I’ll snatch u from sky too -episode-46: RM became court room

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Here i’m back with the next update hope so you like it. Keep reading and enjoying.

Ignore all spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes and continue reading my ff.


Dev” It became a miracle that Anu is ready to granted kiss of Aarohi to them.

Chalo aaj main behti ganga mein hath dhona leta hoon” Dev smirks

Devi g” where you are going? Dev

Dev” ganga mein hath dhona. He runs and stands in line.

Devi g” let me get dinner ready for you all

“Aarohi and Anika glances the line and smiles” Aarohi wrapping Anika in arms.

Gauri standing infront behind her is om, then Ruvya, Chanda and last but not the least Devshiv

“Anika gazes Aarohi” smiles widely

Shivaay pov” how innocent you are Anika? Being in so much pain you are smiling and hiding your pain behind your smile. From where you gets this much strenght?

Anika maa have listened half truth i don’t know what she will do with me after knowing what i did with you.

O jaana plays

Anika” chutki need kiss ?

Gauri” yes di

“Aarohi brushing Anika face” shall we start”

“Anika peck Aarohi cheek” ask Gauri take it.

Gauri” forward her cheek towards Aarohi”

“Aarohi about to kiss Gauri when Anika comes in between them”

Anika” smirks as Aarohi peck Anika cheek and Gauri peck Anika other cheek. It’s done”

Gauri” Aww! Di it’s cheating maa supposed to do that not you”

Anika” koi cheating sheating nahe ki humney. kyun maa?

All happily gazes Anika

Aarohi” yup we didn’t do any cheating now who’s next

Anika” chalo chutki ab jao warna shankarji tumharye Salman ji ki shadi nahe honye dey gay.

Om” foward his cheek. He with tears gazes Anika”

Anika” first peck Aarohi and then om”

” Anu look who’s behind om” Aarohi whispers in Anika ear

Bhavya” playing with her tongue and give naughty smile to them

“Anika whispers back in Aarohi ear” maa yeh to gilli gilli karti hai.

Aarohi” what should we do now?

Dev” my child got her world”

Shivaay” And we got happiness in this world”

Bhavya” Anika di no cheating with me got it i’m ACP and if you do cheating with me then i’m gonna arrest you.

“Anika narrow her eyes” giving threat to me. Look who’s standing behind you my crime partner

Rudy” smirks hello bandriyan”

Bhavya” shut up Rudy”

Rudy” Now no kiss for you bandriyan”

“Bhavya hits Rudy on foot ” bandar

Ruvya” both start running after eachother”

Aarohi” smiles Anu your crime partner save me from gilli gilli”

Gayu” hug each other we got our di back”

Anika” did same with Chanda”

Anika” laughs and cuddles in Aarohi”

Dev” excuse me please we are also in line”

Anika” peck Aarohi and about to kiss but stops”

Aarohi” gazes Dev with blank eyes

Anika” stares him and her eyes again gets moist

Aarohi” Anu won’t you give kissy to baba?

“Anika nods negatively” i won’t give kissy to them. Anika points towards Dev and Shivaay.

Aarohi” why? Anu

“Anika turns her face rest it on Aarohi shoulder”

Aarohi” kya huwa?

Anika” they are really bad i won’t talk to them”

Aarohi” what they did with my Anu tell me i’ll punish them. Aarohi staring Devshi”

“Anika turns her face and adjust herself in Aarohi lap” Maa dekho kis k hand bandaged hai.

Shivaay and Dev ” sit next to Anika one on left and other to right”

“Aarohi peck her hands” Yours

“Anika pushes both Dev and Shivaay” who give you permission to sit get up and stand infront of Maa . Chalo

Dev and Shivaay” bend their heads and stand infront of Aarohi. Hiding their smile.

Dev” Shivaay! Now judgment will start….. Dekhna kesay kesay aarop lagaye waley hai”

Gauri” jini ki law may koi session he nahe hota….. except Maa

Aarohi” begin the session”

Gauri” lawyer is here”

Bhavya” police is here too”

Omru” two witnesses are here too

Chanda” i’ll be court reporter

Anika” smiles ab ap dono ki khair nahe bachu” sari charges balti bhar bhar k dalaye gay.

Shivaay” cries i’m ready to get punishment you don’t need to present your case”

Anika” kanji ankho may anso….. ab toh direct punishment. Come here

Shivaay” kneel down and bend his head. I’m the culpirt i accept all my sins. Give me the most merciless punishment that no one had ever given to any crimal in this universe. Today i infront of my life’s god ( here shivaay addressing Anika as life and Aarohi as god) accept that i’m the reason your’s Anu pains and tears

“Dev too kneel down” Same as i’m and i too deserve the worst”

All gets upset

Aarohi” glances Anika and then devshiv. Anu what they did tell me?

