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Beach House

Arjun’s Room

Shivaay is about to ask something to Arjun but stops hearing Shalu’s voice from downstairs.

Shivaay: Why Shalu is shouting down there?? Is there any problem??

Arjun: She is the one will create problem. Maybe Anjali is back. I’ll go and see. (He leaves from there.)

Living Room

Anjali: Bhavya, is there anything important you came to meet me??

Bhavya: Yes, Anjali. (Showing a mobile.) This is Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s mobile which I found while tracking him few days before. (Anjali nods.) I remembered Annika last conversation with him, she was talking about some footage. When I took her mobile from her to speak to him, he has cut the call. I found a video in this mobile but the mobile went off due to low battery. (Anjali takes the mobile from her and connects it with the charger.)

Anjali: Let it get charged for sometime. We will come and check in a while. (Arjun just came there and surprised to see a police officer there.)

Arjun: Anjali… (Anjali turns to him) Enna aachu?? Police ingge…..??? (What happened?? Police….??) (Looking at Bhavya.)

Anjali: Oh!! Nee neneikire mathiri illei. (Oh!! It’s not like you are thinking.) This is ACP Bhavya Prathap Rathore. I told you regarding a case, right?? We both are working together in that case. And Bhavya, this is my brother, Arjun. (Arjun and Bhavya smile at each other.)

Arjun: (looks at Shalu) Now I understood why Shalu was shouting like that just now. (Towards Bhavya.) You must be shocked, right??

Anjali: (chuckles) She was speechless, Arjun. (Smiles at Bhavya hugging her shoulder.) Come with me, I will give some cold drinks to chill yourself. (Bhavya goes with her while Arjun goes to Shalu.)

At Kitchen

Bhavya: No one has spoken to me like this, Anjali. That too a little girl. (Bhavya is still surprised with Shalu’s behaviour. Anjali chuckles.) She is just a copy of yourself. Both of you have no difference except in your age and height. (Anjali laughs again and gives a glass of juice to her.) Why she is hating police these much??

Anjali: Once, a police officer has behaved very rudely with us. Since then she hates police and the uniform.

Bhavya: (looks at her uniform.) That means I can’t wear this uniform if I want to come here.

Anjali: (smiles) This is what she was mentioning just now.

Bhavya: (shocked) I wouldn’t have come here if I knew it earlier.

Anjali: Relax, Bhavya. You have seen a lot criminals before this but you are scared with this little girl. (Bhavya just smiles having her drinks.)

Living Room

Shalu: Maama, charger’le irukkire anthe mobile catman udaiyathu. Anthe police kaari amma kitte athule etho footage irukkunu sonna. (Uncle, the mobile which is being charged here is belongs to the catman. That lady police told mom that there is a footage in it.)

Arjun: Footage, ah?? (Recalls Shivaay saying about footage.) Sari, nee avungge varanggala paaru. Naan anthe mobile’eh paakuren. (Ok, you look there if they are coming. I will check the mobile.) (Shalu nods and Arjun takes the mobile which is charging. He looks at the wallpaper on the screen.) Shivaay ode mobile thaan. (It’s Shivaay’s mobile only.) (He swipes the screen and searches for the footage while Shalu and his parents are looking at the kitchen to see Anjali and Bhavya are coming or not.) Inthe video thaan neneikiren. Enakku send pannikiren muthale. (This is the video I think. I’ll send it to my mobile first.)

Dad: Seekiram pannu. Avungge vanthure porangge. (Faster send. They might come.)

Arjun: Pannikittu irukken, pa. Ok, panniyachu. (I’m sending it, dad. Yes, I have send it.) (About to keep the mobile.)

Mom: Unakku anupunathe anthe mobile lernthu delete pannittiya?? (Have you delete it from the record??)

Arjun: (smiles) Brilliant mother!! Nalla velei nyabagam paduthuningge. (Luckily, you remind me.) (Deletes from the mobile.) Ok, done. (He keeps the mobile back from the place he has taken just now.) Sari, naan avaru kitte inthe footage kaatitu vanthudren. (I’ll go and show the footage to him.) (He leaves to his room.)

