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Hola Everyone, After 4 months, i am back with shades, and now its season-2 finally. Thankyou so much guys for giving such love and respect to me and this ff. Okay now lets resume the story but with bunch of new changes. Enjoy. 





Beautiful oberoi mansion is beautifully visible with modern and contemporary interior, same look of the mansion with new colorful curtains and matching sofas and stuffs.

Kalyani Dadi & Revika Nani are drinking tea and coffee…Also reading newspaper but wait its year-2040 so its not newspaper its a tab like news providing gadget !

Dadi: Revu…These days whether has became so romantic naa…i am feeling to get married again !!..?

Nani: ??…Iss umar ke pagal hogayi hain kya !!!…
(Have you lost it in this age)

Dadi: First listen clearly !!…I want to get married to my late husband Prithviraj Singh Oberoi !!!…

Nani: But PSO is…

Dadi: I know is no more but still atleast he is present in my heart naa !!…

Nani: True said…romantic weather always blooms our mind !!!..?

Dadi: Hmm…See like yesterday it was a pleasant weather but today its raining !!!…?

Suddenly a crow shouts “pinky” !! ??

Pinky: Ohhhh my maata…Cylinder khatam hogaya ramesh jaldi aah…my breakfasts !!!…?
(Cylinder has finished)

Dadi & Nani gets scared !!..??

Dadi: Iss pinky ko do pal ki shaanti nahi hain !!!…?
(This pinky has no patience at all)

Nani giggles ! ?


A beautiful portrait of shivika on wall is hanging, whole room is beautifully decorated with flowers and scented…Room color is semi blue and semi pink.

Anika wearing a beautiful red saree and crop designer blouse, less makeup but mangalsutra and sindoor enters into the room and spots shivaay is finding something in the wardrobe !!…

Shivaay: Ohh God !!…

Anika: Any problem shivaay ??…?

Shivaay: Yaar i am not getting my latest project’s folder !!…Its urgent !!…?

Anika: Let me help you !…

She goes near him and takes out the file from the drawer !!…

Anika giggles: Hey why its here !! ??

Shivaay: Ooo shit !!…I forgot i kept it here yesterday !!…

Anika holds shivaay’s shoulder by two hands…??

Anika: Who will say that you are Shivaay Singh Oberoi, The Business Great business tycoon !…huh…?

Shivaay: Well i dont care about people…i just care of my wife anika !! ?

Anika: Ohh really…

Shivaay: Hmm..

Anika: Accha…chalo…now dont start again huh…

Shivaay: Its such a romantic weather anika lets have naa ?
Anika: You are so…shame…less shivaay !! ???


Surkh wala, sauz wala, Faiz wala love
Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
Ishq wala love

She was about to leave but fortunately he holds her hand and turns her towards himself !!…She was about to push him but he stops her hand naughtily and they gets liplocked !!!…??

Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

Rain is shown…


Om is busy in painting a beautiful gauri’s sketch !…Gauri is sitting on a chair near the large window where outside its raining…

Om: Perfect !!…

Gauri: Done…then show…

Om: See…

She comes and views the sketch drawn by him…

Gauri: Its mesmerising ?

Om: But not more than you…

Gauri: Ohho…so today my Omku baby is in a romantuc mood huh…?

Om: Ummm…yah ! ?

Gauri: And romance means…?

Om: Romance means !! ?

Meri neend jaise pehli baar tooti hai
Aankhein mal ke dekhi hai maine subah
Hui dhoop zyada leke teri roshni din chadha
Ishq wala love

Jhanke badalon ki jaali ke peechhe se
Kare chandani ye mujhko ittala
Leke noor sara chand mera yahin pe hai chhupa chhupa hua
Ishq wala love

They both falls on the bed…Om starts chewing her lips through his lips and then fingers on her lips !!…?

Rain’s sound makes gauri to moan…She starts moaning when he softly slides her saree’s veil and kisses on her navel…

Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

Gauri: Ah…Ommm…

She grabs his hairs and takes a deep breathe !!..?


