IB & Naamkaran FF- Hatred Love-Chapter 38

Hi, everyone!! I am really sorry for not updating the story. I swear that this chapter is ready one week after I updated the last chapter but I couldn’t update it. As I told you before, I have lost my job and I was busy in applying for new jobs which I felt so important than updating my stories. I hope all of you can understand if any writers couldn’t update their stories or if they are not active, they must have a reason. They can be busy with their studies, exams, works or any personal reasons. And don’t expect them to tell the reason to you. Instead of asking them for the update, ask them is everything alright. That would be better. I lost two of my uncles one after another just in a month gap. Then, I lost my grandfather. Before I and my family could moved on from the loss, my beloved grandmother passed away two days back. How can I update the chapters when I am in this kind of situation?? My loyal readers know that I only will update the chapter if I am satisfied with the chapter and if I am in a happy mood. For the first time, I am updating a chapter with a heavy heart.









ShivIka are shocked hearing Omkara’s confession.

Shivaay: What are you saying, Om?? You love Ishana?? Are you serious, Om?? (Omkara doesn’t say anything.)

Annika: Do you really love her, Om?? Or this is another plan of you to take revenge on her?? (Omkara looks at her in shock.)

Om: Revenge?? (Smiles sadly.) I won’t blame you, bhabhi. My act before this has made you to think like this. But I am not lying, bhabhi. I really love her. I can’t live without her.

Annika: (sarcastically) Woww!! You are in love with your mistress?? You know what, Omkara?? This should be the headline for tomorrow news. ‘India’s Most Famous Artist, Omkara Singh Oberoi Has Fallen in Love with His Mistress!!’. Am I right??

Om: Bhabhi, I….

Annika: Stop, Omkara. How could you say like this after whatever you have done to her?? Don’t forget what have you done to her. Even though, your love for Ishana is true, stop loving her. You don’t deserve her!! She deserves someone better than you. She is my sister!! My sister doesn’t deserve someone who has impregnated her without her knowledge!! She doesn’t deserve a man who has tried to molest her!!! She doesn’t deserve you at all!! You have killed her soul, Omkara!! Her friends struggled a lot to make the soul alive. But the scars are till there. It can’t be erased.

Om: You are right, bhabhi. I don’t deserve her. She deserves someone better than me. I said that I love her but I didn’t tell that I will confess it to her. Don’t worry, bhabhi. I won’t tell her. Bhabhi, I know that I have treated her badly last time but I know my limit.

Annika: (confused) What??

Om: Leave it, bhabhi. My own siblings didn’t believe me. I can’t expect from you. I accepted that as a punishment for me for my behaviour towards Ishana. (ShivIka look at each other in confused. Shivaay is about to say something but the doctor comes that time.) Doctor, how is she??

Doctor: She is fine, Mr. Oberoi. She was just a bit scared. You can go and see her. (Omkara rushes inside the ward and sees Ishana sitting on the bed. He goes and hugs her making her surprised.)

Om: You scare me, Ishana!! I was worried about you.

Ishu: I’m fine, sir. (She pushes him gently and looks at Annika. Annika goes towards her and hugs her which she reciprocates.)

Annika: (cries) I thought I have lost you.

Ishu: I’m fine, Annika di. Please don’t cry.

Annika: Why did you go to the mortuary?? And how did you get locked?? Do you know how much we have worried?? Luckily, I and Shivaay found you.

Ishu: No, di. I didn’t go there. Someone covered my mouth and dragged me towards the mortuary. Then, he locked me from outside. (ShivIka and Omkara are shocked to know this.)

Shivaay: Who did like that to you?? Did you see his face??

Ishu: No, sir. I didn’t see his face. But before he pushed me inside….




Person: I won’t spare anyone of you!!! (Pushes her inside.)


*Flashback Ends*


Ishu: I don’t know what he meant by that.

Om: Whom he meant by that?? (All of them look at each other confusingly. The doctor enters inside.)

Doctor: (towards Omkara) Mr Oberoi, you can take your wife back. She is fine. (Ishana is surprised to hear ‘wife’ from the doctor.)

Om: Doctor, someone has locked her in the mortuary. How come the hospital management can be so careless?? What were the securities doing??

Doctor: What?? She was locked in the mortuary?? How is that possible?? There supposed to have two guards. I will check on this.

