Illusive Hearts & Destiny’s Play {Reyansh & Pranati, Gauri & Omkara SS-Part 1}


Baljeet : You can’t take place of a doctor, So until doctor suggests me I won’t have this medicine.

Pranati : Dadi please have it. Doctor has prescribed this one only, see the prescription note

Baljeet : Whatever I want to hear it from him only, not from a nurse. A nurse can never be a replacement of a doctor. So I don’t need a nurse here.

Pranati feels sad

Pavitra Bhagya

Reyansh : You’re right dadi. A nurse can never be a replacement of a doctor but you may also know that nurse is actually like a Mother who take care off her kids. Nurse never sees who is the patient but sees the illness of patient and she takes care off that person very much well. Doctor suggest nurse to change stitches , put injections and in many cases when a patient does vomitting or if it’s a bleeding nurse never hesitants to look after that patient , she maintains a mental realtionship also with the patient and advices patient to take medicines, checks health conditions and reports it to the doctor , In emeregencies nurse never sleeps but will make sure that patient gets a better health and sound sleep. And dadi a nurse is like an angel of this earth who tries to heal pains , she gets relief when patient’s health gets better . A doctor can never take place of a nurse and in the same way a nurse can also not take place of a doctor.

Pavitra Bhagya


Pranati and Reyansh looks each other

Pavitra Bhagya

Meanwhile Baljeet coughs, Pranati quickly gives the medicine and water. Dadi had medicine and she got relief.

Baljeet : Thankyou Beti.

Pranati : Dadi this is my duty, why are you thanking me ?

Baljeet : I thanked you!!!

Pranati nodded her head

Baljeet : Today’s section has been complete , please you may leave me alone.

Pranati : Dadi, please don’t take much stress .

Baljeet : If you will stand here then my stress will increase only, I am bearing you just because of Dr. Ratnakar. Please leave me alone

Pranati : Ji, Reyansh I have kept the reports at the table. Doctor will be arriving day after tomorrow for checking Dadi. And please don’t give any sweet items to her her sugar is high as I checked now.

Reyansh : Yeah.

Pranati : Dadi, Mein chalti hoon, Namaste.

As Prayansh were going out , Reyansh tooks key of the car.

Reyansh : Pranati I will drop you at the hospital. You are going there only naa ?

Pranati : Reyansh, I will go myself. You will get late if you drop me

Reyansh ; By the way, even if Professors reach in time some students will reach late only. What’s the difference ?

Pranati : Just now you said a doctor can never be a nurse and a nurse can never be a doctor. Same way professors are role models for students . If they comes late then rest of the students who admires them will also do the same . As a professor may be you can’t change every students of your college, but at your lectures, if one student get an inspiration from you then you can feel that your profession is not only a profession it’s a passion. So be a passionate professor and I know you are always that.

Reyansh : Pranati, I am dedicated to my profession and nothing will lose if I drop you for a minute. So please.

Pranati : But

Reyansh : See if we stay here more, both of us will be late. Please Pranti

Pranati : Okay, let’s go

Reyansh drops Pranati at the hospital.

Pranati : Thanks Reyansh

Reyansh : Pranati

Pranati : Yeah

Reyansh : Will you be free at today evening 6 pm ?

Pranati : Why you are asking so ?

Reyansh : Actually I want to say something to you. But I can say it at evening only, in a particular place. Mein kya bol raha hoon ?

Pranati : Exactly, Reyansh is everything okay with you ? You can tell now also. {Pranati smiles}

Reyansh : No, it’s’s…..damn long and I mean to say that I can’t tell it in few sentences.

Pranati : Reyansh , You are getting late, so please go college and I also need to be at work. So bye

Reyansh : Pranati

Pranati : Bye, Reyansh

Reyansh : Bye.

As Pranati leaves Reyansh gets a phone  call from his bhai Omkara

Kunal Jaisingh

Reyansh : Bhai how are you ?

Omkara : I am all good. And by the way how are you ?

Reyansh : I am also good

Omkara : Lag toh nahi raha hein, Something is disturbing you and I can feel it in your voice. You know naa I hate lies.

Reyansh : Bhai I tried to tell her,but doesn’t worked .

Omkara : I told you to take her somewhere , of course she is a good friend of you and she won;t refuse it. Then you can say everything to her.

Reyansh : You know what, I wish I could be a poet or artist like you so that I can show something and she will be impressed with me. Damn I lost the chance.

Omkara smiles

Omkara Singh Oberoi

Omkara : You are just like a kid Reyan. You think poetry means to impress girls only , Seriously ?

Reyansh ; No no….no…I don’t mean that. I am a Professor of Botany.