Rudra & Soumya are already romancing each other…She sings…?

Kyon na aise hota
Jo milte tum ho jaate gum saath mere
Hote hote hoga samjhaye hum
Tham jaa aye tham O dil mere
Toota jaata jaata taara jab gira
Zara zyada zyada maangu dil tera
Kabhi zyada zyada maane na dil ye sarphira
Ishq wala love

He pulls out the string of her blouse and makes her lean on bed…He cupps on her face and kisses on her forehead !!…

They gets into a soft liplock…?

Bada ye dil nadaan tha, par aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Jo khone ka tha dar tujhe pata nahi kyu zyada hua
Ishq wala love


Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

All the couple are enjoying and romancing with their partner in the beautiful rainy season !!!..???

Surkh wala, sauz wala, Faiz wala love
Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
Ishq wala love (x2)


Anika and Two other junior doctors are having a meeting…They are discussing about some new beneficial surgeries which can poor people afford !…

Peon enters into her cabin and serves her coffee…

Anika: I will definitely work on this matter guyz !!…?

Peon leaves…

Anika drinks the coffee and discusses about it…Just then, anika’s boss arrives

Mr Bhaskar: Can i come in ?…

Anika: Ofcourse Doc…pls come in…

They all stands up and greets him…

Mr bhaskar: Well Doctor Anika i am extremely glad to announce that you had successfully handled 500 cardiac operation and thats why hospital authority wants to felicitate you in this year annual function. ?

Anika: Thankyou so much Doc…?

Junior docs congratulates anika…She thanks them also…

Anika thinks: Well this news should get shared with SSO ! ?



Shivaay is going for a board meeting…Suddenly his phone beeps !!…

Shivaay: Hello Madame !!…?

Anika: Shivaay there’s a good news ! ??

She tells him everything !…

Shivaay: I am sooo proud of you…congrats !! ???

Anika: ??

Shivaay’s phone rings again…

Shivaay: Anika another call is coming !!…

Anika: okay i am disconnecting !! ?

Shivaay receives another call and after talking to the person puts the phone down…

Shivaay thinks: I should give a treat to anika…She deserves it…yes a candle light dinner tonight ! ??

He plans…?


An Intro episode, main episodes are coming from next day, So i will updt after getting a good response, if you want me to updt asap then comment below

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  1. Niyati

    Awesome one di…I love this ff from beginning di….This is beautiful ….Update soon & love u

    1. Riana

      @Niyu.. Awww thankyou sissy ❤️
      Yah will updt soon ?

  2. Mansi

    Congrats on ur S-2??Was waiting for it to start??It’s awesome??Loved it❤❤❤Pinky???Dadi n Nani convo was sweet?RiKara n RuMya romance???Precap is shocking??Update ASAP?

    1. Riana

      @Manuu… ❤️❤️❤️
      Yah will updt soon ?

  3. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous???loved it dear…update next part soon

    1. Riana

      @Niri.. ❤️❤️❤️?
      Yah will updt soon

  4. Jasminerahul

    long wait is over.was waiting for it since a long time.I am very happy now.Dadi nani conversation was so cute.for the first time somebody showed a romantic grand mother.hats off to you.rainy season.very romantic.shivika scene was cute and romantic.rikara scene was cute and sensual.rumya scene was sensual and passionate. beautiful song.anika has done 500 surgeries in such a young age.never expected it.so nice that they are going to felicitate her.waiting for shivika candle light dinner and more rikara rumya scenes. shock at thebebd?hope before the shock we will get some cute moments

    1. Riana

      @Jas.. ???
      Loads of thankyouu ❤️

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing Ria…Saare couple ki romance is awesome.. and the song, super selection..Will be waiting for the next….

    1. Riana

      @Prabha.. ???
      Yah will updt asap ?

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

    1. Riana

      @Niki… ???

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