Imlie 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Aditya Fights With Warden For Imlie

Imlie 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arpita apologizes Imlie on Aryan’s behalf. Aryan walks down saying there is no need to apologize on his behalf and orders servants to get back to their work. Imlie murmurs nakchad akkad bagga came. Arpita says he is right, he made a mistake and should apologize himself. Mother also insists him to apologize. Imlie says she can understand its difficult for him to speak good, he should try though. He asks how is she now. She says better than before. Mother says her fever subsided after doctor gave her an injection. He says good, she should go home now and attend office tomorrow without any excuses as he wants her to report on time. Mother asks him to drop Imlie home. He reminds she kept pooja at house. Arpita says its okay. He goes to get out car. Mother asks where is her house. Imlie thinks how to tell her when there is no home at all, she left her sasural and cannot return to maika. Arpita asks her what happened. Imlie says she herself will go home. Mother gives her medicines and asks her to inform her family to give medicines with food. Imlie leaves. Mother says Imlie is so cute and speaks good English like her, she liked her a lot.

Imlie walks out of Aryan’s house. Aryan honks car’s horn. She drops her medicines and yells at him. He orders her to sit in car as he cannot waste time on her. She tries to leave. Watchman closes gate. Aryan says he doesn’t have much time for an intern. She gives money, climbs wall and gets out, and leaves in auto. He stands fuming that he gives money and doesn’t take it. Arpita walks out and seeing medicines insists him to go and give it to Imlie. He says she has money and time, hence will buy medicines herself. She asks what if Imlie had left her in auto, would he have forgiven himself, he should go and give these medicines to Imlie.

T family reaches Imlie’s hostel and sees Adi already present there. Adi gives medicine and smart phone to Arpita for Imlie and says Imlie will not accept it directly from him. Warden walks in and gets angry on Adi for calling his whole family to meet Imlie and says Imlie is a troublesome and indisciplined girl and other girls may follow her, so she doesn’t want Imlie in her hostel. Adi warns her to dare not talk ill about Imlie when she doesn’t know her well and tongue lashes her. Aparna stops him and says he is confronting warden for questioning Imlie and forgot that even he raised a question on her. She apologizes warden on her son’s behalf. Adi tries to leave. Imlie returns. Aparna asks where was she. Aryan enters and gives her medicines and tries to leave. Radha asks Aparna if he is same rich boy Malini was talking about. Aryan hears that and tells Adi that he seems to have more interest on interns. Adi tries to say that she is his wife when Imlie asks Aryan to leave. He walks away. Imlie sneezes. Harish shows his concern for her. Rupali says Aparna prepared food for her. They enter Imlie’s hostel room. Aparna gifts her sweater and forces her to wear it. Radha serves her soup. Nishant fixes room’s heater. Harish asks her to return home till she gets well. He asks him not to worry as he is fine. Radha asks who was that boy. Adi says his new boss who made Imlie wash his car in rain. Family shows their anger on Aryan. Imlie says he is good and explains how she spoilt his car and fell unconscious in his car while washing it, how he took her home and got her treated, etc. Family continues their complaints. Warden enters and says meeting time finished. Family walks away asking Imlie to take care of her and return home soon. Imlie sees Adi still in. Adi offers her smart phone and requests to accept it for his family as they are worried for her always. She accepts it. He asks her to take leave tomorrow. He says she will be not and will be fine by tomorrow morning.

T family returns home and seeing Anu feeding Malini and calming him down ask what happened to Malini. Anu tongue lashes Aparna that they went on a picnic with servant Imlie not worried for her daughter, its good her sixth sense alerted her and she came here. Aparna asks Malini why didn’t she call her if she was ill. Anu continues tongue lashing Aparna and says not even a single family member was present to take care of her daughter. Rupali asks her to take her daughter home then and take care of her 24 hours. Harish shuts her mouth. Malini says if she remembers she left T house earlier, but Adi brought her back; even she doesn’t want to stay at a place where she is not trusted, she is tired of Rupali’s taunts and is staying here even after such a big accident just for baby’s sake as she wants her baby to be with its father, now its better she leaves. Aparna stops her and says they are late because Imlie was ill. Radha says Imlie fell unconscious and her boss took her home and got her treated. Malini says her students were right about Imlie’s new friend, they don’t trust her and hence its better she leaves. Radha and Harish request her not to go and apologize. Aparna requests not to stretch the issue and goes to get milk for her. Malini thinks Adi doubts Imlie now with her drama. Imlie prays Seeta maiya that its difficult to stay with Adi as he still doesn’t believe truth, when will he start trusting her again.

Imlie mimicking a reporter questions Aryan why he doesn’t like good morning, good evening, and other greetings. Aryan says if good morning and good evening are important to her, her today’s assignment is to stand near office door and wish good morning to every employee. She obeys him.

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