kill her? That would have been the normal reaction. Seems strange that he does not do that anymore.

  10. This update site is becoming a drama by it self….should make a show of it…lol

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