Imlie 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie Accuses Pranav

Imlie 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie informs Rupali that she saw Pranav getting out of Dhruv and Nidhi’s room and he stole greeting card from there and gifted it to Rupali. Malini asks if she can prove it; if no, then why she is provoking Rupali against her husband; there are 1000s of same cards in market and if Pranav gifted same card to Rupali, then its just a coincidence. Imlie says Pranav betrayed Rupali before. Malini says even Imlie betrayed her and this family, she was lying since she entered this house, but they forgave him; who is she to judge Pranav after this. Imlie tells Rupali that she is not giving verdict but presenting her thought. Malini says she cannot understand Rupali as nobody tried to snatch her husband, she may think the other woman who stole Rupali’s husband as better. Imlie asks her to stop it. Malini asks her to stop it instead as Rupali is trying to rebuild her broken house, but a house breaker will not understand. Imlie says she didn’t break anyone’s house, a relationship standing on a lie cannot survive. Malini says she is Adi’s legally wedded wife and is with him since 7 years, then how can she tell her relationship as fake. Imlie says people break trust due to failed trust and intentions and she wants Imlie to stop interfering between Rupali and her husband. Imlie says Malini is interfering between her and Adi. Rupali asks them both to stop and warns Imlie to not speak against Pranav. She says she always supported her and Adi’s relationship and fought with everyone for her, but when Imlie has to support her, she is doubting Pranav; Pranav betrayed her and she is trusting him again, then why can’t Imlie trust Pranav. Imlie says she can’t see Rupali break down again. Rupali asks her to leave before she starts doubting on Pranav. Imlie walks away. Malini thinks its better to make Imlie’s supporters against her instead of trying to kick her out. She consoles Rupali.

Adi works on MLA’s news and tells Imlie that this is his life’s biggest story. Editor calls him and asks him to drop the pen drive in office to get it verified as he doesn’t want anyone to prove it as fake. Adi agrees and asks Imlie to get pen drive. Pranav hears their conversation and rushes to steal pen drive. Rupali stops him and says she has planned an outing with him after navratri. He nods yes thinking he needs to reach pen drive before Imlie reaches it. Rupali shows him shortlisted resorts, and he without looking asks to book whichever she likes. She says she wants him to check pics. He says it doesn’t matte and says she is her real view and resort view doesn’t matter. He excuses her and walks away.

Imlie heads towards idol when door bell rings. She checks and brings police in. Inspector seeing idol says its very beautiful, they came on time. Pankaj and Harish get tensed seeing police and apologize inspector for Imlie’s mistake. Inspector says they didn’t understand their daughter well, she invited them for aarti and praises her thinking. Malini says let us greet other guests also. Imlie notices Pranav near idol and thinks if he wants to steal it. Pranav steals pen drive and tries to run away. Rupali stops him. Pen drive falls down. Rupali says let us go for aarti. He says he has some work outside. She says he doesn’t seem interested in her. He says she is his #1 priority, looking at pen drive. Imlie finds pen drive missing and walks to him and says he is lying. She alleges him of stealing pen drive. He denies and asks what is special in that pen drive. She says he knows better and demands to check him. He insists Rupali to check him. She hesitates, but checks on his further insistence and asks Imlie why she is doing this. Imlie continues her allegations. Rupali says differences between Adi and Imlie doesn’t mean she should create differences between other couple also. Imlie says she didn’t mean it. Rupali asks Pranav to join her and walks away. Pranav picks pen drive and runs away. Adi waits for Imlie and asks about pen drive. She stands silently and thinks how to get pen drive back from Pranav.

Precap: Inspector arrests Adi after finding drugs in his room.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. First..yayyy 🙂

  2. Pranav to imlie ‘ tum jo koi bhi ho….’ Aditya enters between and says ‘ yeh jo koi bhi nai, ye imlie hai hamari patni hai.
    Anu: ye naukrani….
    Adi: ye naukrani nai, iska naam imlie hai aur ye hamari patni hai.
    Radha: pata nai ye gav ki ladki ne adi pe kya jadu kiya hai…..
    Adi: ye koi gav ki ladki nai, iska naam imlie hai aur ye hamari patni hai.
    Any outsider: ye dehati gavar…..
    Adi: ye dehati gavar nai, iska naam imlie hai aur ye hamari patni hai
    Gangster: ye ladki….
    Adi: ye koi ye ladki nai, iska naam imlie hai aur ye hamari patni hai aur ye kuch bhi kar sakti hai
    Hotel guard: ye gavar ladki, andar kaha jaa rahi hai…..
    Adi: tameez se baat karo, iska naam imlie hai aur ye hamari patni hai.
    Society people: is ladki ko jimmedari sop kar humne galti kar di…..
    Adi: ye koi is ladki nai, iska naam imlie hai aur ye hamari patni hai. Ye kabhi kuch bura nai karti.
    Mall manager: is gavar ko bahar daalo….
    Adi: hum tumhara naam newspaper me chhaap denge,iska naam imlie hai aur ye hamari patni hai
    Last but not least.
    Adi to imlie : tum imlie ho imlie, hamari patni.

    1. Jab tak trp thik rahega writers kuchh bhi bakwas dikhaye star plus ko koi farak nahi padta.

    2. 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Too good!!😂😂

    4. Thank you 😊

  3. This one nonsense irritatitaing double faced ill minded so called lead supergirl hate this chqracter .stop chanting sita maya the holy deity

  4. One childish show!

  5. Today’s episode proved that imlie is the biggest hypocrite ever.

  6. Imlie did break her house. Why is she even saying she didn’t, just accept it dammit🙄

    1. Another true critic

      @Suseme yes exactly. Imlie is the one who played her part actively in breaking her sister’s house and yet has the audacity to blatantly deny saying she didn’t 😂women like her and men like aditya are venom to the society which should be correctly treated with antitodes. But it seems that this show will never portray anything good happening to anyone other than the ugly criminal leads.

  7. arul arthi muniyel k

    When Great superwomen Imlie has all the answers and solutions to any problem, why is she ready to shut her mouth when questions about her infidelity arises.And the graph of the show is always the same,big problems the end result will be the lead shown as a superwoman. This is because when the graph shows smaller problems, the lead has to answer all difficult questions, so director says no,no imlie always bigger problems only then people will accept you as superwomen so go for it.Because one wrong step People will start sympathising malini,so the answer is a big will always remain the stupid,innocent ,butter wouldnt melt im your mouth,the knowall girl😂😂😂

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