At Kitchen

Bhavya: Anjali, I haven’t meet your husband yet. Where is he?? (Anjali face expression changes hearing her question. Bhavya notices it and holds her shoulder.) What happened?? Did I ask anything wrong?? If you don’t want to answer means, it’s ok. I don’t mind.

Anjali: It’s not like that, Bhavya. Your question is not wrong. I just recall about my past. (Looks at Bhavya.) My husband is no more in this world. (Bhavya looks at her shockingly while Anjali nods her head and started to tell her.)

Arjun’s Room

Arjun enters and goes to Shivaay who is thinking about something.

Arjun: Shivaay, you know what I got??

Shivaay: Before that, I want to ask something.

Arjun: What??

Shivaay: Shalu’s father has been killed?? (Arjun is shocked with Shivaay’s question.)

Arjun: How do you know that??

Shivaay: Shalu told me just now. Is that true??

Arjun: (nods) Yes. He has been killed 6 years ago. Actually, none of us know that he was killed except Anjali. She didn’t tell us. I also only aware of this few months ago when I was framed as serial killer.

Shivaay: (confused) What?? I don’t understand.

Arjun: I will tell you everything, Shivaay. Anjali and my brother in law, Vikramadityan love each other very much. Vikram maama doesn’t has a family. Anjali is everything for him. My parents were against their relationship because he is an orphan and he didn’t have any job that time. But Anjali is Anjali. She didn’t care about it. She just wanted to marry him and live with him happily. Vikram mama didn’t agree with her. He wanted to get a job first before getting married to her but Anjali didn’t listen. So…..

Shivaay: So…..??

Arjun: Without any option, I kidnapped him with my friends help to get him marry to Anjali.

Shivaay: (shocked) What?? You kidnapped him?? Anjali didn’t say anything??

Arjun: (laughs) She is the one asked me to kidnap him.

Shivaay: (in a teasing way) Woww!!! Impressive!! Sister asked her brother to kidnap her boyfriend to marry him. Superb!! I have never seen siblings like you both. (Arjun laughs.) Then, what happened??

Arjun: They get married and lived happily. Vikram mama was trying for job at foreign country but he always failed. Anjali didn’t let him to lose hope and always encourage him. He too continued applying for jobs. That time Anjali get pregnant with Shalu. We were super happy hearing the news. And mama too got a job offer from USA. They were so happy. Mama took care of Anjali like a baby. During baby shower ceremony for Anjali, mama has reunited Anjali with my parents. They too accepted both of them. Everything went normal only till one day they both wanted to go out for dinner. I supposed to go with them time but Anjali said that she wanted to be alone with her husband because he will be leaving to USA in few days and asked me to not to disturb their privacy. (His eyes are welled with tears while saying this.) If I have followed them that time, that incident won’t have happened.

Shivaay: (holds his shoulder) Arjun….

Arjun: They were on the way for their dinner and have some chats about their baby. Anjali was playfully asking him to scream to this world and tell how much happy he is. He get down from his car and just within a second another car crashed him. He was thrown away. Anjali who was in her 7th months pregnancy was shocked to see her husband’s state. She fell from the car and tried to go to him. She saw a CCTV there. Few guys who were in the car which has hit mama came towards them. They were fully drunken that time. They were arguing with each other looking at my maama’s condition. Anjali begged them to save her husband. But they didn’t listen. One of those guys, took an iron rod and hit my mama’s head. Anjali screamed to spare her husband but he didn’t listen and continuosly hit him till he died. Then, that guy went towards her and without having any mercy that she is pregnant, he just hit her stomach. (Arjun started to cry while Shivaay hugs his shoulder calming him down.)

Shivaay: How cruel?? They should not drive in drunken state at first. Then, they killed someone just to save themselves. Those type of people should not live in this world. They must be brutally killed as well. (Anger can be noticed in his tone.)

