I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 10

Mon Mrng @ Ragini’s home

Both bid bye to sheksuj…and went

As soon as sanskar stopped the car in front of his house
San:ragini,i will go to office now, I have a important meeting.. .u go and take rest
Rag:nods her head (she get down from the car and started to move)
San:i will come at night only, so plz make dinner For me
Rag:is on cloud nine, stammers San.. Sanskar me me.. Din.. Dinner
San:smiles yes plz make it for me (in mind I won’t hurt you here after, sry ragu)
Rag:nods her head smilingly ….

Ragini made all the favourite foods of sanskar, ,,and arranged it on the dining table. …she looks the clock
Rag:omg now oly time is 7.00 when he will come, ,,Ragini after a long time he asked u to make food, I knew if he ate this, he will remembers me. ..

Her mind:stupid ragu if he ate ur food will he remember you ?is it possible..
Both her mind and heart are fighting. ..

O god he didn’t come till yet, she thinks about him and slept on the table itself (in Sitting position)
@11.30 pm
Main door knock

Rag:goes and opened the door
San: sees her ,I’m sorry Ragini, I have works that’s y
Rag:smiles it’s k sanskar
As soon as San enters, saw the decorations in the dinning. .San feels happy and also felt bad, that he didn’t come on time

San:so Ragini shall v eat
Rag:u didn’t have food till yet
San in mind I had ragu but I know u didn’t
San:ha I didn’t (in mind I’m sry for lieying to u)
Rag immediately serve the food in plate and forward to him
San:for u
Rag:in mind he is still caring for me, she was very happy, yeah sanskar I will have
Both finishes the dinner. …

@ragsan room
Both sleep at either corner of the bed, both were thinking of each other and didn’t sleep ,
San notices Ragini who didn’t sleep and continuously turning her position

San: ragini,u didn’t sleep
Rag:Open her eyes,hmm I’m not getting sleep,pouts
San:smiles,me too, shall v talk for sometime
Rag:Excited sure sanskar
San:if u don’t mind,can u tell our story, is it arranged marriage or he stammers love marriage
Rag:smiles arranged marriage only. .
San looks at her expecting abt something from her
Rag see this and continues.. Actually I studied in London, one day my papa called Me and told that he fixed my marriage with his business partner, and he told me after my final year exam,my marriage is going to happen

At first I was shocked, I said no for the marriage Becaz I don’t know anything about u but he told me to meet you, .

San was excited to listen
She continues by saying when I first saw u, I completely fallen for u.. .she blushes ,,ur talent, ur courage, ur simple nature, ur responsibility, ur respect towards elders, ,everything I love it.. .

San:v married immediately after our first meet
Rag:no ,u didn’t want this marriage
San: shocked Wat y
Rag: becaz u she stammers
San:plz tel
Rag:u thought I’ll get happiness only If I live with a family which has mammu mammi
And everything, ,,u always think about other person. ..u didnt know me at the time but u thought for my happiness that’s made me completely fall for you. ..she smiles and says my sanskar doesnt know me now also.. .her eyes become moist.. .

She sees sanskar whose eyes also moist, so she changed by saying and me and Shek papa convinced you and v both got married and lived happily, ,this is the short and sweet story she smiles by hiding her tears.. .

San:feels hurt ,,call her, ragini
Rag:immediately hugs him.. Plz try to remember me sanskar. .she cries,
San:tightens her grip on her.. .
After few minutes, ,Ragini stopped crying, both were lost. ..

San breaks the hug ,he wipes her tears, both looked into each other lovingly and San kissed on her forehead. ..ragini closed her eyes feeling his touch. ..
San:being lost cupped her face and sensuously rubbed her lips with his finger..
Rag:hold his shirt tightly
San:lean more close to her and finally placed his lips on hers. .both were kissing passionately,after few minutes both break the kiss, ,,

San:started to kiss on her neck by holding her waist tightly
Rag:moans his name in pleasure. .
San :got sense immediately parted from her. .Felt ashamed
Rag opens her eyes and shocked to see guilt in sanskar eyez
San:in low voice Ragini I’m sor
Before he completes Ragini hugged him tightly

Rag:in crying voice plz don’t say that sanskar, ,Wat u did is not a (her throat chocked) mistake, it’s ur love on me….

Plz I beg you she cries…

And breaks the hug, ,
Rag:in cracking voice I’ll sleep on sofa, ,by saying this she went towards the sofa and tries to sleep, but can’t able to sleep by thinking of sandbar’s actions

San:cursed himself for ragu ‘S condition

Guys do u people like it, ,I wrote whatever comes to my mind, ,if u didn’t like it plz tell, I’ll end it.. ..thank u for ur support ..

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