Ikyawann 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mehul proposes about Satya and sushil wedding to bakeh Parekh (Bapu)

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Gulaboo and Kali together,gulabo tells her what happened with Kiran this morning and says god knows why Kiran behave this way today,and Mehul didn’t do good with Kiran,this all is such a big mess and leaves.kali says all this is so scary.

Sushil hiding in her room,Mehul enters and starts looking for her,sushil with help of remote plays music, Mehul walks to the music recorder and sees a scrapbook with pics of sushil his and all others and gets emotional.suhsil smiles seeing him emotional.sushil gets emotional,Mehul says come out sushil,sushil sends the car,Mehul picks up boxs in it which has cards with numbers on it,Mehul is confused,sushil walks to him,Mehul says you remember,sushil says yes Today I said mapa to you for the first time,and did you like my surprise,Mehul says yes and how did you manage,sushil says Satya helped me with this setup and I used it to make you This surprise.

Mehul says sushil Satya likes you,is he your good friend,not just your mama but me and your kaka like Satya too,sushil looks at Mehul and hugs him.mehul remembers about Leela ajmera. Leela helping Kiran calm her burn on face,Leela in tears says don’t worry my daughter that Mehul Parekh will never be happy,he troubled you,he shall never live in peace,now go to bed my princess,Kali keeps the cream on bed and leaves,but her hand hits the door,Leela looks at Kali, kali says Ayurvedic cream,it will help Kiran,Leela says don’t tell Satya,even I haven’t,he will be worried,kali says okay and leaves.

Satya on call in his room,says yes I was caught there don’t ask me the whole story,Leela hears that and says I’m here tell me,Satya says dadi good morning,Leela says it’s afternoon,where were you all night with the friend who met with na accident or with that camel girl whose heart you broke,and tell me how did you do it,and are you feeling bad for her that you spent the whole night.satya says dadi they are two different things and it will take whole day.leela says I have no work tell me,Satya gets a call,Satya says dadi please,and says goys I won’t the bet I said I love you to sushil and broke her heart and now you deny my reward,Leela pulls the mobile and puts it on speaker and asks Satya to shut.

Jiggi says I guess dadi is near by say what I say, she says okay Satya the treat is done but come soon,Satya says ok I will come soon,bye, Satya gets upset,Leela says sorry my dear Satya,Satya says now you trust me,Leela says is always trust you,and my dear son, you know here all have always betrayed me and so I’m always careful,now go get ready and go party,your dadi will talk to you later and leaves.

Satya makes his friends a call and says thank you,you guys saved me,thank god dadi didn’t learn about me being at Sushil’s house or else I would have been dead,and goes to washroom,kali hears it and says if Satya is lying to his dadi for Sushil he looks really serious I need to talk to him.

Phui and Bapu walk in,phui says at temple,there was community marriage and arrangements were so bad,if we Parekh decorators had contract I tell you it would be best,Bapu says forget it Darika,since sushil has started looking into business we even have lost the orders we used to have.

Naresh asks Mehul to talk to Bapu,Mehul says Bapu I need to talk to you,and picks a box,and asks how is this card,Bapu says oh Harish bhai daughters card,all printed,Mehul says yes,just read it ones,Bapu opens it and reads sushil weds Satya,and asks what all Is this Mehul,Mehul says yes they love each other.

Sejal walks to Kiran and says phui look,Kiran ignores her,Sejal says let me make you a very good hairstyle.satya says look phui is so tired,Vishu says yes I don’t know why she has those attacks and don’t to het talk about this,dadi ad asked not to,Satya says phui my darling,Kiran says nothing is red,Satya says red is old fashioned,and old ladies like my mother,gulabo aunty and dadi wear red,and even Sejal bhabhi,Sejal says Satya I will,Kiran says no no don’t hit my Satya.

Kiran says Satya, she isn’t old,she is very pretty and cute,she will teach your girlfriend good makeup and style,Sejal says yes I will,Satya leaves, Vishu asks what’s wrong,Satya says I asked dadi so many times why does phui get those attacks,but dadi never told me and once I find the reason or the person I shall never leave it. Nitesh puts sweets in Bapu mouth and says he is so good,they won trophy and always helps sushil and helped us too, phui says good we found a boy and I will leave once wedding takes place, Mehul says they will be very happy,Bapu says they must be from big family don’t worry we will manage,and remember there shouldn’t be any,Mehul says Satya is Leela ajmeras grandson,Bapu shocked.

Pre cap : Bapu says what will you do,Mehul says years back my father did this for me,now Sushil’s father will.
Kiran in playful mood throws dung down and it falls over Mehul face,Leela laughs and gets down and says gulabo starts the water and Leela splashes water on Mehul,all shocked to see Mehul.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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