Arjun: I received a call that Anjali and her husband met with accident. I rushed to the hospital with my parents. We are shocked to hear that Vikram mama is no more. But Anjali has delivered a baby girl. I am the first one who lifted the little angel in my hands. That’s why Shalu is very special to me. Anjali was completely broken that time. The police closed the case saying it was an accident and that area has no CCTV. Police were on their side too but I and my parents didn’t realise that. We just believed whatever they said. Anjali was broken for many months and it took a lot of time for her to be back to normal. Even though she back to normal, she is not the same Anjali as before. She has completely changed. Her smile which she always has on her face completely vanished since the incident. She started to involve in her work more but still she spend enough time with Shalu. After all, Shalu is the symbol of her and her husband’s love. Anjali didn’t tell Shalu that her dad is no more in this world. She lied that he is working at oversea. She can’t give her father to Shalu but she only can play his voice for her. Anjali always play his voice which he has spoken before he died.

Shivaay: How did you learn that he was killed??

Arjun: I told you that I has been trapped in few murder cases few months before. (Shivaay nods.) That is how I got to know about it. One year after her husband’s death, there were few murders happened continuously in Bangalore in the name of Rudra. The police department failed to find the murderer. So, the case fell in Anjali’s hands and she finished the case by killing Rudra. The case which she thought has ended again restarted after five years. Continuous murders started to happen again in the same name, Rudra. The police as well as CBI are very confused. And again the case went to Anjali’s hands. Some hide and seek game started between Anjali and that Rudra. But what was more surprising is that Rudra used me and Krithika as his pawn. He kidnapped Krithika and tortured her. He blackmailed me asking for some ransom if I want Krithika alive. I agreed and followed his order. I prepared the amount of money he asked me. He asked me to come to a place with the money. I followed his order and went to the place. Suddenly, a bullet hit my leg. I was shocked and screamed in pain. I turned and surprised to see Anjali there holding a gun. I was confused why she shot me. She too was shocked to see me. She saw other police officers who are ready to shoot me. She shot my arm. I fell down and was taken to hospital. Everyone thought that I am Rudra, the serial killer that they are looking for. Krithika has been saved as well and admitted in the same hospital as me. Anjali was suspended from her work because she is a murderer’s sister. I wanted to prove that I am innocent. So, just like you I escaped from the hospital to find the real culprit. After few struggles, I found who is the real murderer. I was surprised when I saw my pictures with Krithika at his house. He was following us since few months and has collected every information about us. When I investigate more about him, I got to know who is he. He was an ex ACP who was handling Rudra case before it went to Anjali’s hands. I fought with him for framing me in the murders which he has done. He told me a shocking news. He told me Anjali is the real Rudra. He wanted Anjali to reveal herself as Rudra. That’s why he did three murders similar to the previous one which done by “Rudra”. I was shocked at first and confronted Anjali directly for murdering those people. Then only she told me everything about her husband’s death and those people she has murdered are the one who killed him.

Shivaay: That means she is….??

Arjun: (nods) Yes, she is Rudra. Anjali created a serial killer called “Rudra” to avenge her husband’s death. She killed four of them and when she killed the last man, she declared him as “Rudra” and closed the case.

Shivaay: She is not wrong. Those type of people need to killed. I must have done the same if I was in her situation. Her husband was brutally murdered in front of her eyes.

Arjun: I know but if she has told me earlier what really happened that day, I must have killed all of them with my hands. But she hides everything inside her heart and struggled alone.

Shivaay: Because she didn’t want her brother to land in trouble, Arjun. She wanted to face the battle alone. (Arjun smiles.) Then, what happened??

Arjun: I and Anjali joined our hands together and manipulate the ex ACP using one of the officer. We succeed in it and that ACP has been declared as Rudra. He has killed in an encounter. Outside world thinks that he is Rudra but the real Rudra is Anjali. No one aware of this except Anjali and me. Now, you are aware of it too. I don’t know what made me to tell you all these. (Shivaay hugs his shoulder.)