Shivaay: I want to see the hospital footages now.

Doctor: Sorry, Mr Oberoi. Our hospital rules don’t allow this. We only can show the footage to the cop or if you are having a police report.

Om: What?? Someone has locked my wife inside the mortuary and you are asking us to make a police complaint first. What if something happened to her?? Do you still want us to file a police complaint first?? (Shivaay calms him.)

Ishu: Sir, it’s ok. I am fine.

Om: But Ishana, we have to know who did like that to you.

Shivaay: Om, let’s go back first. They are asking for police complaint, right?? We will make it. Now, let’s go back.

Ishu: No. I will stay here. I can’t leave my friends here. How if that person try to harm them??

Om: But you are looking weak, Ishana. You need to take rest.

Shivaay: Don’t worry about your friends. I will arrange my personal guards to protect them.

Annika: They are right, Ishana. I think it’s better for us to go back. (Ishana agreed hesitatingly. They leave from there and walk towards the parking area.)

Ishu: Annika di, don’t tell my friends, RuMya and PriVeer about whatever happened just now. They will be worried. (Annika agrees and they are about to get inside the car when they hear Ranveer’s voice.)

Ranveer: Shivaay Singh Oberoi!! (He walks towards them.)

Ishu: Ranveer, you are here??

Ranveer: (looks at Shivaay) I need to talk to you. Urgently!! (IshKara and Annika look at each other confusingly.)

Shivaay: About what?? (Ranveer is about to say something when they hear a gunshot.)

Om: Ishana!! (He pulls Ishana towards himself and turns pushing all of them. A bullet hits his right arm making all of them shock and panick with the happening. Ishana holds him and sees blood oozing out from his wound.)

Shivaay: (shouts) Om!! (He holds Omkara. Ranveer takes his gun and runs from there to chase the shooter. Ishana ties Omkara’s wound using her duppata.)

Om: Are you alright?? Nothing happened to you, right??

Ishu: Sir, you are the one injured!! But you are asking about me.

Om: (stammers in pain) I deserve this, Ishana. (ShivIka and Ishana help Omkara and take him inside the hospital.)


Omkara is treated at the emergency room.

Shivaay: What the hell is happening here?? Just now Ishana and now Omkara!!

Annika: Shivaay, calm down. Omkara will be fine. He was shot on his arm only.

Shivaay: I know he will be fine, Annika!! I’m wondering who is the person running behind us. (The doctor comes out from the emergency room.) Doctor, how is my brother??

Doctor: He is fine. Nothing to worry. We have removed the bullet. He will feel pain, so we have given him pain killer. Handle the wound carefully for few days.

Ishu: Can we go and see him??

Doctor: Yes, Mrs Oberoi. He is still conscious, so you can go and see him. (Three of them enter the ward.)

Shivaay: Om!! (Hugs Omkara.)

Om: Did you find the shooter??

Ishu: Ranveer has gone to chase him. (Ranveer came after a while.) Ranveer!! Did you manage to catch him??

Ranveer: I missed him, Ishana. (They sigh in disappointment.) Are you ok, Omkara?? (Omkara nods.) How do you know that someone is going to shoot??

Om: When we were talking just now, I saw red spot on the road. I ignored at first but the spot moves near us. I looked around and saw a man pointing a gun towards us. That’s why I pushed all of you and before I could move, the bullet hit me.

Ranveer: Can you remember the spot was on whom??

Om: No. I can’t sure. (The doctor enters the ward.)

Shivaay: Doctor, I want to see the CCTV footage.

Doctor: I’m sorry, Mr Oberoi. As I said before, you need to file a police complaint first. Then only we can allow you.

Ranveer: How if the police wants to see the footage??

Doctor: Police are allowed, sir. (Ranveer shows his ID.)

Shivaay: Are you a cop?? (Ranveer nods.) Doctor, now you don’t have a problem to show us the footage, right?? (The doctor nods.)

Doctor: Come with me, sir.

Om: I want to come also. I want to know who did like that to Ishana.

Ranveer: What?? What happened to Ishana?? (Annika tells him everything.) It’s getting very serious!! Let’s go. (Omkara is about to get up but he feels pain on his wound. Ranveer brings a wheel chair and make Omkara sits on it. All of them leave to the CCTV room.)





They watch the footage. They see Ishana is filling water in a cup when a shadow passes behind her.

