IB & Naamkaran FF- Hatred Love- Chapter 35



Omkara’s Room


Omkara is pacing in his room wondering about Ishana’s whereabouts. He didn’t sleep last night waiting for her. He is about to leave the room to search for her when Ishana enters inside.

Om: Ishana?? You…… (He couldn’t finish his sentence when Ishana ignores him and straightly goes to washroom.) What happened to her?? (Thinks something) She is disturbed about something. If she is disturbed, she will….. Oh no!! (He knocks the washroom’s door.) Ishana!! Are you ok?? (He doesn’t hear anything.) Open the door, Ishana!! (Still no answer. He realised that the door is not locked. He opens the door and goes inside. He sees Ishana is crying badly under the shower. He rushed towards her and holds her.) What happened, Ishana?? (Ishana continues crying without saying anything. Omkara feels bad and tries to console her.) Ishana, please don’t cry. I don’t know why are you crying but listen to me. Everything will be fine. You come out from this shower first or you will fall in sick. (He pulls her towards himself when he hears a voice. He turns and sees Annika staring at him.)

Annika: What are you doing to her??

Om: No, bhabhi. You are mistaken…. (Annika goes and pushes him away from Ishana.) I don’t know what happened to her. She just came and sit under the shower. She will do this whenever she is broken. Trust me, bhabhi. I didn’t do anything.

Annika: You leave from here. I will convince her.

Om: But bhabhi…

Annika: (sternly) I said leave!! (Omkara nods and leaves from the washroom. Annika is about to turn off the shower but Ishana holds her hand stopping her from doing that.) You will fall in sick.

Ishu: Please… (Annika sits beside her and holds her hand. She too gets wet. Ishana places her head on her shoulder and sobs.) They are my life but today they are struggling with their lives. (Cries) They were with me during my struggle but now they…… (cries badly.)

Annika couldn’t understand what she is trying to say but she could feel something has happened to her loved ones. She just hugs her calming her down.

Annika: Shh… Relax. Everything will be fine.

Ishu: I won’t be alive if anything happens to anyone of them. I am staying alive now only for them or I must have died earlier. Nothing is important for me more than them.

Annika: Don’t talk like this. I am telling you that everything will be fine. Look at me. (Ishana looks at her.) They mean a lot for you, right?? (Ishana nods.) You meant a lot for them also, right??

Ishu: I am their world. They can’t even stand a single bruise on me.

Annika: So, you should not be like this. They need your support now. How are you going to support them if you are broken like this??

Ishu: I know. That’s why I didn’t cry in front of them just now. I was controlling myself since then. And now…. (Sobs)

Annika: You are crying out your heart?? (Ishana nods.) It’s good that you have let go of your emotions. Now, you have to stay strong for them. For that, first…. (turns off the shower and gets up from her place. She forwards her hand towards Ishana.) Get up, Ishana. (Ishana looks at her while Annika just blinks her eyes. Ishana places her palm on Annika’s and gets up from her place. She stumbles and about to fall but Annika holds her.) Ishana, are you ok??

Ishu: (shivers) I didn’t sleep last night. Maybe that’s why….. (Annika takes a towel which is hanging on the holder and covers Ishana.)

Annika: I told you that you can fall sick. Let’s go out from here. (She holds Ishana’s shoulder and they leave from the washroom. Omkara who is standing outside sees Ishana is weak. He goes and lifts her in his arms making IshAni shock. He walks towards his bed and about to place her.)

Ishu: Don’t put me on the bed. Your bed will become wet. (Omkara ignores her and places her on the bed.)

Om: Bhabhi, help her to change her dress. I will come in a while. (He leaves from there while IshAni look at each other confusingly.)

Annika: What happened to him?? He is caring about you.

Ishu: I don’t know. He is behaving like this since I came here.

Annika: You need to change first. Where are your dresses??

Ishu: Inside my bag. (Pointing towards her bag which is placed at the corner of the room. Annika goes and takes a chudidhar. She walks back to Ishana and about to help her.) It’s ok. I will do it my…. (She feels dizzy which noticed by Annika. Annika holds her and Ishana falls unconscious. Annika makes her lie properly on the bed.)



Ranveer’s Room


Ranveer is doing his workout while thinking about his conversation with Gautham before leaving from the hospital just now.





Gau: Ranveer, I feel something is fishy about both of the accidents.

Ranveer: I am thinking the same. How come both accidents happened at the same time?? Neil and Pooja!!

Gau: No, Ranveer. It was supposed to be me and Pooja. Neil saved me and he got hit by the car.