Shivaay: Trust. (Arjun looks at him.) Because you trust me. And, you can continue trusting me. I won’t disclose this matter to anyone. (Arjun smiles and Shivaay hugs him.)

Arjun: Ok, I have answered your question. Can I tell you what I was going to tell you just now??

Shivaay: Sure. Tell me.

Arjun: Do you know ACP Bhavya??

Shivaay: Yes. She is the one handling Nancy’s case.

Arjun: She is here now. (Shivaay is shocked.) She came to meet Anjali and you know what?? She has brought your mobile as well.

Shivaay: My mobile?? (Thinks something.) Arjun, that footage…..

Arjun: I know. And I already copied it in my mobile. I hope I copied the right one. (He plays the video and watches it with Shivaay.) Is this the one??

Shivaay: Yes, correct. This is the one. (They see a guy stabbing a girl.) This is not me, Arjun. The waistcoat this man is wearing is same as mine. That’s what made me to think it was me.

Arjun: Shivaay, you are not the only one having this waistcoat unless if you are the one design it. Others can have the same too. So, we can’t say you are the one did the murder because of this waistcoat. Understand??

Shivaay: (smiles) Thank you for having these much trust on me.

Arjun: As you said, you left Mohit’s room at 3 a.m but here the time is showing 4.30 a.m. (thinks something) Shivaay, do you remember anyone wearing the same waistcoat as you??

Shivaay: (tries to think) No, yaar. I can’t remember. I need sometime to recall.

Arjun: Ok. Don’t stress yourself very much. (His mobile rings.) Krithika. I don’t know what idea she is going to give now. (Shivaay smiles and Arjun answers the call.) Hello, Krithika.

Krithika: Arjun, Shivaay avarode wife kude pesurathukku enakku oru super idea kedechirukku. (Arjun, I have an idea how to make Shivaay speak to his wife.)

Arjun: Enna idea?? (What idea??) (Krithika says something in mute. Arjun smiles listening to it.) Woww!!! Super idea!! Love you, Krithika!! (Shivaay chuckles listening to him. Arjun ends the call and looks at Shivaay.) Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi, tomorrow you are going to talk with your Annika.

Shivaay: How??

Arjun: (smiles) You will know it tomorrow. (Winks at him.)

At Kitchen

Anjali finished narrating to Bhavya about her husband except that she has killed those murderers. Bhavya wipes her tears which started to flow from her eyes.

Bhavya: I’m sorry, Anjali. I didn’t know these all happened to you. I thought your husband is working somewhere.

Anjali: It’s ok, Bhavya. It’s common in humans life. We can’t expect everything will go smooth in our lives. (Bhavya looks at her proudly. She recalls their conversation about Annika while leaving Oberoi Mansion yesterday. Now, she understood why Anjali said like that when she said that Annika has fall weak. After all, Anjali was almost in the same situation as Annika before this.) Why are you looking at me like this??

Bhavya: (shakes her head) Nothing. I’m just admiring your willpower and mental strength. You are a super woman. (Anjali smiles.)

Anjali: Enough of praising me. I think we can watch the video now. Let’s go. (They go and take mobile which is still charging. Anjali takes the mobile and leaves to her room with Bhavya.)

Anjali’s Room

Anjali and Bhavya are watching the footage.

Anjali: We only can see this man’s back. We can’t say this is Shivaay Singh Oberoi just by looking at his back.

Bhavya: Shivaay has worn this type of waistcoat only that night.

Anjali: Someone else can wear the same too, Bhavya. (She takes her mobile and scrolls the pictures they have taken from Rudra just now.)


A girl opens a room door and enters inside the room. She is very much nervous and looks here and there to see if anyone sees her. She closes the door slowly and goes towards a cupboard. She is searching for something inside there when someone holds her shoulder. She turns and looks at the person shockingly.

Next Day

Annika comes to a temple to pray for Shivaay. She finishes her prayers and about to leave when someone calls her. She turns and sees a girl who is smiling at her.