Ishu: I felt right. Someone passed behind me. (Then, they see someone wearing a hoodie covered her mouth with a cloth and drags her from there. They watch the second camera footage. They see Ishana pushed the man and escaped. She went towards a nurse seeking for a help. The man hides himself. Ishana ran from there towards the entrance. The man used different way and caught her again. He dragged her from there but stopped. Then, he dragged her using another different way. ShivKara entered inside the hospital that time.)

Shivaay: That means he realised we are coming. So he took her using different way.

Om: We can’t see his face. Who is he?? (They watch another CCTV footage which shows the corridor of the mortuary. He dragged Ishana there and said something to her. Then, he pushed her inside the mortuary and locked the door from outside.) Damn it!! If I got him in my hand, I won’t spare him!! (He winces in pain. Ishana calms him.)

Ranveer: Show us the footage at the parking lot. (The technician shows the footage. As Omkara said, they see a red spot on the ground which moved towards them. It moved too fast till they can’t identify whom it was targeted. Omkara pushed all of them and he got shot.)

Ranveer: It was well planned. That’s why the shooter aimed from the place where he can’t get caught. Doctor, does Omkara need to stay at the hospital??

Doctor: Not necessary. He needs to sleep as we already gave anesthetic to him. I’m surprised that he is still conscious now.

Ranveer: All of you go back first. I will stay here.

Shivaay: You said that you want to talk to me urgently.

Ranveer: We can talk tomorrow. Go back with them first. (Shivaay nods and they leave from there. Ranveer calls someone.)





ShivIka and IshKara reached there. Luckily, everyone is sleeping. After all, it’s 3 a.m. ShivIka went to their room after sending Omkara to his room.



Omkara’s Room


Ishana makes Omkara to lie properly and about to apply blanket on him but he stops her.

Ishu: What happened?? Do you need anything??

Om: Where will you sleep?? (Ishana looks at the floor.) If you want to sleep there, then I also will sleep there. (His eyes is feeling heavy but he controls himself.)

Ishu: Where do you want me to sleep?? (Omkara signals beside him.) Ok. I will sleep here. (Omkara smiles at her and falls asleep quickly. She covers him with the blanket and she too lies beside him. She hears him mumbling something.)

Om: Don’t leave me, Ishana!! I can’t live without you. I know I have tortured you a lot. But I was scared that I will lose to you. I tried myself to hate you but you made me to……. (Ishana is surprised and confused listening to him.) Misunderstood…. All…. Trust me…. I didn’t…..

Ishu: Sir, what are you saying?? (Omkara opens his eyes.)

Om: (sleepily) Trust me. Will you trust me??

Ishu: I will!!

Om: Promise??

Ishu: Promise!!

Om: I….. I….. (He dozed off.)

Ishu: What he was trying to say?? Why he wanted me to trust him?? (She lies and looks at him continuously. She doesn’t know when she falls asleep.)



Next morning


Omkara wakes up and sees Ishana is not beside him. He is about to get up but stops feeling a sharp pain on his arm and winces. Ishana just came out from the washroom and goes towards him.

Ishu: Wait!! I will help you. (She is about to hold him but she stops herself.) I know you don’t like me to touch you but I… (Omkara holds her hand and places it on his shoulder.)

Om: You don’t have to ask my permission, Ishana. You are having all the rights on me. (Ishana doesn’t say anything even though she is surprised. She helps him to get up and takes him to the washroom.) Thanks. I didn’t even tell you that I want to go to washroom but you understand.

Ishu: This is where people will go after waking up in the morning. (He smiles at her.) Call me if you need anything. I will be here only. (Omkara nods and closes the door.)


RuMyaPri barge into the room and hug Ishana.

Prinku: Bhabhi, are you alright??

Soumya: You didn’t even tell us.

Ishu: What happened?? Why are you reacting like this??

Rudra: Don’t pretend like you don’t know anything. Ranveer told us ready. Someone tried to harm you and locked you in the mortuary!! How dare is he??

Ishu: Rudra, relax!! I’m alright. Luckily, Annika di and your brother came and save me.

Prinku: Ranveer said that also.

Ishu: He said only that or…. (RuPri turn their faces away while Soumya just nods her head.) Your bhaiya has been shot.

Rudra: We knew it. Ranveer told us last night.