Ranveer: And Avni was going to Pooja that time. Is that because she saw Pooja or to save her??

Gau: Should we go and ask her??

Ranveer: Not now, Gautham. We will ask her later. Besides that, both of you are very much disturbed with whatever happened. We will talk about this later.

Gau: But Ranveer…..

Ranveer: I told you that we will talk later.  Please. (Gautham nods.) Good.




Ranveer: Neil saved Gautham and he got hit by the car. How did Neil know that Gautham is going to meet the accident?? Maybe Neil was coming to Gautham that time and saw a car barging towards him. That’s why he pushed Gautham and he got hit by the car?? But why Pooja met with an accident as well?? And that too at the same time?? Wait wait. Neil asked me if I don’t want to know what really happened. That means something is there behind the accident and Neil aware of it. Avni was going towards Pooja. Did she go to call her or to save her?? (Presses his head feeling confused.)

Voice: Ranveer!!

Ranveer: (turns towards the voice) Priyanka??

Prinku: Why are you doing workout?? You supposed to sleep, right?? You didn’t sleep properly for two days.

Ranveer: I can’t sleep, Priyanka. Neil and Pooja’s condition and Gautham and Avni’s sad faces are coming into my mind whenever I closed my eyes. I don’t know what should I do. I can’t understand why they are facing troubles. Already Ishana landed in trouble and now they. I don’t know what should I do, Priyanka. (Sits on the bed and covers his face with his palms. Priyanka takes out his hands and sees tears falling down from his eyes. She wipes the tears and cups his face.)

Prinku: I can understand what are you going through, Ranveer. Your friends are very important to you. It must be very painful for you to see them in this situation. We can’t change whatever happened. For now, you need to be strong mentally and physically to be their support. Neil bhaiya has become conscious. Soon, Pooja also will gain her consciousness too. Trust me. All will become well!! (Ranveer hugs her which she reciprocates. Ranveer breaks the hug and looks at her.)

Ranveer: Thanks, Priyanka.

Prinku: (smiles) Will you listen to me if I say something?? (Ranveer nods.) Please sleep, Ranveer. I can’t see you like this.

Ranveer: Can I sleep on your lap?? (Priyanka looks at him in surprise. He turns his face away feeling embarrassed with his question. She smiles and sits beside him. She makes him lie on her lap and pats him making him sleep. Ranveer hugs her hand placing it below his cheek.)



Soumya’s Room


Soumya just finished feeding Mishti and placed the feeder on the table. She looks at Mishti who is sleeping peacefully.

Voice: Sometimes it must be better if we remain as a baby only.

Soumya: (turns towards the voice) Rudra?? (In a lower voice) What are you doing here without sleeping?? Go to your room and sleep.

Rudra: (holds her hand) I can’t sleep, Soumya.

Soumya: Why?? What happened?? Are you not well?? (Places her palm on his forehead)

Rudra: (holds her hand) I’m not having any fever. Just my heart doesn’t feel good.

Soumya: Thinking about Neil bhaiya’s and Pooja di’s state??

Rudra: (nods) And Ishana bhabhi’s as well.

Soumya: (confused) Ishana di?? But just now you only said that she was strong and didn’t cry at all.

Rudra: That is what worries me, Soumya. Bhabhi is not like that. Her heart is not that much strong when it comes about her friends. She can’t stand a single bruise on them. Now, they were in this situation and she didn’t break down a little in front of them. I’m scared she is hiding all her pain inside her heart and fall into depression again.

Soumya: Why are you thinking like that, Rudra?? I feel like di did right by not breaking down in front of her friends. Who will be their support if di also broke?? She is pretending that she is strong. We know that but that is the correct thing she did. Di just need to be their support at this time. Her friends are not only her weakness but her strength as well. (Rudra smiles sadly.) You don’t have to worry. Now, go to your room and sleep.

Rudra: Can I sleep here, Soumya??

Soumya: (smiles) Sure. (She adjusts the bedsheet and the pillow.) You sleep here. (Rudra lies on the bed and smiles at Soumya.) Just relax and sleep. (Rudra nods and closes his eyes.)



Omkara’s Room


Annika is sitting beside an unconscious Ishana stroking her hair.

Annika: (to herself) Whom she is worrying about?? I don’t even know about her or her family. What happened that she is broken like this?? I want to help her but how can I help if I don’t know anything about her?? (She turns and sees Omkara standing at the door holding two cups.)

Om: Woh… Both of you must be cold because of drenching in the shower just now. That’s why I brought hot tea for you to drink. (Looks at Ishana.) She has slept??