Kunal Kunal Jaisingh

Omkara : So now you will pluck plants from any botanical garden and reward that one to Pranati ?

Reyansh : Oh Yeah, I didn’t think about it. What a solid idea, bhai.

Omkara : Oye Professor, Love is a feeling, it just happens. And you should open your heart to Pranati.

Reyansh : And if she feel bad then ?

Omkara : See , I don’t think Pranati will reject it , but if it happens also then  be positive. You both are friends and you can keep that bonding forever.

Reyansh ; Yeah, true. Bye bhai, I am getting late

Omkara ; Bye Reyan

Om cuts the call.

Hello Mr. Artist.

Om looks and gets surprised to see Gauri at his art gallery.

Omkara :You came again here

Gauri : Yes of course , You didn’t contacted me , so I thought why don’t I come straightly and ask you for the painting ?

Omkara : See I told you yesterday those paintings are not for sale and why you felt that I will contact you

Gauri : I gave my visting card and of course I looks pretty , So I felt you won’t say No to this pretty girl.

Omkara : Praises are good when it is been said by others about you , what you said about you is called self boasting only.

Gauri : Oh Hello, If you can’t make a painting for me , then you should straightly say to me, Don’t make fun of me, Okay ?

Omkara : Then hear I am not going to make any painting for you, Is that clear.

Gauri : Why you are so much rude Mr. Long Hair ?

Omkara : Excuse me, ,My name is Omkara. Please stop calling me Long hair, Mr.Artist

Gauri : Your appearance is like that only, what should I do ?

Omkara : Madam please , this is my work place and I need peace of mind. So you may please leave.

Gauri : Now you will say that I am only creating problems for you , is it ? I just asked for a painting , not a big thing. Please please…..And you can’t refuse me because now I am

in your art gallery not in your exhibition ,Mr.Omkara. So you have to give me a painting

Omkara : Fine…

Gauri : Really !!

Omkara : For that you may please keep silence for half an hour. I need to focus on it.

Gauri : Okay., Carry on, I will wait oustide.

Om looks her and smiles when she walks. Saathiya instumental plays. After some time Om finishes the painting and gaves it to Gauri.

Gauri smiles and looks Omkara

Gauri : I know it will be beautiful.

Omkara : Without looking it how can you say it’s beautiful ?

Gauri : Because it’s made from efficient and magnetic hands and it never fails to create magic.

Omkara ; What do you mean ?

Gauri : I tries to arrive at every exhibition when you organizes and notices the paintings . I find them as deeper and very much catchy.

Omkara : You also do paintings ?

Gauri : No, My dad used to do that. He was an artist.

Omkara : Oh that’s great. By the way Gauri you didn’t see the painting.

Gauri looks the painting and she gets surprised as Om had done her painting only.

Gauri : This is !!!

Omkara : This looks beautiful because a pretty girl is been coloured here only and literally she looks very much prettier that I can make countless paintings for her .

Gauri : Thanks Omkara and this is just beyond of expectation, I never thought you will make painting on me, Thank you

Omkara : I was bit irritated with your attitude but you was adamant and I felt it as very much cute and my heart just told me to do it .

Gauri : Can I have a selfie with you, Please ?

Omkara : Yeah

Both of them takes a selfie

Gauri : Can you give me your personal number please, I will send photo., I promise I won’t trouble you by sending messages.

Om smiles and gives his card to her.

Omkara : Keep my card with you. When you feels to contact you can call me . My residential number, art gallery number everything is been printed in it. Okay ?

Gauri : You are so nice, Mr.Artist, Oops Omkara

  1. Ishana_stories

    Awww this episode was overloaded with cutenesss!!!!! Sad that Reyaansh’s dadi doesnt like Pranati..loved how reyaansh supported the job of nurses. reyaansh pranati convo abut him dropping her and their convo in car was so cute!! Om reyaansh phone convo was so cute and funny too!! Om gauri coversation and gauri calling him long hair and mr artist was so funny. Om’s painting for gauri was beautiful and Gauri asking for oms number was really good!! Love the episode a lot!!

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot

  2. Jasminerahul

    I loved how reyansh explained the value of a nurse to the dadi.many people like dadi do not understand the value of nurses n they insult them.sad that even after thanking pranati she talked rudely to pranati.i loved pranati saying that a professor should be a role model to his students n if one student takes inspiration from him he will be a passionate professor. Loved reyaansh saying that he is a sincere professor n nothing will change it.loved om rey conversation. Waiting to see prayansh’s confession scene.rikara conversation was making gauri’s painting n saying that she is pretty so he can make plenty of paintings on her was lovely.selfie scene was cute.loved the pics.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot

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