Ikyawann 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update:Leela accepts sushil for Satya.

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Ikyawann 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kali hears Leela say I cant believe that she is the same girl I tried killing,and puts pickle in jhanos mouth and says tell me how did she survive,you said you threw her from mountains in a rack sack and a truck went over her and she died,Kali remembers saving sushil.

Leela Pulls a doll and says hi did she survive did goddess save her and throws in fire but kali saves it and while hiding,she hits cupboards and Leela gets alert and walks out to check who it is,Leela sees foot marks on floor.

Satya says congratulations and who is the lucky man,sushil says you always make fun,Satya says ok tell me when is marriage,sushil says you do your fathers work and I will mine,Satya says you always act so pricy and says congrats,sushil about to adjust slips and falls on Satya and lift door opens,jiggling says you two,sushil says lift had broken,bye guys and leaves.

Jiggi says bro,seriously you said she is so weird,and that marriage bet was a joke but looks like you are in hurry,Satya says no dude she is getting married and good she is getting over but god knows who is that man.

Kali bandeds her leg and says what do I do now, Sejal knocks the door and gets in,Leela and Jhano following footsteps,and says it’s either kali or Sejal.sejal says did you talk to dadi about Satya and Sushil,she has to understand,that they love each other,and it’s injustice to them and I don’t understand why did her father say so.

Gulabo pulls kiran and Leela sees them and sees kirans foot with alta,gulabo says ba actually she stepped in alta by mistake,I shall go help her but you with all this oil,Leela says don’t worry about me,go look after her.

Kali says enough Sejal stop reacting,and it’s so difficult for Mehul to wed his daughter in such house,Sejal says but Satya and Sushil aren’t at fault they know nothing about the past.

Leela says I tried killing sushil twice because her fate says she has die in pain and that to from my hands,Mehul ditched my kiran,Jhano helps Leela groom,Leela says Mehul thinks Satya and sushil are in love,and this is because my Satya made them think so,and look the karma has got them back and once he made decision for my Kiran and today I shall make decision for his daughter,and now Mehuls punishment his daughter will have to bear.

Sushil making arrangements for wedding and sees Satya having ice cream on bike,and smiles at him,he signs her the cloth isn’t good,she starts showing him different colours,Satya selects a colour and shows heart to her,sushil smiles and asks to pack and turns around and finds it was just an imagination, shopkeeper asks should I pack pink cloth,sushil says yes purple too and says a little of his choice and little of mine.

Bapu asks Mehul what did Leela say,Mehul says I didn’t wait I just kept my point and you were right a mother never forgets her daughters pain,they will never accept sushil,naresh says if we all can forget our past,Sushil’s future will be bright,Nitesh says how about if phui and Bapu go.

Sejal says how about

Mehul says no Nitesh I have put my point and no more discussion now,Baku you rest and phui let me help you,Bapu asks will you be able to convey this message to sushil. Kali says Sejal I don’t know,sushil and Ma and already aren’t in good terms plus when Satya will learn Mehul is behind all this,I don’t know what will happen,Sejal says dadi has always treated phui has normal and if dadi hadn’t forgotten the past she wouldn’t have well behaved with Mehul,and for Satya she will accept,Kali remembers Leela attempting to kill sushil.

Rasik bhai visits bakeh,he says once I receive my payment from my function I shall pay,rasik says look I’m a trader so I won’t woat for more than 2 day’s,Leela says no need and throws money at rasik,and says tell me if you want more,you know you got to pay even to stand in this house,Bapu says Leela you don’t have to do this,Leela says I’m going to be part of your family now,rasik leaves,

Leela says hello to phui,Bapu greets Leela and welcomes her in,Mehul shocked,Leela says he had come and points at Mehul and says he got the proposal home, I agree he made a mistake in past,he rejected my daughter but who knew the future would bring us this happy day,Bapu asks what,Leela says your son may have rejected my daughter but I accost your camel,oh I call her camel by love and says I accept her for my sushil.

Pre cap : Leela asks Kiran will you marry,she says yes,Leela asks who,Kiran shows tattoo which says Mehul.leela says look Satya he is that Mehul who is father of Sushil and he is responsible for kirans this state and now I want justice,you will give all this back to sushil.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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