Annika: She didn’t sleep last night. That’s why. Let her sleep. Don’t disturb her. (Omkara nods.)

Om: You can have this tea.

Annika: No, thanks. (Omkara feels bad. She turns to leave when she hears Ishana mumbling something in her sleep.)

Ishu: Neil….. Gautham….. Pooja….. Avni….. Neil…. Gautham….

Annika: (confused) Neil?? Gautham??

Om: These are the names she used to say in her sleep.

Annika: Why I feel like I have heard these names before this??

Om: Maybe she told you just now.

Annika: Maybe. (Still confused) I go first. Tell me after she wakes up. (Omkara nods. Annika leaves from there.)





Gautham and Avni are waiting outside ICU when they heard a voice. Both of them turn and see Swetlana rush towards them with Siddharth.

Avni: Bhabhi!!?? (Swetlana hugs both of them.)

Gau: (breaks the hug) How come both of you are here??

Sid: Ranveer called and told us. Did the doctor say anything about Pooja??

Gau: She is still in ICU. We haven’t seen her yet. (Cries. Siddharth hugs his shoulder.)

Sid: How is Neil??

Avni: He is out of danger but the doctor said he needs to be under their observation. (The doctor comes out from ICU that time.)

Sid: Doctor, can we go and see Pooja??

Doc: You are….??

Sid: Her brother, Siddharth Raichand. (SwetAvGau look at him in surprise.)

Doc: You can go and visit her but only two people at one time. Don’t take too long. (They nod and the doctor leaves.)

Sid: You both go and see her first. (AvGau nod and enters inside ICU.)


Inside ICU


AvGau watch Pooja who is lying unconsciously with a lot of wires on her body. They cry looking at her condition. Gautham wants to hold her but the nurse stops him. He controls himself.

Gau: Please wake up, Pooja. You said that you want to tell me something, right?? Wake up and tell me. (Cries) Tell me that I’m going to become a father. (Cries) Tell me that you are carrying our baby inside your womb. (His mask getting wet with his tears.)

Avni: I’m sorry, Pooja. I couldn’t save you. If I had come earlier and pulled you, you would not have met with the accident. (Cries) I’m sorry, Pooja. Please forgive me.

Nurse: Don’t make noise. Other patients are here as well.

Gau: Sorry, sister but my wife…

Nurse: I understand, sir. Don’t worry. Your wife will be fine. A lot of patients who were more critical than her have survived before this. Nothing will happen to your wife. Just don’t lose your hope and pray well. God will definitely listen to your prayers.

Gau: (looks back at Pooja) I won’t lose my hope, Pooja. You and our baby will be fine soon. I will go to any extreme to save both of you. (Wipes his tears.) Let’s go, Avni. Our Pooja and our baby will be fine. (Avni looks at him confusingly.) If you can give us parents rights for Mishti, why can’t us?? You and Ishu our baby’s mother too and Neil is the father as me. (Avni smiles in tears and hugs him. They leave from there.)


Outside ICU


AvGau came out and see SidLana are not there.

Avni: Where did they go??

Gau: I don’t know. (They see SidLana walk towards them.) Where did you go??

Swet: We thought to visit Neil while waiting for both of you.

Avni: Did you see him??

Sid: We saw him. (AvGau are shocked.) But he didn’t see us.

Gau: Means??

Sid: He is sleeping. (AvGau sigh in relief.) Why?? You don’t want us to meet him??

Avni: No. I mean, Neil doesn’t know….

Swet: That Pooja in coma. (AvGau look at them shockingly.) Ranveer already told us about this.

Sid: Even if he didn’t tell us, we would not have said anything about Pooja to him. (AvGau smile sadly.) We will go and see Pooja first. Let’s go, Swetlana. (SidLana walk towards ICU.)





Ranveer’s Room


Priyanka is about to leave after making sure that Ranveer is asleep. Her mobile rings at that time. She answers the call and leaves from the room.


Soumya’s Room


Soumya covers Rudra with the blanket and smiles looking at him who is sleeping. Priyanka comes that time.

Soumya: Priyanka?? What happened??



ShivIka’s Room


Annika just changed her dress and drying her hair when she heard her room door being knocked. She goes and opens the door and surprised to see SouPri with Mishti.

Annika: Priyanka, Soumya?? What happened?? Do you need anything??

Soumya: Di, I and Priyanka need to go out for a while?? If you don’t mind, can you take care of Mishti till we come back??