Ishu: But you didn’t even ask about his well being??

Rudra: He has been shot in his arm. What do we have to worry about it??

Ishu: Don’t pretend like you don’t care, Rudra. I know both of you well.

Prinku: We care, bhabhi. But we won’t show it to him. After all, we are not heartless monster like him.

Ishu: Last night, the shooter aimed who I don’t know but I was there. Maybe the same person who locked me in the mortuary has tried to shoot me. If I am the target, that means your brother has saved me. Luckily, the bullet hit his arm. It won’t take a second for it to hit his chest. (RuPri hearts jerk a bit hearing the last sentence.)

Rudra: So, do you want us to forgive him for whatever he did to you??

Ishu: I didn’t say like that. But show your care and concern towards him. The one who don’t have a family knows the value of a family. That’s the reason I am valuing my friends as my family. (RuPri feels emotional and hug her. Soumya smiles and wipes her tears. Omkara comes out from the washroom and sees RuMyaPri.)

Soumya: How are you feeling now, bhaiya??

Om: I’m good now, Soumya. Just a small injury on the right arm.

Prinku: Have you taken your medicine?? (Omkara is surprised to hear her.)

Om: Not yet. I will have it in a while. I need to change the bandage first. (He sits on the bed and tries to open the bandage. He feels hard to open it using one hand. Ishana is about to go and help him but Rudra stops her.)

Rudra: Let me help you. (Omkara is surprised to hear him. Rudra sits on the bed and changes the bandage for him.)

Om: Thanks. (Rudra just nods his head. Ishana smiles seeing them.)

Soumya: Bhaiya, let’s go and have breakfast together. (Omkara smiles and about to say something.)

Rudra: No, Soumya. (Omkara becomes disappointed.) He is not well. Let him have it here today. We will have together after he gets well. (Omkara smiles in surprise.) Besides that, we have to go to the hospital fast. Ranveer is alone there.

Ishu: I am coming with you. Please wait for a while.

Prinku: No, bhabhi. You are not coming now. Have your breakfast and your medicines. Then, you come with Annika bhabhi.

Soumya: It’s Annika di’s order. (RuPri nod their heads. They leave from there. ShivIka came after a while bringing two trays.)

Annika: Breakfast for both of you. We didn’t tell about Omkara to our elders. We told them that Omkara was busy with his paintings for the whole night and he is sleeping now.

Ishu: But why did you bring for me as well??

Annika: RuMyaPri are not here as well as Ranveer. You know right how they will react to you?? That’s why. (Ishana nods.)

Shivaay: Both of you eat first. Ranveer told me that he wanted to talk to me. I will go and meet him. If you want to come to the hospital, I already arranged a driver to take both of you there. Don’t go alone. (Ishana nods. ShivIka leave from there. Ishana serves Omkara and both of them had their breakfast silently. Ishana gets ready.)

Ishu: Sir, I want to go to the hospital. Can you manage here alone for some time??

Om: Ishana, this is just a small wound. I can manage. Don’t worry about me. You have to be careful. Don’t hesitate to call me if anything means. (Ishana nods her head and about to leave.) Wait!! (Ishana looks at him. He goes to the table and opens the drawer. He takes something from there and gives to her. She looks at it in surprise.)

Ishu: My mobile!!?? (She smiles happily.)

Om: Yes!! The screen was broken right?? I got it repaired yesterday. I wanted to give you yesterday itself but a lot of things happened and I couldn’t give it to you. (Ishana just smiles looking at her mobile.) This mobile is very precious to you, right?? (Ishana nods.) Your beautiful memories are safe inside your mobile. (Ishana hugs him suddenly making him startled.)

Ishu: Thank you!! Thank you so much!! (Looks at him.) This mobile is the first gift I got from them and I don’t want to change it at any cost. I always feel they are with me by looking at this mobile. So when it broke that day, I was so upset. I could feel that something was wrong. Now, when I saw this, I’m having the confidence that nothing will happen to them. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much. (She realised that she is hugging him.) I’m sorry. (She is about to break the hug but Omkara hugs her back.)

Om: Don’t say sorry for this. (He breaks the hug while Ishana is puzzled with his action. She leaves from there.)






Neil’s Ward


Neil: Ranveer, is everything alright??

Ranveer: Yes. Why are you asking??

Neil: I feel like something is not good.