Rudy” O! What will aunty g do with Shivaay bhaiya?

Om” i don’t know but what ever she will do. We have to respect her decision

Anika” do pugaan who will come in witness box first

Dev and shivaay forward there hand

Anika” forward her hand”

Dev and Shivaay” eyes gets moist”

Aarohi” it will pain Anu”

Anika” no pain maa lets start”

Dev and Shivaay” do the pugaan. Shivaay win and Dev comes foward.

Aarohi” cries tell me what he did with you?

Anika” weeps baba sirf Anu k hai toh phir kyun us Bhallu ko esa apney hatho say khana khelaya aur humain nahe aur woh bhi esa apney pas bheta kar humari seat bhi us ko dey di. Aur icecream bhi nahe di. Sab time us k sath spend kiya.

And baba scolded me too, slapped me. No Chocolate only bedpeylate.

Bhavya” giggle Anu bedpeylato

Aarohi” angry glances is that true”

Dev” smiles”

Omru ” yes we are the witnesses”

Gauri” do you want to say something ” Mr Rajput to judge

Shivaay” smiles seeing Anika so calm”

Dev” yup! My lord my love”

Rudy” court room may bhi ishq”

Om” Judge is blushing”

Bhavya” natural makeup”

Gauri” applied by Mr Rajput without any brush

Chanda” reporting all

All start giggling

Aarohi” shies order order

Anika” yup order order aloo puri ka order chalo behaniya break time get Aloo puri”

Shivaay” eyes fill with water he glances Anika.

O jaana plays

Rudy” Shallu ki behaniyan hahaaah

Omru and Gayu roll on floor Shivaay bhaiya say Shivaay bana behaniya”

Anika” Maa! He made paella for Bhallu not for Anu. ??

“Shivaay brushes Anika face don’t cry ” you just wait let me make special Aloo puri for you.

Aarohi” ACP take him to kitchen and keep an eye on him that he don’t get escape.

Next hearing will be after 10 minutes”

Omru” let us too keep an eye on him”

Bhavya” yes my lord and dad’s love

Aarohi” doll”

Gauri” not doll mota ball come lets check”

Bhavya” you called me mota ball?

Rudy” woh bhi basketball.

Bhavya” maa

Aarohi” G doll

Bhavya” look they all are teasing me”

Dev” go and arrest them all”

Bhavya” runs after them. I’m coming to arrest you both.

Chanda” excuse herself”

scene shifts to kitchen

Shivaay” cries

“Om put hand on Shivaay shoulder” Shivaay!!

“Shivaay hug om tightly” my Anika is smiling, she’s laughing. After months i’ve seen Anika who……

Om” then why you are crying ? You know na bhabi can’t see you in tears then why you are crying stop crying and perpare Aloo puri for Anu.

Rudy” otherwise Anu’s maa won’t give her Anu to you”

Shivaay” hug Rudy too. But Anika is mine only mine.

Gauri” if obro moment is done can we both also became part of this happiest moment of our life’s

Shivaay” come here”

“All four crying in great wall SSO embrace” Our Khirkitod Anika is back.

Shivaay” having flashback of his khirkitod Anika”

Devi g” i also need hug. She open her arms”

All five runs to devi g and crushed her in bones”

Devi g” my house got it’s Noor. See how she’s glowing. Humara diya apney mandir may sajaa gaya”

Scene shifts to hall

Anika” putting charges on Dev like:

He didn’t take me out, makes Shallu sit in his lap, nor played with me…….. and many more

Devohi” gazing Anika with tears

“Aarohi twishing Dev ear” So Shall’s cutepie you accept all you crimes”

“Dev wenched in pain” she’s my dora cake i love her

Anika” cries see baba again…..

“Dev takes Anika in arms” i was joking yaar. You are my everything. Shallu is just mine dora cake but you…… dev cries

Aarohi” wiping Anika tears”

Anika” showing tantrum to dev i won’t talk to you never. Maa kissy

Dev” sorry na”

Aarohi” sign Anika to be with her baba”

“Anika glances Dev” Everything”

Dev” yup everything whole bakery”

Aarohi” and me”

Dev” you are baker. Who made us?

Aarohi” jokes”

Anika” laugh loudly”

Devohi” cuddle Anika in arms”

Dev” i won’t let anyone to touch you. Dev peck Anika head.”

