IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 32

A surprise update for you all!! Actually, I was on leave due to Chinese New Year… That’s why I could penned down another update…. I thought to update yesterday but some guests came to my house last night… That’s why I couldn’t update yesterday…. I hope you will like the chapter…





PriVeer and RuMya reach Mahi’s house. Mahi invites them inside.

Mahi: Sorry for disturbing you at this late night but I don’t have any other option than this.

Prinku: It’s ok. We can understand how important is the matter if you are calling us at this time. (Mahi looks at RuMya and turns to Priyanka.) Haan!! This is my brother, Rudra and this is my friend, Soumya. (Mahi smiles at them.)

Ranveer: Mahi, the footage…??

Mahi: Yes, I have copied to my laptop. (She goes and brings her laptop.) This footage is taken from the party hall’s CCTV. (Plays the video. They see Ishana having her drinks and holds her head feeling something. She leaves to somewhere and bumps into a waiter who came from the bar through the connectivity door. He is holding a tray of drinks and the drinks spilled on Ishana’s dress. Ishana covers her nose with her hand and runs towards the washroom. Ranveer pause the video.)

Soumya: The waiter was holding liquor glasses??

Rudra: Could be. He was coming from the pub. Those must be liquors.

Ranveer: That means alcohol was spilled on Ishana’s dress. That’s why Omkara said that Ishana was highly drunken. He thought she was drunk because of the smell.

Rudra: The truth is bhabhi didn’t have alcohol. (All agree with him.)

Mahi: Wait, sir!! I will show you another clip. (She plays another video. They see Ishana walking out from the hotel towards the parking. Suddenly, two guys grab her hair and pin her towards a pillar. Their faces can’t be seen. They are saying something to Ishana but Ishana seems blurred and struggling to escape from them. One of the guys slapped her and she falls down. They drag her from there towards a car and pushed her inside. They are about to enter inside the car but the video stopped there and becomes blank. RuMya and PriVeer look each other shockingly.)

Rudra: Why the video stopped?? (Rudra plays the video again but it only plays till the guys about to enter the car. He tries to rewind and plays it again but it’s still the same. He sighs in anger.) The video is blank.

Prinku: How we want to know what happened after that?? What was that means?? They pushed bhabhi inside a car. (RuMyaPri becomes worried.)

Rudra: No!! That should not happen to her. I won’t be alive if something like that happened to her.

Soumya: Rudra, the video is incomplete. We should not come to a conclusion just like that. Ranveer bhaiya, please tell him.

Ranveer: (breaks his thought) Yeah, Soumya is right. This video is incomplete. (He says in a lower voice.)

Mahi: Yes, sir. I don’t know what was the problem. But I brought the hard disk that you asked. Maybe you can do something.

Ranveer: Thank you. But I don’t know if we can retrieve the video. Because it’s looked like the camera stopped working at that time. But still, I will try.

Rudra: Who were those guys?? The way they are behaving with bhabhi looks like they are already having vengeance towards her.

Ranveer: I was thinking the same too but who will have that type of vengeance on her. As I know, Ishana doesn’t like to involve in any problems. She is an introvert.

Soumya: Maybe those guys were lusting over her.

Prinku: Yes. I think Soumya is right. They might be lusting over her.

Ranveer: But what is the need for them to hit her and drag her??

Rudra: And what is the need to drug her?? They can just kidnap her. Mahi, is there any other clips??

Mahi: I have copied all the footages which were recorded on that day.

Ranveer: Good. (He goes through all the folders one by one and confused which video to play.)

Soumya: Bhaiya, play the party video again. (Ranveer nods and plays the video again. They watch carefully. Soumya’s eyes spot something.) Bhaiya, pause!! (Ranveer paused the video.) See the waiter who is serving di. (They look at him.) Now, rewind the video. (Ranveer obeys and rewind the video.) Pause!! (Ranveer paused.) See there!! He is doing something with the drinks but we can’t see clearly.

Prinku: He is looking nervous too. See the way he is walking towards bhabhi.

Rudra: It seems like he has been asked to do something with the drinks.

Soumya: Mahi, is there any CCTV outside the hall??

Mahi: Yes. (She opens a folder and plays the footage. They see the waiter is talking with two guys who hands him a bundle of money and a small bottle. Their face can’t be seen as their back is facing the camera. The waiter refused to take the money but they give another bundle of money which he takes.)

