Ikyawann 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update Leela to arrange satya sees second marriage

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Jhano gets the rope and gives it to gulabo,gulabo ties susheels hand with it,sejal says why tie her hand what if this rope catches fire,gulabo says talk good and it’s a different kind of rope this doesn’t catch fire,leela says very correct and gulabo tie it properly so that it doesn’t get off while she takes turns,Susheel starts parikrama and kali narrates the story,satya joins the pooja.

Leela says done susheel,gulabo all done as per your arrangements,gulabo says yes ba,leela says then light the holika,leela asks satya to light the holika.satya walks ahead,leela thinks with holika dahan even Susheel will burn.

Vishu says Sejal good Susheel got married after us or else you would have to do all this,sejal says and I would mess everything,Vishu says very funny.

Satya lights the holika,gulabo says Susheel take this off now,susheel taking it off,leela and jhano waiting for the rope to catch fire,leela asks did you apply oil,jhano nods yes,leela goes and smells the rope,Susheel takes off the rope,leela picks the rope and it catches fire and it burns her hand.

Sejal says holi burns evil how did dadi burn,gulabo says I made all arrangements properly,satya sees the rope and says the fault is here,check susheels hands is she fine,susheel runs inside.

Kali asks what’s wrong with her,satya says for no reason I was worried for her she doesn’t care about anyone,susheel runs and gets cream,sejal says some people go to get help,leela says what’s wrong she went because she wanted to help me and why are you so upset since wedding.

Satya pulls Susheel and says show me your hand I want to check whether you are fine and says why is your hand so wet,Susheel says my hands are sweaty,Sejal checks susheels hand and says holi burns evil and so there’s no chance that you would be hurt,gulabo says what do you mean,Sejal says I just said what Ma narrated,gulabo says I’m your Ma she is your kaki,stop acting over smart.

Sejal says dadi let’s go in,all leave except satya,Susheel calls satya,satya says what relax I’m not concerned,I was just checking that whether you did something to trouble dadi,Susheel smiles and says really,are you good,satya says fine very fine and the illness is marriage,Susheel says don’t take dadis words to heart,satya leaves.

Susheel says just one truth changed you but that won’t deny that you loved me or how much I love you and I shall get you and your naughty smile back.

Everyone playing holi.leelas hand burnt,she asks jhano to close the window because the sound irritates her and says I tired so hard but some how she always escapes what shall I do,no women could be saved from leela ajmera but this susheel and the reason is you jhano,you didn’t kill her that day,look I’m in so much pain,even my satya is away from me and remembers how satya approached Susheel first during pooja.

Leela says jhano you are the reason behind all this,jhano apologies,leela says tell me one thing don’t you think she should die,jhano remembers how susheel helped her and nods no,leela says no worries she was alive till now but her life now will be painful,that camel girl will change my satya now ways.leela tearing newpapers in anger reads something and says wow great leela,you have the best of brains and starts laughing.

Leela says that Susheel will go mad and Mehul will have another heart attack,jhano come here go get me a pen and paper and write,I’m looking for a bride good looking cultured,yes we will find another bride for satya.jhano shocked,leela says why are you shocked,you know susheel will chose the bride and her father will manage the event,cmon be my horse,Leela seats on jhano and starts laughing and says Susheel will chose the bride this will make her mad and Mehul will have another heart attack and he will die.

Pre cap: susheel asks what’s happening here, a lady in crowd says her wish came true so.leela dressed as jhano,and amongst the crowd.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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