Dekhunga tera raasta
Ho kuch tujhe bas Khuda na khasta


Aarohi” resting her head in dev chest”

Tere bina umrr ke safar mein
Bada hi tanha hoon main
Raftaar jo waqt ki pakad na sake
Woh lamha hoon main

All with moist eyes and lips smiling peeking them

Shivaay” meri tadibaaz billi”

Vahni” chaar din ki chandeeni hai phir andari raat hai…… she evilly smirks and step out

After few hours hours

Aarohi” This court keeps track of all the evidence and witnesses. Will declear punishment to both Mr Daar Singh Rajput and Mr Sh……..( Anika cuts in between)

Anika” Mr Sheikh Chilli Singh Oberoi”

All giggle Daar + Seikh=

Shivaay” smiles equals to Rajputani Talwar

“All cup their mouth” Rajputani Talwar

Dan , dan…….. music plays

“Anika comes out of Aarohi lap” don’t call me that….

“Shivaay come close Anika” Rajputain Talwar ki dhar

“Anika pouts angry” you Sheikh Chilli Machis ki Teeli chup karo warna….

Shivaay” watch your language Anika”

Anika” chup watch your language in…… Anika streching her head”

Rudy” in cineplex

Anika” Arrey nahe cineplex is so big and he bina masala wali teeli machi ki debiya main bhi khud ko dekh lay ge. Samjhey Choti height wali teeli”

All cackling on Shivaay”

Shivaay” Hey! don’t make fun of my height”

All enjoying their cute fight

Anika” stood up but stumbles and bumps in Shivaay”

Both get lost in eachother orbs

All gazes eachother like this?

Devohi” comes and short sit next to Shivika.

After few minutes

Aarohi” Ahem!!

Shivaay” breaks the eyelock and looks around”

Rudy” world can stop but shivika bumping on eachother can ever stop.

Dev” Anu o jaana play huwa?

All burst into laughters

Shivaay” smiles and helps Anika to stand”

Anika” pushes shivaay and runs to Aarohi”

Devi g” kids it’s enough now go and sleep

All leave except Devohi and Shivika

Anika” playing with Aarohi”

Aarohi” Anu come sleep now”

Anika” no i won’t sleep i now you will again leave me”

Dev” Anu maa won’t leave see it’s late

Anika” no i won’t sleep i know you all will run”

Aarohi” Anu promise i won’t go”

Anika” pinky promise she forward her little finger towards devohi”

Devohi” yes pinky promise”

Shivaay” smiles and greet good night to them.”

Anika” Maa! Look he’s again leaving me. Anika cries

Shivaay” Anika don’t cry you know na i can’t see you in tears stop crying. I’m always with you

“Anika still holding Devohi little finger foward it towards Shivaay” pinky promise

Shivaay” yes pinky promise.

Anika” with huge smile gazes fingers and trio. I love you”

Trio” we love you too.

Dev” tata tata Anu good night”

Anika” waves good night”

Shivaay” too leaves but stops and looks Anika”

Anika” gazes him”

O jaana plays

Aarohi” let’s go to room Anu you have to take medicines also”

Anika” you are my medicine i won’t take them”

Next Day @ 2: 50pm Anika’s Room

Anika” cuddling in Aarohi sleeping peacefully with huge smile on her face”

“Devshiv knocks and walk in”

“Aarohi slowly open her eyes peck Anika forehead” she smiles having flashback that finally Anika called her Maa.

“Dev peck Anika head” did she sleep well? Aarohi

Aarohi” smiles for little she couldn’t but after listening lullaby. She slept look still not waking up”

Shivaay” after so many months she’s sleeping peacefully.

Dev” hmm same as Aarohi look you are looking so fresh.”

Aarohi” what’s the time? Dev

Dev” it’s getting 3pm

Aarohi” what? Getting three but why you needed wake me up

Shivaay” because we all don’t won’t to distrube you both. And this peace that you both got after so many years we all don’t want to spoil it”

Aarohi” nods yes my restless soul got peace”

Anika” mutters gajar ka halwa”

Shivaay” smiles kumbkaar”

Aarohi” foward her cheek towards Anika”

Dev” Aarohi get up other two kids are also waiting”

Aarohi” slowly coming out of bed but when she feel a tug”

Shivaay” maa what happened?

“Aarohi eyes gets moist” she tied me and herself with dupatta.

Dev” she’s afarid that you will run from her. That’s why Anu did this

Aarohi” i know dev she got insecure”

Dev” smiles you stay with her and enjoy this peace we’ll see you both in hall

Aarohi” closes her eyes and cuddles Anika”

Shivaay” glances Dev with some tension lines”

Dev” sign Shivaay to come”

Devshiv” turns and gazes both and walk out

Screen free on Anika and Aarohi


Precape What will happen next? Will Anika be able remember last night happenings or she will forget….

Make your own ideas and passes to me. What you all want?
Thankyou so much for your love that you people showering on me.

Keep showering lovely people soon i’ll update the next one.


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