Annika: Yes??

Girl: Hi, mam. I’m Krithika. Actually, I am new to this place and waiting for my brother to pick me up. But I don’t know how to explain this place to him. If you don’t mind, can you explain the address to him??

Annika: Why don’t you just share your location with him?? He can easily come here using GPS or Waze. (Krithika is stunned doesn’t know how to answer her. Arjun who is standing away from them chuckles listening to Annika.)

Arjun: Nalla kelvi!! Ippadi oru technology irukkunu namakku strike aagame pochi. Paravale. Shivaay sonne mathiri buththisaali ponnuthaan. Yen aalu enna solle poraanu teriyaleye. Sothappama iruntha sari. (Good question. This didn’t strike my thought. Not bad. She is really brilliant as Shivaay said. I don’t know what my girl is going to do. I hope she won’t do anything that can spoil our plan.) (Continues looking at them.)

Krithika: I know that, mam. But his mobile doesn’t have those features. He is using normal mobile only. That’s why I’m asking your help. If you cannot means, that’s ok. I will try to ask other people. (Makes a sad face and turns to leave. Annika feels bad seeing her.)

Annika: One minute. (Krithika smiles happily and winks at Arjun. She makes a sad face and turns towards Annika.)

Krithika: Yes, mam.

Annika: I didn’t say that I won’t help you. I was just saying about the technology which has been developed for making us easier. I forgot that still there are people who are using normal mobiles instead of smart phones. Call your brother, I will tell him the address.

Krithika: Haww!! Thank you so much, mam. (Annika smiles while Krithika dials a number.) Hello, brother. One girl is here to tell the address. Wait, I will give the mobile to her. (Gives the mobile to Annika and signs Arjun to come.)

Annika: Sir, please note down the address. It is…

Voice: Annika….. (Annika is surprised to hear Shivaay’s voice from the mobile.)

Annika: Shivaay?? (Looks at Krithika who nods her head at her. Arjun comes towards them.)

Arjun: Let’s go that side. (Annika looks at him questioningly.)

Krithika: I will tell you in a while. Let’s go that side before anyone doubts us.

Shivaay: Annika, listen to them. (Annika agrees and follows them. Arjun takes them to a corner where no one can see them.)

Arjun: Talk to him now.

Annika: Hello, Shivaay. Where are you?? How are you, Shivaay?? I am missing you very much. (Cries. ArKri feel bad seeing her.)

Shivaay: Don’t cry, Annika. I’m good only. Arjun is taking a good care of me. I’m at a safe place, Annika. Don’t worry about me.

Annika: (cries) How can I not worry about you, Shivaay?? All are saying that you are a murderer. I know that you didn’t kill Nancy. My Shivaay can’t kill anyone. (Tears are flowing from her eyes.)

Shivaay: Annika, you are right. I didn’t do the murder. I ran away to prove my innocence. I will prove my innocence and will return back to you and our family.

Annika: I want to see you, Shivaay.

Shivaay: I want to see you too, Annika but the situation is not good. Talking to you like this is a big thing for me. I must thank Arjun and Krithika for arranging this. Annika, we can’t talk for so long. Take care of yourself and our family. Ok?? Bye. (Ends the call.)

Annika: Shivaay…. Shivaay…. (Cries again looking at ArKri.) He has ended the call. (Krithika hugs her shoulders calming her down.)

Beach House

Arjun’s Room

Shivaay gives the mobile to Shalu who is standing beside him. Shalu wipes his tears and hugs him.

Shalu: Don’t worry, catman. You will go back to your Annika quickly. Or if you can’t wait, I will ask my mama to kidnap her. How??

Shivaay: (smiles and kisses her head) You don’t have to kidnap her. I’m good. Go and give this mobile back to your grandpa and say that I thanked him. (Shalu nods and leaves from there.)

Outside Temple

Annika: Thank you very much to both of you for making me to talk with him. Where is Shivaay now??

