Hushed Motives – Naamkaran, Swaragini, Tashan-e ishq

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******************** To think that University hold many opportunities be it career prospects or friendship. MA University has it all. Attended by many affluential children, they believe in honour, respect and equality  which is open to everyone.

  “Hustling and grasping on life, crisp moonlight, they are your friends…

When a herd of lions roar, they become fierce, they are your friends.”

“Why that is beautiful Twinkle,” Ms. Illa said. “I guess the inspiration comes from them.”

“Indeed Ma’am.” Twinkle smiles and proceeds to her seat while having a shower of claps from her class mates.

“Well Ms. Illa just loves buttering persons, it wasn’t even that good.”

A girl walks in with her black heels and glasses glitter from the sunlight. She puts her hands to her waist.

“Oh hush Kunj, she loves us and if its about us then so be it.”

“Mahi! You’re back, I must say you look amazing,” Twinkle chirped.

“Yes. I must say Goa’s weather is absolutely refreshing” mimicking a sophisticated tone

They all burst out in laughter.

Class was dismissed. They walked down the corridor with an intense conversation when they stop hearing a melodious voice accompanied by carefully stroked notes on a violin. It was Ragini and Avni. They looked so angelic and entered into the trance created by them. Anvi noticed Mahi  and struck a wrong note breaking everyone’s concentration.

“Maaaaaaahhhhhiiii !!!!” Avini’s high pitched voice , made everyone twitch. They both ran and hugged her.

” Hey Twinkle, she may be your cousin but she’s just like an elder sister who returned from her In-laws” Ragini happily said.

“What an analogy I must commend.” Mahi said

Everyone headed towards the cafeteria where the rest of their friends are. They approached their corner table when they saw two boys arm-wrestling over a key.

“Laksh!” “What in the name of god are you doing to Dhruv?” Ragini exclaimed

” Bike keys, love, bike keys” said Laksh concentrating on winning. ” He wants to take Mahi on a long drive but I planned it with you.”

Everyone rolled their eyes. Ragini asked him to give the bike keys as he haven’t seen Mahi for the past 3 months. Kunj was enjoying the fight and commenting as a referee. Ragini stealthy approached Laksh.

” Boo !” Laksh lost concentration, Dhruv took the opportunity and defeated him.

Laksh looked at him taking the key ,in horror. He folded his arm and leaned back. They ordered their food and ate.  They chatted about the fashion show in Goa that was lead by Mahi. She was praised for he hard work. After seeing Mahi, Dhruv became over -whelmed and expressed how much he missed her and can’t wait for their wedding. Mahi blushes while everyone pulls her leg. Ragini stands up, clears her throat and says

“Here is a toast to our friendship and Dhruhi’s future”

“Dhruhi?” Everyone was puzzled.

Dhruhi, Dhruv-Mahi; ship name guys !

Everyone sighed.

“Millennials…ugh” Avni said in a sarcastic tone.

Avni excitingly says that “we need a picture with her to remember us by. After all, these memories will be with her when she moves to London .”

Twinkle gets emotional. Tearfully she says

” I can’t believe that next week is her engagement and then only after exams she’s gonna leave”

“Oh Twinkle, exams have about 2 months more”

” What about the millenials now..hmm? ”  Ragini playfully said to lighten the mood.

They set the camera’s timer and took a picture capturing their happy moment.

They all walked down the steps to go home. Dhruv kissed Mahi’s forehead good-bye. Laksh tried to imitate the scene with Ragini but received a glare. She looked at everyone who stared at her in awe. She clarified, “What…I am not favour of public display of affection”

” Only Laksh can handle this fossil” Avni exclaimed. Laksh pouted. He thought of something, took her hand and gave it a peck. She was in shock and then blushed. He ran away to his car where the other boys followed.

“Crazy” Ragini murmured under her breath.

” Hey Twinkle, I am sleeping over at you tonight, Mom didn’t come back as yet and Aunt Leela said you are alone tonight”

“Yes, OMG. Binge-watching all those netflix series that we missed. Buttered popcorn. Oh… it is gonna be so exciting”

” I am joining, I am finished with all my homework” Ragini approached putting her hands in her pockets

“Nerd !” Avni squealed

” I am not a nerd but organised. What’s wrong with being organised?”

“Ok, ok, then it’s settled. Girls’ night at my house 8 o’ clock tonight. What say?”

“woah! Girls Night out !”


That’s it for now…….keep smiling

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