Rudra: (angrily) Chi!! He did like that for money!!?? What type of person is he?? Because of his deed, my bhabhi suffered a lot. If I got this man, I will not spare him. (SouPri calm him.)

Ranveer: Rudra, relax. He is just an arrow. (Towards Mahi) Mahi, do you know him??

Mahi: No, sir. I have never seen him before this. Maybe, he has left the job before I joined. I will try to ask other staffs about him.

Prinku: Should we inform NeilGau bhaiyas??

Ranveer: No. They should not know about this!! At least for now!!

Rudra: Why?? They have the rights to know. We have to tell them.

Ranveer: What we should tell?? About these footages?? That Ishana was hit by two guys and they pushed her inside a car and we don’t know what happened after that?? Do you want to tell this to them?? (RuMyaPri look at him shockingly while Mahi is dumbstruck seeing Ranveer in anger.) Ishana is their life. They take care of her like a princess and won’t stand a single wrong happen to her. I don’t know how they will react if they learn about this incomplete video.

Soumya: You don’t have to tell about that video. You can tell them about other footage, right??

Prinku: Soumya is right. They know that we have asked for the footage. What will you answer them if they asked about the footage?? (Ranveer thinks.)

Ranveer: Ok. I will tell them about other footage. (RuMyaPri smile.) Let’s go back now. It’s more than 4 now. (Towards Mahi.) Thank you and sorry, Mahi for troubling you in this matter.

Mahi: Don’t say like that, sir. This is just a small help from my side.

Prinku: Go and sleep now. You need to go to work in a while. Your sleep is disturbed because of us.

Mahi: It’s ok. I can manage. You all go back and rest first. I can understand you are very much disturbed because of the footage. Don’t strain very much. Whatever might have happened, just stay with your bhabhi as her support. (Priyanka hugs her. They leave from there.)





Omkara’s Room


Omkara wakes up when he feels a tight grip on his hand. He opens his eyes and sees Ishana is panting heavily with her eyes are still closed. Her hand is holding his hand tightly till he can feel the pain on his hand. He controls the pain and gets up from his place. He moves closer to her and pats her cheek.

Om: Ishana!! (She still panting. He pats her cheek again.) Ishana, open your eyes. (She opens her eyes and looks at him.) Relax!! It’s nothing!! (She still holds him tightly. Omkara hugs her gently and caresses her back. Ishana calms after a while. He turns towards the table beside the bed and takes the glass of water which has been poured by Ishana just now. He makes her drink the water which she doesn’t refuse.) Are you ok?? (Ishana doesn’t answer and just lie on the bed. He wipes her forehead which is sweating badly. He adjusts her hair which has fallen on her face and covers her with the blanket. She sleeps after a while but Omkara couldn’t sleep. He looks at her hand which is still holding him and smiles to himself. Ishana has loosen her grip in her sleep and almost leaves his hand but he holds her hand back and hugs it to his chest.)



RuMya and PriVeer reach Oberoi Mansion and walk silently without disturbing anyone. Suddenly, the lights are turned on making them shocked. They turn and see Annika who is looking at them with her arms crossed below her chest.

Annika: Where have you been at this time??

Prinku: Bhabhi, we couldn’t sleep and that’s why we went out.

Annika: Don’t lie, Priyanka. I can feel that you all are hiding something. Is there any problem?? Please tell me.

Rudra: (holds Annika’s shoulder) Bhabhi, relax. We agree there is a problem but we can’t tell you now. We will tell you another day. (Cups her face.) Please, bhabhi. Now, go and sleep.

Annika: Thank you. (Rudra looks at her confusingly.) At least you have agreed that there is a problem. You can tell me when you feel to tell me. (Rudra smiles.) You all haven’t sleep yet. I will make coffee for you. Go to sleep after having it.

Soumya: Di, how we will sleep after having coffee??

Annika: Yeah, right. Should I make tea??

Ranveer: It’s ok. You don’t have to trouble yourself. We need to leave from here first before anyone comes. So….??

Annika: Good night.

Prinku: It’s morning, bhabhi.

Annika: For others but night for you all. All of you go to your room. (All leave to their respective rooms while Annika chuckles seeing them. She turns off the lights and leaves to her room.)



Omkara’s Room


Ishana wakes up from her sleep and recalls whatever happened.