Ranveer: Are you missing your wife?? She will be here soon. Actually, Ishana asked SidLana to mix sleeping pills in their drinks as they didn’t sleep since the incident.

Neil: I have guessed. Ishu must have done like that. Actually, I wanted to tell the same too. My Ishu is brilliant!!

Ranveer: Yes, she is. After all she has been brought up by the most intelligent cops.

Neil: Arrey!! But most of our cases are solved by Ishu. Do you know that?? Her prediction for our cases won’t go wrong mostly.

Ranveer: Then, why she didn’t become a cop??

Neil: Her interest is in fashion designing. (AvGau came there with SidLana. Avni goes and hugs him.)

Avni: I’m sorry, Neil. I couldn’t come yesterday. I don’t know how I fall asleep. I woke up around 4 a.m this morning.

Gau: Right. Even I didn’t realise how I fell asleep. As I remember, I was getting ready to come here.

Neil: It’s ok, Avni, Gautham. Ishu and Annika stayed here. Then, Ranveer came.

Avni: How are you, Neil??

Neil: Good. You??

Avni: I was thinking about you only.

Neil: Where is Pooja??

Gautham: She is at home. She was vomiting just now. That’s why we asked her to stay there.

Neil: Oh!! Upcoming mother. She will be like that for few months. We need to take care of her carefully. (Gautham controls his emotions. Siddharth holds his hand and signs him that everything will be fine.) Thanks, Siddharth bhaiya, bhabhi. Ishu said that you came to see me yesterday and you asked Avni and PooGau to stay at your house. That’s really nice of you.

Sid: It’s our duty, Neil. Don’t thank us like a third person. (Neil smiles.)

Gau: Avni, you stay with Neil here. We will come in a while.

Avni: Why?? Where are you going??

Ranveer: Nowhere, yaar. We will be here only. We are leaving both of you alone here. Just have some romance. (Avni feels embarrassed and looks at Neil who is smiling teasingly. All of them leave from the room leaving AvNeil. Neil extends his hand to Avni which she accepts and sits closer to him.)

Neil: I love you, Avni.

Avni: I love you too, Neil. (Avni places her face on his chest and hugs him.) Get well soon, Neil. I want to love you.

Neil: Someone is so desperate, I think.

Avni: Yes. I am so desperate!! (She looks at him and captures his lips with her’s for a passionate kiss.)


Outside the ward


RuMyaPri reached the hospital and go to RanGauSidLana who are waiting at the corridor.

Rudra: Ranveer, why are you waiting here??

Ranveer: Avni is with Neil. We don’t want to disturb them.

Prinku: How about Pooja di??

Gau: She is still the same. No improvement.

Soumya: She will be fine, bhaiya. Don’t worry. (Ranveer sees Shivaay is coming there.)

Ranveer: I will be back in a while. (He leaves from there and takes Shivaay from there before anyone can see. Shivaay is stunned with Ranveer’s sudden act.)

Shivaay: What the hell!!?? Why are you doing like this?? You are the one said that you want to talk to me. That’s why I came here. Now, you are taking me away. What is your problem??

Ranveer: Ishana’s family and friends are there. I don’t want them to know.

Shivaay: What do you want to talk to me??

Ranveer: This is not the correct place for us to talk.

Shivaay: How about my office??

Ranveer: Sure. I will inform you before I come.

Shivaay: Is that matter really important??

Ranveer: Yes. A person’s innocence is hiding behind it. You are the only one can prove it. (Shivaay looks at him confusingly.) See you at your office, Shivaay. (Ranveer leaves towards his friends while Shivaay too leaves from there.)




Neil’s Ward


Neil is delighted to see RuMyaPri there.

Neil: Glad to see a lot of people here. Now, it’s doesn’t feel like a hospital. (They smile at him.) Where is Ishu??

Ishu: (just entered with Annika) I’m here. (AvNeilGau look at her happily. Ishana hugs AvGau and goes to Neil.) Are you feeling better now??

Neil: (hugs her) Yes, of course!! By seeing all of you here, I’m feeling perfectly fine.

Ishu: Yeah, right!! (Teasingly)

Neil: What is this, Ishu?? (Pointing towards her neck.) Some nail scratches are here. (Ishana recalls last night’s incident where she struggled to get out from the man’s clutch.)

