Imlie 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya Saves Satyakam

Imlie 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie brings tractor and helps Satyakam and his team escape. Satyakam takes Aditya as hostage. Aditya pleads that he is not with police. Imlie drives tractor. Satyakam tells Aditya that he wants him to drop weapons and submit himself to police, but police will encounter him and he is alive till the gun is in his hands. Aditya says again he didn’t call police. Imlie says he is very intelligent and wicked. Satyakam jokes and then says he will take Aditya to his most fierceful companions Channa and Imirti.

On the other side, Anu returns home from Aditya’s house and fumes that Malini is grown up between servants, how will she live in a house where family shares same towel and anybody can walk into room without knocking. Malini says she will manage and asks her to calm down. Servant gives her envelope saying postman delivered it. Malini says there is no news about Aditya after he went to take interview, so she wants to go to Pagdandiya. Anu tears envelope and says she waited for Aditya for 7 years and should wait for a few more days at least. Malini sadly looks at paper pieces when Chaturvedi says this time her mother is right and she should have some patience.

Satyakam with his team takes Aditya to cowshed hide out and ties his hands while he pleads that he is not with police. Aditya then asks him if he can speak to his family. Satyakam doesn’t agree and walks away. Imlie and Aditya’s nok jhok continues. She picks his camera. He requests to keep it back as she may break it. She says she doesn’t mind and asks how to start it. He asks to free his hand and he will open it for her. Satyakam’s men point gun at him. He asks her to press red button and scroll down. She does same and fumes seeing her pics. He says he didn’t do anything wrong and took pictures with permission. She asks when did he take her permission. Satyakam enters and taking camera from Imlie asks her to return to mela. Imlie returns to mela and seeing police heading towards cowshed stops gets tensed. Inspector stops jeep and asks her cowshed’s location. She misleads him with her long conversation.

Satyakam checks camera and asks Aditya since when he is following him and why did he clicks his pics. Aditya says to print Satyakam’s pic in article and show the world that Satyakam is not the one whom they think, he is an angel to his villagers while demon to others, there are good and bad people in police and some will definitely help him; he wants to know who Satyakam really is. Satyakam says he is farmer’s son who wanted to study, but was given plough instead. Imlie knocks door and says its her. Satyakam lets her in and asks if everything is fine. Imlie informs that police knows about cowshed and will reach here anytime. Police reaches wrong location and realizes Imlie gave them wrong location to save Satyakam. He hears cow sounds nearby and heads jeep towards it.

Satyakam blames Aditya for calling police here. Aditya says he didn’t and asks him to check his mobile. Satyakam says he must have fixed tracker in it and breaks phone while Aditya pleads not to. Police reaches and orders Satyakam to come out, else they will come in. Satyakam pulls his gun saying he will not accept defeat. Aditya pleads to listen to him onc and Imlie says let us go from here. Satyakam says he will not drop gun and will fight till the end. Aditya pleads to return his ID card and let hhim handle police, if he fails Satyakam can shoot him. Satyakam shoots bullet. Imlie gets afraid. Aditya opens door and tells inspector that he is reporter Aditya Kumar Tripathi. Inspector asks about Satyakam. Aditya says he was here, but left just a few minutes ago. Satyakam and Imlie hide behind doors. Police searches cowshed for Satyakam.

Precap: Malini over phone tells Aditya that she feels he is going far away from her. Just then Imlie speaks to Aditya, making Malini more suspicious.

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