Ishu: It’s happening again!! I had my medicines correctly. Then, why it happened again?? (She is about to get up when she realised her hand is held by Omkara. She tries to pull her hand from his grip but failed. She goes near him and tries to take her hand. Omkara moves that time and she falls on him making him awake. Both of them startle looking at each other.)

Om: What happened?? Do you want anything??

Ishu: Woh… I want my hand back. Will you return it back to me??

Om: (confused) What?? (Ishana signals him to look at her hand which held by him. Omkara realised he is still holding her hand and leaves it. Ishana gets up from him.) Are you ok now??

Ishu: Yes. (She sees marks on his hand and recalls how she was holding his hand just now. She lifts his hand and looks at the marks.) I’m sorry. I didn’t realise this. Is it painful?? (Blows his hand.)

Om: This is nothing compared to the pain that I have given you. (Ishana looks at him in surprise.) This can be healed but the wound in your heart can’t be healed.

Ishu: Then, why did you give the wound?? (Omkara couldn’t answer her.) It’s too late, sir. Even if you are repenting, there is no use. As I said before your deeds are not forgivable nor forgettable.

Om: I know, Ishana. And I am ready to face your wrath. (Omkara gets up and leaves to washroom leaving a confused Ishana.)

Ishu: How I’m going show my wrath if he is behaving like this?? Should I do like what AvJa said?? But that is wrong. (Ishana remains thoughtful.)



At kitchen


Soumya comes and sees Rudra is busy making something.

Soumya: (yawns) Good morning, Rudra. You are up so early??

Rudra: Good morning. You are early too. (Soumya smiles.)

Soumya: What are you doing??

Rudra: Remember you asked me to get for you the world’s best paratha?? That is what I am making now.

Soumya: So sweet. So, you woke up early to make this for me??

Rudra: Haan. I promised you, right??

Soumya: But what is the need to make it now?? You didn’t have a proper sleep last night.

Rudra: Only me?? You also didn’t sleep properly last night. (Soumya smiles shaking her head.) And I don’t care if it is about you.

Soumya: (surprised) Why??

Rudra: Because you are very special to me. (Soumya smiles shyly.) Your paratha is ready. Have it. (Soumya smiles and takes a bite of the paratha.) How is it?? Nice?? (Soumya makes a weird face.)

Soumya: No, Rudra. It’s doesn’t taste good. (Rudra becomes sad.) But it’s too good!! I mean it’s delicious. (Rudra’s face becomes bright.)

Rudra: Really??

Soumya: Yes. This is the best paratha I have eaten in my life. Thank you so much, Rudra!! (Rudra smiles proudly and they are about to hug each other when they hear a voice.)

Voice: Paratha for Soumya only?? Not for me. (RuMya turn and see Priyanka who is having a teasing look in her eyes. RuMya look away feeling embarrassed.) I was kidding, bhaiya. (Hugs Rudra’s arm.)

Rudra: You are early too??

Prinku: Ranveer told na we have to go to a place?? That’s why.

Rudra: Let’s go. (They leave from the kitchen.)



Ishana is walking towards the dining room with Mishti in her hands when she collides with RuMyaPri who are smiling at her.

Ishu: Where is Ranveer??

Prinku: He is on call with someone. What happened, bhabhi?? You are looking tensed.

Ishu: Woh… Since morning, I was trying to call NeilGau and AvJa but it cannot be reached. (She says feeling worried.)

Rudra: Bhabhi, why are you worrying?? NeilGau bhaiyas are cops, right?? Maybe they have stucked with some works.

Ishu: Fine. But AvJa’s numbers cannot be reached too.

Prinku: It can be a problem with the networks. (Ranveer comes there that time.)

Ishu: Ranveer, did you call NeilGau??

Ranveer: I think they are stucked with their assignment. Their numbers can’t be reached. I have sent a voice message to them. They will call once they receive it. (Towards RuMyaPri.) So, guys, are you ready??

RuMyaPri: Yes.

Ishu: (confused) What??

Soumya: You will know now. Rudra…. (Rudra takes black cloth and blindfolds Ishana’s eyes.)

Ishu: What are you doing?? (Mishti who is in Ishana’s arms are confused seeing them. She tries to pull the cloth.)

Prinku: Arrey!! See this baby. She doesn’t like her mother’s eyes were blindfolded. (She lifts Mishti from Ishana.)

