I am sorry, don’t leave me- Riansh OS part 2

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He fell down on his knees, his mistake, his guilt, everything was visible in his eyes. He stood up and wiped his tears, saw the time. Just 10 minutes were left and there were no traces of Riddhima. He was heading back to hotel he remembered something, which made him a little surprised.
Vansh: How can I forget!!!
Be dialed a number, but before he could call he heard a scream. It was Ishani. He rushed inside when he saw Ishani running and screaming Angre also came and helped her to calm down. Vansh made her drink water.
Vansh: What happened Ishani?
Ishani: Bhai…wo….Woh Riddhima….
Vansh: Riddhima? Where is she!?
Ishani points her fingers towards the hotel kitchen.
Ishani: Fr…fridge.

gives an astonishing look to Angre and his face changes to worries and he rushed inside. He stood Infront of the fridge. His eyes closed in fear as he opened the gate. He felt something on his legs and what he saw, made him scared as hell. Riddhima’s hands and legs tied, mouth closed with a cloth. Eyes continuosly shedding tears, with half open eyes.
Vansh: Riddhima!
He opens all the ropes as fast he could while Riddhima was shivering in cold, her skin has become really cold. Vansh was rubbing her hands while she was leaning in her chest, and she closes her eyes……
Some time later
Vansh, Angre and Ishani were standing Infront of the closed room. Vansh was roaming all around when the door opened.
Vansh: Doctor is my wife and baby fine?
Doctor: Look Mr. Singhania, you have be calm to take this decision.
Vansh: wha… What happened doctor?
Doctor: Mr Singhania, Riddhima is not responding. It can be harmful for her baby. We have only two options. Please come with me.
Vansh was very scared and he followed the doctor.
Doctor: We have two options to save Riddhima…
Vansh: And my baby?
Doctor bowed her head down and
Doctor: First option is to do her abortion right now..
Vansh was surprised and staring the doctor.
Doctor: Second option is to wait for next 1 hour but I’d she doesn’t respond it can cost her own life too. Please give your decision calmly in 5 minutes.
Doctor leaves and Vansh again breakdowns. Angre went to him and tried to console him.
Angre: Boss….
Vansh: How can I choose death for my baby? What will I say to Riddhima? She will hate me. I deserve it. I deserve to be hated.
Angre: Boss please…..
Vansh: What else can I do Angre? (Crying)
The doctor arrives.
Doctor: I think I know your decision, right Mr. Rai Singhania?
Vansh nods in approval while wiping his tears.
Vansh: Can I see her?
Doctor: Sure till we arrange for… You know.
Vansh enters the room and sees Riddhima, eyes closed, she was still shivering a little. His heart was aching seeing her like this. He sat next to her bed holding her hand.
Vansh: I am sorry Riddhima, I am sorry. This is wrong. Please wake up and say I am doing wrong. Please wake up, If you want to even slap me, but wake up. Please…I don’t want to loose our baby.
Doctor: Mr. Rai Singhania, I think we should start the process.
Ward boys take Riddhima to the OT while Vansh was hurted miserably. He was just sitting there, emotionless, tears flowing like river. He realising all his mistakes….. He closed his eyes bowed his and prayed to God for a miracle to happen, to save his unborn child. He heard a voice…
Mr. Rai Singhania?
He opened his eyes, vision blurred.
‘This is a miracle, your wife and baby both are safe, she gained consciousness and is calling you’
Vansh wipes his tears and rushes to Riddhima. She was sitting on her bed with a glass of water in her hand. She was trembling so Vansh help her to hold the glass. He took the glass and kept it aside. Riddhima Didn’t even looked at him.
Vansh: How are you?
Riddhima: Fine.
Doctor: Thank God you gained senses, your baby would have been aborted. All because of your will power to wake up. I should take a leave.
Riddhima stares at Vansh. Vansh bows his head. Riddhima looks at the other side.
Riddhima: I think you know what you have to say
Vansh: I am sorry Riddhima. I was very angry and upset with you
Riddhima: I know you said all of it in anger.
Vansh: Did you forgive me? I nearly killed our baby
Riddhima: Vansh, I knew you did it but without your will, just to save me. But see, I am here.
Vansh: Who is it Riddhima? I will kill the person who did this
Riddhima: Manager, I mean Vyom.
Angre enters the room.
Angre: I have caught the men who did this with Bhabhi.
Riddhima: Bring them here Angre.
Angre: Bhabhi they can…
Riddhima: I Believe nothing can happen to me if Vansh is here. Bring them.
Angre comes with both of them.
Riddhima: Vansh?
Vansh: Yes?
Riddhima (in a really cute way): Attack!!
Vansh chuckles and beats them up. He signals Angre to take them.
Vansh: Happy?
Riddhima: I want to go back to hotel.
Vansh: You are not totally fine.
Riddhima: I know I am fine. It’s my body.
Vansh: I will ask the doctor then we will go. Ok?
Riddhima: Yes…..
Some months later….
Vansh enters the room and his welcome was done by a pillow on his face.
Riddhima: Did you get it?
Vansh: Yes…
Riddhima: Which flavour?
Vansh: Ofc chocolate
Riddhima: Give me my ice cream
Vansh: Have it.
Riddhima eats 2-3 spoons and starts making weird faces.
Vansh: What happened?
Riddhima: It’s paining….I think our baby kicked!!
Vansh: What!?
Riddhima takes his hands and puts it on her baby bump.
Riddhima: Baby please do it again please please please….
And again she felt something they both smile looking at each other while Riddhima starts crying.
Vansh: Don’t cry Riddhima….
Riddhima: When will this baby come out… I am so excited to know if it’s a boy or a girl.
Vansh: Me too….

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