Annika: Sure. No problem. But, where are you going at this early morning?? (SouPri look at each other. She understands their hesitation.) It’s ok. You don’t have to tell me. But be careful and try to return as soon as possible.

Soumya: Thanks, di. Di, bade bhaiya….

Annika: He is in the washroom. Don’t worry about him. I will handle him. (Lifts Mishti from Priyanka.)

Soumya: (hands over a bag) Her things are inside this bag. I mean her diapers, clothes….

Annika: Oh!! Ok. (Soumya places the bag inside the room.)

Soumya: We will leave first.

Annika: Be careful. (They turn to leave when Priyanka turns to Annika.)

Prinku: Thanks, bhabhi. (Annika smiles and SouPri leave from there.)


Annika places sleeping Mishti on the bed and covers her with the blanket. Shivaay just came out from the washroom is surprised to see Mishti there.

Shivaay: Why she is here??

Annika: Shhh!!! (In a lower voice) Can’t you see she is sleeping??

Shivaay: (lower his voice) I can see that. But why she is sleeping here and not with her mother??

Annika: I felt like I want to play with her. That’s why I brought her here. Besides that, she is my niece and she is having all the rights to be with me. (Shivaay sighs and leaves from there.) Your bade papa is full of attitude.



SouPri reach a place and look for someone.

Voice: Sorry for making you wait. (SouPri turn towards the voice.)

Prinku: It’s ok, Mahi. You are not late. So, shall we go??

Mahi: Sure. (They leave.)



Omkara’s Room


Ishana wakes up from her sleep and sees Omkara is sitting beside her with his eyes are closed. She recalls last night’s events and cries. She controls her voice so that Omkara won’t hear. He wakes up feeling a move on the bed. Ishana wipes her tears and looks at him.

Om: You are up?? Are you feeling alright now?? (Ishana nods.) Just a minute. (He walks towards the table and returns back bringing a cup.) I made some tea just now but you already slept. So, I poured it in a thermos to keep it hot. Have it. (He hands over the cup towards her. She takes the cup and has a sip.)

Ishu: Thanks. (Omkara smiles. Ishana looks at the floor and looks back at Omkara.) Mishti??

Om: She is with SouPri. Last night, after you went out, Soumya came and took Mishti with her.

Ishu: I will go and bring her.

Om: You are looking weak. You stay here. I will go and ask Soumya to bring her here.

Ishu: No. Don’t trouble her. I will go and take Mishti. (She gets up from the bed and leaves before Omkara could stop her.)



Soumya’s Room


Ishana enters inside the room when she doesn’t hear any reply when knocking the door. She sees Rudra is sleeping on the bed.

Ishu: Oh!! Rudra is sleeping here. Poor guy, he didn’t sleep last night because accompanied me to the hospital. Soumya must be at Priyanka’s room. I will go and see there. (Leaves from there.)


Annika is walking towards Soumya’s room when she sees Ishana coming out from the room.

Annika: Ishana, you are awake?? (Ishana smiles at her.) Are you ok?? (She just nods.) What are you doing here?? You supposed to take rest.

Ishu: I came to take Mishti from Soumya but Soumya is not here. She must be at Priyanka’s room. That’s why….

Annika: But she is not there too…..

Ishu: Then??

Annika: Your Mishti is in my room.

Ishu: (surprised and confused) How and why??

Annika: SouPri went out for a while. So, they asked me to take care of Mishti for some time until they return. (IshAni walk towards Annika’s room.)

Ishu: (while walking) Where did they go this early morning??

Annika: They didn’t tell me. They just said that they are going out for a while.


ShivIka’s Room


IshAni reach the room. Ishana sees Mishti is sleeping on the bed with two pillows placed on both sides of her.

Annika: See, your angel is in deep sleep. (Ishana smiles.) Come inside.

Ishu: (hesitates) Your husband…..

Annika: He is not here. He already went to his office. So, you don’t have to hesitate to come here. (She holds Ishana’s hand and takes her inside. She goes and sits beside Mishti.)

Ishu: Sorry, baby. I didn’t see you for a long time. Please forgive your Ishu maa. Your mummas and papas are not well. That’s why I went to meet them. (Annika is confused hearing ‘mummas’ and ‘papas’. Ishana looks at Annika.) Thanks for taking care of Mishti and sorry for troubling you.

Annika: Trouble?? Not at all. Don’t say like this again. It’s great to look at this sweetheart. (Ishana smiles and about to lift Mishti.) Let her sleep here. Don’t disturb her sleep.