Ishu: Maybe, I scratched hard while sleeping.

Neil: It doesn’t look like that. Hey, Gautham!! Come and see this. (Gautham goes and sees her neck. They tilt her neck a little.)

Gau: This is Ishu’s nail mark only. But…..

Ishu: Neil Gautham….

NeilGau: Shh!! (They continue checking the nail mark.)

Gau: This look like you have struggled with something or someone.

Annika: Yes!! Yesterday, her chain entangled with her hair. (Ishana sighs in relief.)

Ishu: Yes!! It was badly entangled. Both of us tried hard to remove it. Maybe, during that time I scratched it.

Neil: Oh!! Ok. (They leave Ishana. Ishana thanked Annika through her eyes.)

Avni: Next time, be careful, Ishu. (She looks at the neck.) Is that painful??

Ishu: No, Avni. I didn’t even realise till Neil told me.

Avni: You know well about them. They can identify even a tiny spot on yourself. (Ishana smiles at her. All of them chat for a while when the doctor enters inside the ward.)

Doctor: We need to take another scan for him. (They agree. The nurse takes him from there.)



Doctor’s Cabin


The doctor is looking at Neil’s report when AvGauIshRan enter inside.

Avni: Doctor, how is my husband?? Can we take him back??

Doctor: Your husband’s back is badly injured but luckily nothing happened to his backbone. (They sigh in relief.) That is why I took the scan again. But he won’t be able to move for some days. He can be discharged but you have to look at him carefully.

Gau: No problem, doctor. We will take care of him.

Ishu: But Gautham, what are we going to answer if he ask about Pooja??

Ranveer: Ishana is right. We manage to handle him because he is here.

Gau: You are right. I didn’t think about it. Already he is doubting me for not going closer to him. How much I can pretend?? (IshAv hug him.)

Avni: I’m sorry, bhaiya. I know how are you feeling.

Gau: It’s not like that, Avni. I don’t want Neil to worry about Pooja.

Doctor: That means your friend doesn’t aware of your wife’s condition??

Gau: No, doctor. We didn’t tell him. He loves her a lot and he definitely won’t be able to take it. (They look at each other. A nurse suddenly enters inside the cabin.)

Nurse: Doctor, Pooja Gautham’s pulse is getting lower. (The doctor leaves hurriedly. Others become worried.)

Gau: Pooja!! (They go out from the cabin and shocked to see Neil there.)



Neil is being taken back to his ward when a nurse comes out in hurry from the ICU and enters into a doctor’s cabin. He stops the nurse who is taking him when he sees his friends and wife are there. The nurse sentence has shocked him. IshAvGauRan are shocked to see Neil there.

Gau: Neil??

Neil: What happened to Pooja?? The nurse said that her pulse is getting down. What does that means?? Is Pooja here?? (RuMyaPri, SidLana and Annika come towards them.)

Avni: I’m sorry, Neil. That day I couldn’t protect Pooja. (She cries. Neil breaks into tears.)

Neil: Why didn’t you tell me about this?? How many times I have asked you?? But….

Gau: Neil, you are not well. How can we tell you??

Neil: That’s why you didn’t come near me, right??

Gau: Yes. I won’t be able to control my emotions if I come near you.

Neil: How is Pooja now??

Ishu: She has landed into coma.

Neil: (shocked) Coma?? My God!! She is pregnant!! (He almost cries.)

Gau: But the baby is fine!! She will be fine too, Neil. (He hugs Neil which he reciprocates.)

Neil: What, yaar!!?? I am the one supposed to console you but you are consoling me.

Gau: (breaks the hug) What to do, yaar?? I can’t see you fall apart. So, I have to be strong.

Neil: I want to see Pooja.

Nurse: Sorry, sir. Patients are not allowed to visit ICU. (They see the doctor coming out from the ICU.)

Gau: Doctor, how is my wife??

Doctor: Her pulse went down suddenly. Now, it has become normal. Nothing to worry about. This will happen sometimes as she is pregnant. (They sigh in relief.)


RuMya, PriVeer and Annika left from the hospital while Ishana stays at the hospital with AvGau. SidLana too left to their house.


In the car


Annika is confused when suddenly Ranveer asked her to come with them. Not only her even RuMyaPri are confused when Ranveer called them.

Rudra: Where are we going, Ranveer??

