Ikyawann 1st June 2018 Written *Last* Episode Update: Susheel follows her dreams

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The Episode starts with Satya saying you always said right, you didn’t let wrong happen with you, I want to live with you as your Mr. Right, please forget my mistakes and give me a chance, I will keep you much happy. Mehul says if Satya is ready to keep you happy, you should give him a chance. Susheel says I wanted to stay happy with you, I knew I loved you, I never knew I will get emotionally attached with you, but I have to move on, I know you regret for your mistakes, but I left you and your mistakes behind, there was a time when I used to think that you should be there in all my dreams, but why should I depend on anyone, I have forgiven you, I can’t come back, and thanks for making me realize this, you made me love myself.

He wipes her tears and says strange, if you understand me so well, then understand that I m apologizing from heart, just one chance please. She says yes, I can give you a chance, but who am I to give you a chance, I have moved on. He says but I will bring you back, you achieve your dreams, but always remember, I m incomplete without you, you can win a gold medal, but you are my gold medal, you know very well, you always achieve the thing you want, I also learnt this from you, I won’t let you go away from myself. He cries and goes.

Sejal says I know Susheel is right, but Satya is saying sorry, Susheel should consider him. Kali says we should respect Susheel’s decision and support her. Sejal says she should be with Satya, he loves her a lot. They see Satya and ask what happened. He says its Leela’s belongings, I can’t handle this now. Kali says you can’t change Susheel’s decision. He says but I can request her, I can share my feelings, I can remind her that I loved her. He sees Leela’s pic and breaks it. He says its not Dadi’s fault alone, its my fault, I did wrong with Susheel, she covered up my mistakes and I felt she is good and she loves me, I have realized that she encouraged me to make more mistakes, she wanted me to become like her. He asks Jhanno to burn the things. Kali says I know you are feeling low, will this calm your anger, will Susheel come back, you need to forget this, Susheel isn’t doing anything right. Sejal says I will talk to her. He says no one will talk to her, I m feeling weak, I don’t want her to go away, I don’t have courage to tell her my feelings. He goes to his room and cries seeing Susheel’s mangalsutra. He thinks of their marriage. Na sikha maine jeena…. He sees their pic and dances. He misses her a lot.

Fighter Didi comes to her and says you said you will convince Susheel, but you are here, sitting in anger, because Susheel doesn’t want her past to become her future, will you lose so soon. He says I have cheated my wife, she has a right to decide whether she wants to forgive me or not, I can’t live without her, she can’t live without me. She says some times distance defines the strength of a relationship, if you can wait, she can come back to you, I always taught her that soil is imp as her family, soil is like a friend, a friend is one who can say what’s right and what’s wrong. He says I want to rectify my mistake and be with her in her victory and failure, I want to celebrate her win, I thought I would never leave her alone, I will cover up her mistakes and always keep her happy. She says why would you do this for her.

He says because I love Susheel a lot, I want to become a good husband, trust me, I will become a good husband. She says you will be a good husband and keep her happy, that will make you a dishonest man, friendship is imp in a husband and wife’s relationship, friends are not judgemental, I m going to Susheel, please think what I told you. Its morning, Kali does aarti and asks Susheel to take care. Susheel talks to everyone. She asks Kali to take care and give time to family. Kali says I promise I will always remember this. Dada ji asks Susheel to go and achieve great heights, make the nation proud, she will be known with number 51. He blesses Susheel.

Mehul says I m proud of you. Fighter Didi wishes her best of luck. Satya comes there and shows the mangalsutra. Susheel goes and hugs him. He says I brought this for you, you may forget this, you have moved on, I have no interest in being equal, but I will always cheer you up, you don’t come in my life, I don’t care, such things keep happening, but we will always be friends. He holds her close and says thanks for coming into my life and teaching me so much, I will come to see your final match. She smiles. He says I can take any risk because… She says because Satya fears nothing, we will always be friends, thanks for understanding me. He doesn’t leave her hand. She winks to him. Everyone smiles and wish her all the best for wrestling championship. Satya signs Susheel to call him. Susheel goes.

The show ends on a happy note.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Yeh show mujge day 1 se pasand nhi tha but ending itni bakwas hui hai ki hadd nhi hai… Na susheel or satya ka romance dikhaya or na susheel ka olympic winner dikhaya… Bus end krna tha to kuch nhi end dikha diya

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Amena

  3. Ooshi

    Good bye to Ikyawan and it’s all team

  4. Senseless show had nothing to do other than dragging in final episodes.
    I just used to watch the spoilers and for almost 25 days it was just leelas torture hiding in a secret room.
    I seriously wonder how ppl watched such episodes.
    Reading them itself was so boring and disgusting, i wonder how horrible it would have been watching it.

  5. what was the ultimate message. at least WHAT WAS the ending!! didnt really understand..

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