Ishu: Woh… I want to take her out.

Annika: Out?? Where??

Ishu: I want to take her to them.

Annika: Them??

Ishu: Yes. They are already broken. At least if they see her, they will feel better.

Annika: Where do you want to go to see them??

Ishu: Woh…. Hospital.

Annika: Hospital?? But Ishana, you didn’t have enough sleep and you are looking very exhausted.

Ishu: I need to go. I couldn’t sleep thinking about them. Please let me go. (She cries pleading towards her. Annika feels bad seeing her pleading like this.)

Annika: I can’t let you go alone. I will come with you. (Ishana looks at her in surprise.)  I will never let you go alone. (She said in a protective tone which Ishana agrees.) Let’s go. (They leave from there with Mishti.)




SidLana just finished visiting Pooja in ICU. They go towards AvGau who are sitting at the corridor. Swetlana sits beside Avni while Siddharth sits beside Gautham. Siddharth is about to say something when Gautham’s mobile rings.

Gau: (answers the call) Hello. (He sighs.) Ok. I will get to you in a while. (He ends the call.)

Sid: What happened, Gautham??

Gau: We booked a hotel for us to stay here but we stayed for a while only. That’s why the manager asked if we want to continue our stay or check out. Already customers are asking for rooms.

Sid: Gautham, why do you want to stay at a hotel when our house is here?? You just go and check out of the hotel. I will come with you as well. (Looks at Swetlana.) Swetlana, you take Avni to our house. I and Gautham will go and check out from the hotel and bring their bags to our house.

Gau: But…

Swet: No but. Siddharth is right. You don’t have to stay at the hotel and that too in this situation. Ishu must have said the same too. (Looks at SidGau) Both of you go and check out of the hotel. I will take Avni with me to our house.

Avni: It’s ok, bhabhi. I will stay here.

Swet: How long will you stay here?? You need to freshen up yourself. Just look how exhausted you are. Neil will feel bad if he sees you like this. Please agree… (AvGau agree hesitatingly.)

Sid: Swetlana, I will book a cab for you both to go back. (Swetlana agrees. Siddharth takes his mobile to book for a cab but he stops thinking about something. He keeps his mobile and looks at them.) It’s ok. I will drop both of you first at the house first. Then, we will go to the hotel. (Swetlana nods.) Let’s go.

Avni: I don’t feel good leaving Neil and Pooja here.

Sid: Don’t worry, Avni. Doctors are here, nurses are here. They will take care of them. (Avni agrees. They are about to leave when they see Ishana comes towards them holding Mishti with Annika beside her.)

Gau: Ishu, what are you doing here?? You just went back a few hours back.

Ishu: How can I stay there by leaving you here?? (Avni looks at Mishti.) I brought her here for you. (Avni cries and lifts Mishti. Mishti smiles looking at her which makes Avni’s heart light. Avni hugs and kisses her.)

Avni: Thanks, Ishu. (She hugs Ishana. GauSidLana look at Annika.)

Gau: Ishu, she is….

Ishu: Annika.

Sid: Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife?? (Annika nods. SidLana stare at her. Ishana signals them to not to say anything towards her.)

Ishu: (towards Annika) These are Gautham, Avni, Siddharth bhaiya and Swetlana bhabhi. (She introduces them. Annika smiles at them while they just nod their heads.) All of you are going somewhere??

Sid: Yes, these two are here since yesterday. That’s why we are taking them back to our house. I will send Swetlana and Avni at the house first. Then, I and Gautham will go to the hotel and take their things back.

Ishu: That’s good. In fact, I wanted to tell them to go and rest for some time. Gautham, Avni, both of you leave with them. I will be staying here with NeilJa. (AvGau nod.) Can I see Pooja??

Gau: Yes, you can. She is in the ICU. You go and meet the nurse there. She will give you a mask, jacket and cap to wear while visiting Pooja. (Ishana nods.)

Avni: Ishu, can I take Mishti with us??

Ishu: What question is this?? She is your baby. (Annika is surprised.) Of course, you can take her. (Avni smiles a little and hugs Ishana.)

Sid: We are leaving now, Ishu.

Gau: (hugs Ishana) I will try to come here as soon as I can.

Ishu: It’s ok. You don’t have to hurry. I will manage. (AvGauSidLana leave from there. IshAni walk towards ICU.)

Annika: (while walking) Mishti is not your baby?? (Ishana looks at her shockingly.)



Precap: Ranveer and Rudra look for Ishana. Ishana and Annika stay at hospital. Annika learns about Ishana’s past.


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