Ranveer: Last night, Mahi called me that she wanted to meet me. I went to her house and she showed me a footage.

Rudra: That hotel footage?? You mean that night’s one?? (Ranveer nods.) Did you find anything there??

Ranveer: Yes. That’s why I am going to clarify it. (Annika doesn’t understand what they are talking about.)

Prinku: What did you see, Ranveer??

Ranveer: That day we saw Ishana is pushed by two guys inside a car. After that, we don’t know what happened. Right?? (RuMyaPri nod.) Nothing wrong has happened as we feared. She has been saved. (They sigh in relief.)

Rudra: Thank God. I was worried thinking about the incident. Luckily, nothing wrong happened to her. (Ranveer smiles and looks at Annika who is confused with their conversation.)

Ranveer: Sorry, Annika. Our conversation is confusing you. You will understand it soon. That is the reason I asked you to follow us. (Annika just smiles without saying anything.)

Prinku: By the way, who saved her that night??

Ranveer: Your brother.

Soumya: Om bhaiya??

Rudra: Bur he was with Gauri bhabhi that night.

Ranveer: That person is none other than SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI!!! (All of them are shocked.)







To be continued….

  1. Jasminerahul

    sad to hear what happened in your life.it’s top painful.even though you take breaks you always update your ffs.that’s a great thing.anika is so angry with om. the conversed was sad.om saving ishana n getting shot was emotional. who is doing this?om telling ishana to sleep besides him n she doing that was sweet n surprising.om telling her that she has the right to touch him was lovely .during sleep om saying that he loves her ..he can’t live without her n he was scared to lose her was touchy..phone scene n surprise hug was sweet.rudra saying that they can eat together when om gets well n om getting surprised was sweet.avneil scene was so romantic. loved it .thanks for it .Neil knowing about pooja was emotional. shocking that its shivay who saved ishana that day

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much….

  2. Prajkta

    Amazing episode and I am loving the way the story is going ahead…. Om loves Ishu and the way he confessed it makes me happy as well as sad….. But anyways things will slowly turn better between them….. Waiting eagerly for my Ishkara to be together…..
    Also take care and lots of love…..

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much. IshKara won’t be together easily. Omkara need to struggle to win het

  3. Hi….. Yesterday I read this FF and then I wanted to read all your FFS and did not sleep properly last night bcoz I read all the chapters at a stretch!!!! So many mysterious things happen in your FF and it’s quite interesting too…. Great going and do continue to write…
    As you said in ur FF god will test the people who are too good and think u r one among them and that’s why God is testing you with this phase…. Whatever the situation is just trust in yourself and trust in God he will definitely be with us….

    And now about your FF
    * I felt that too much of Importance is given to Ishana and I know that’s the story line but then again u can focus on shivay and Anika too……
    * The way u r showing their friendship is too good….
    * You can slightly change your story line towards Shivika too and pl make Rudra and Omkara same as old as soon as possible and let them be close to Anika like before and I miss that….
    * I felt that the chapters are little lengthy pl try to shorten the chapters…..(a suggestion nothing offensive)

  4. Ruby_MarNy

    Thanks a lot for your comments and I am really glad that you are liking it. It’s really surprising that you read it in one stretch without having a proper sleep. Don’t do like that again. It’s just a small advice from me. Sleep is very important and don’t spoil it. This FF won’t go anywhere and you can read it anytime. I can understand your curiousity but this FF is not important than your health. Don’t feel offensive. I am telling what I felt as I want my readers to be healthy always 😊😊
    Coming to your suggestions.
    * Ishana is the main lead in this story, so I am giving very much importance for her. Not only that. Ishana was my favourite in Ishqbaaz also but the role was scrapped. That is the reason I give importance for Ishana’s role in my stories. For ShivIka, there are a lot of stories on them and that is the reason I am not focussing much on them. Maybe I will give small scenes for them. Here I will focus more on IshKara, RuMya and PriVeer because these three we couldn’t see in the show.
    *It will take some time to bring the old Omkara and Rudra and also their bonding with Annika.
    *As there are a lot of characters in this story, the chapters have to be long. If not the chapter can be boring. Besides that, I don’t like to give a short update as I don’t post regularly. So it won’t be fair for the readers who are waiting for the updates. That’s why I will give a lengthy update. I hope you understand.
    And thanks a lot for your comment and suggestions again.

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