Ishu: What are you doing, guys??

Rudra: We are having a surprise for you.

Ishu: Surprise!!?? What surprise??

Prinku: You will know in a while. Now, come with us. (SouPri hold Ishana’s arms and takes her with them followed by RuRan. The Oberois except for Omkara who are having their breakfast are confused seeing them.)

Shivaay: Everyday there is a drama created by them. (Sighs feeling irritated while Annika smiles looking at them. They wave their hands at Annika and leave from there. Omkara comes to the dining room and joins for the breakfast. He looks here and there searching for something.) What are you looking for, Om??

Om: Ish…. I mean where are they?? Rudra, Prinku, Soumya…..??? They didn’t come for breakfast??

Shivaay: They just went out.

Om: Only three of them??

Annika: Six including your daughter. (Annika said and leaves from there.)



RuMya and PriVeer reach a place with Ishana who is still blindfolded while Mishti is in Soumya’s arms.

Ishu: At least tell me now where did you bring me?? (Priyanka removes the cloth from her eyes. Ishana looks at surrounding.) Where are we?? Whose house is this?? (Ranveer presses the calling bell. The door is opened and Ishana is shocked looking at the person in front of her.) Bhabhi!!?? (She smiles in tears looking at Swetlana whom she missed since many months. Swetlana too smiles in tears and hugs her tightly.)

Swet: I missed you, jaanu. I missed you very much. (She breaks the hug and kisses all over her face.)

Ishu: I missed you too, bhabhi. (Hugs her again.)

Swet: (looks at RuMya and PriVeer) Thank you very much for bringing my daughter back to me.

Ishu: Bhabhi, you already know them??

Swet: Not really. Neil called me yesterday and told me that Ranveer will bring you here. (Looking at RuRan.) Ranveer…??

Ishu: Bhabhi, he is Ranveer, our NeilGau’s colleague, this is Rudra and this is Rudra’s sister, Priyanka and this is Soumya, my cute sister.

Swet: I have heard about Ranveer but never has met him before. That night when I was talking with NeilGau and AvJa, you are there too, right??

Ranveer: Yes. I was there that time.

Swet: Come inside all of you.

Ishu: Bhabhi, how about bhaiya??

Swet: Don’t worry about him. He won’t say anything. (Five of them enter inside the house following Swetlana.) Forgot to ask, who is this baby?? (Asked looking at Mishti.)

Ishu: She is AvNeil’s baby, Mishti.

Swet: AvNeil are having a baby?? I don’t know about this. But why she is with you?? AvNeil are in Delhi, right??

Ishu: It’s a long story, bhabhi. I will tell you in a while.

Swet: I have made breakfast for you all. Come and have it. (She makes them sit at the dining and serve the breakfast. They started to have the food while Swetlana feeds Ishana. Siddharth comes that time and sees them having their breakfast. Ishana realised his presence and about to get up from her place but Swetlana stops her by holding her hand.) You don’t have to get up, Ishu. (Continues feeding her.)

Ishu: How are you, bhaiya?? (Siddharth just nods.)

Rudra: Bhabhi, is this your bhaiya?? (SidLana are confused hearing ‘bhabhi’ from him.)

Sid: Bhabhi!!?? Why are you calling her ‘bhabhi’??

Rudra: Then, what should we address our brother’s wife??

SidLana: (shocked) Wife!!??

Ranveer: Yes. She is Omkara Singh Oberoi’s wife. (SidLana are again shocked.)



To be continued…..


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  2. Jasminerahul

    oh no.guess alcohol was spilled on ishana purposefully to make others believe that she was drunk.wonder who paid the waiter.hope they will trace the waiter.I don’t feel that they were lusting ishana seeing how they were torturing her physically.omg they pushed her inside the car.where did they take her?or that time itself they made ishana drive?om was so caring towards ishana.that’s sweet.how he patted her cheek …hugged her. ..made her drink water were beautiful n romantic. ishana falling on om…ishana blowing at om’s wounded hand were romantic. their conversation was emotional. rumya scene was so cute.rudra is so sweet to make paratha for soumya.rudra saying that she is very special for him was lovely.I was going to request you to add rumya scenes.but before that you surprised me.loved how ishana was surprised by others by bringing her to sidlana.very sweet scene of ishlana.now they came to know about ishkara marriage.how will they react?

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