Arjun: He is at my house. I am Arjun and this is my lover, Krithika. We just came to Mumbai few days before…… (He tells her everything since he saw him at the beach.)

Annika: My poor Shivaay, he is suffering a lot for the murder he didn’t commit. Luckily, you helped him. Thank you.

Arjun: (smiles) Don’t mention it. We can’t stay here for long time. You go back to your house. We are also leaving now. Take care. (Turns to go with Krithika.)

Annika: One minute. (ArKri turn towards her.) I want to see Shivaay. Please take me to him.

Arjun: (surprised) What?? No way, Annika. We can land in trouble if we take you to him. Sorry, Annika but I can’t.

Annika: Please. I’m begging you. I want to see him. Please take me to him. (Krithika feels bad seeing Annika begging them.)

Krithika: Arjun, ivanggale paake paavama irukku. Oru anji nimisham kootitu poi kaatitu vantharalam. (Arjun, I feel bad for her. Just five minutes, we will take her to meet him.) (Arjun looks at her in surprise.)

Arjun: Enna vilaiyaduriya?? Phone le pese vekkirathukke ivvalavo risk edukke venduyathu irukku. Ithule nerule vere kootitu ponoma?? Anjali kannule pattom, maatunom!! (Are you joking?? We have taken risk to make her speak to him. You want to take her to meet him some more?? If Anjali caught us, we will be gone!!) (He says rubbing his head.)

Annika: Heyy!!!! (Arjun turns towards Annika who is looking at him in anger.) If you don’t take me to Shivaay….

Arjun: What you will do?? (Annika places a knife on Krithika’s neck making them shock.) What are you doing?? Leave her.

Krithika: (scared) Arjun!!

Annika: Better you take me to Shivaay or I will slit her neck. Don’t underestimate me. I will go to any extreme for my Shivaay. If you don’t want anything happen to your girlfriend, better take me to Shivaay. (Presses the knife on her neck.)

Krithika: (cries in fear) Arjun!! Ethavathu pannu!! (Arjun, please do something!!)

Arjun: Paavam parthele!!?? Parthiya un kaluthuleye kaththi vechitta. Ithule naan enna panrathu?? Aambalaiya iruntha sandai potiruppen. Ponna poitaale, kaiye vechen, #MeToo thaan!! (You pitied her right!!?? See, she is placing knife on your neck. What you are expecting me to do?? I might have fight if this is a man. But, she is a girl. If I try to attack her, then it will become a #MeToo issue!!)

Annika: I don’t understand what you both are talking. You want to take me or…….???

Arjun: Wait!! We will take you. But, please take the knife from her neck. It might harm her.

Annika: I know what to do. You just do what I said. (Presses the knife.)

Arjun: Ok. Ok. Don’t press it. Let’s go. (Arjun takes them to his car. Annika covers her hand with her duppata so that no one can see the knife she is holding at Krithika’s neck. Krithika just follows in fear. Arjun mutters to himself.) Enna sothanai da, ithu?? Help panne poyi ippadi maatikittom. Eppadi veetukku kootitu porathu?? Anjali iruntha maatippome. Kadavule, naame porappo Anjali veetule irukke kudathu. Ava veliya aayirukkanum. (What kind of test is this?? We landed in trouble for helping someone. How I’m going to take her to my house?? We will get caught if Anjali is there. God, Anjali should not be there when we reached there. Hope she has went out.) (They get inside the car. Arjun looks at Krithika.) Nee ivanggale kidnap pannanum plan pote. Ippo ivungge nammale kidnap pannittu porangge. (You planned to kidnap her. But now she is kidnapping both of us.) (He says in a sarcastic way while Krithika looks at him with puppy face.)

Annika: Don’t waste my time and take me to my husband quickly. Fast!!!

Arjun: Ok, madam ji!! (Slaps his head while starting the car.) Ellam en taleyeluthu!! (It’s my fate!!) (He drives from there.)

To be continued…..

Precap: Annika meets Shivaay. Someone meets Anjali.

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    1. Ruby_MarNy

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