Humsafars 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo talking on phone with a client and asks why you are refusing for a deal. She has been informed that the deal was refused from her side. She gets shocked. Anam smirks. Arzoo asks her, why did you rejected the contract. Anam says just like that. Arzoo asks why, there must be a reason. Anam says she doesn’t like their face. Arzoo says those clients are always with Saiyyara in its difficult moments. Anam says she has taken a decision and nobody can challenge her decision. She says she can do whatever she wants. She asks who are you to question me? Alvira comes and says Arzoo is Sahir’s wife and has equal right on home and Saiyyara. Anam says she is second wife and also down market. Alvira gets angry. Anam asks her to save her anger. She blames Arzoo for the attacks on Sahir and asks Alvira to save her anger for future use. Arzoo recalls in her room about Anam’s words and then thinks about Kurti Apa’s accusations. She thinks are they saying the truth?

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She thinks truth is that Sahir’s life is in danger since our marriage. I am inauspicious to Sahir’s life. She wonders where is Sahir and calls him. Sahir picks her call. Arzoo asks are you fine? Sahir says yes. He asks about her. Arzoo says she called to know about him and asks him to take care of himself. She says if anything happens to you then I will be shattered and this home too. Sahir asks her to wipe her tears. Arzoo asks did you installed camera at home. Sahir says he can’t see, but can hear her cry. He asks her not to worry. Arzoo says I am here because of you. He disconnects the call.

Alvira calls Shiraz (Anam’s husband) and says you didn’t stop Anam being her husband, but you didn’t stop her. I took a decision being your mum and Anam’s mother in law. She calls Sahir and says she has taken some decision which she wants to tell him. She says today Anam misbehaved with Arzoo and insulted her. She is forgetting her limits. From tomorrow she will not work in Saiyyara and you will make an announcement today. Sahir says Anam worked hard for Saiyyara and we shall talk to her. Alvira says Anam is not only Saiyyara’s employee, and also daughter in law of this house. Anam hears her and gets shocked.

She calls the servant and asks him to get a glass of water. She drinks it and then throws the glass. She says she doesn’t drink cold water. Kurti Apa asks what is the matter? Anam says Arzoo has made her life difficult. She took my place at home and Saiyyara. She calls her illiterate and says she will get her away from home, Saiyyara and Sahir.

Kurti Apa asks can you fulfill your wish. Anam says yes. I can go to any length to throw her away from this house. Someone captures her statement in the camera. Arzoo feels something wrong is going to happen. Kurti Apa comes and asks her about Zeenat’s clothes. Arzoo says she is not aware of Zeenat’s clothes. Kurti Apa blames her and calls her second wife. She says you are trying to wipe Zeenat’s memories from this room, but you can’t take out Zeenat from Sahir’s heart. Arzoo says she didn’t touch any of Zeenat’s belongings. Kurti Apa says except Sahir. She says you are only a toy for Sahir. He was bowled over by Zeenat’s beauty. She praises Zeenat and her beauty and says he would stare her for hours. He became a poet in her love. You can’t take Zeenat’s place irrespective of your trying. Arzoo thinks whether I will be able to take Zeenat’s place. I became Sahir’s wife, but will I be able to become his heart’s wish (Dil Ki Arzoo).

Sahir buys flowers from a seller who requests him to buy it. Sahir calls Arzoo and says will you have dinner? Arzoo says yes. Sahir says you will not have dinner today. Arzoo says ok. Sahir says he likes his stubborn Arzoo and invites her for dinner. Arzoo smiles.

Arzoo looks at her dresses and wonders which to wear. She thinks Mr. Husband called her over dinner for the first time. She tries the dresses and doesn’t like any. She thinks this is not an ordinary thing. She thinks to look beautiful so much that Sahir couldn’t take his eyes off her. She says she will become the way Sahir’s wants. She calls Saiyyara and asks to send a dress for her. The Servant is going towards Arzoo’s room. Kurti Apa stops him and takes the dress from his hand. She goes to her room and says I am changing your evening with Sahir. She gives the changed dress to Servant and asks him to give it to Arzoo. She smirks.

Sahir and Arzoo are in the car. Sahir asks Arzoo not to cry. Arzoo says she can’t forget what he had done today. Sahir sees a woman coming infront of their car and getting injured. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thanks for fast update H Hasan. Nice episode, still very much suspense….

  2. roma i heard humsafars is going to end.any news

    1. Yes Ju by March this is gonna end n Ram Kapoor’s serial will be replacing it.

  3. Ju, with such a poor story line, no wonder if it ends! I seriously stopped watching this drama.
    Btw, Thanks Hasan for the update.

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  5. Great episode today, remember lots of question and not enought answers.but the more Sahir get to know Arzoo the more he love her more than before. And that crazy MIL, what is she thinking that 1:that her precious Zeenat will wake up and fall in love Sahir and they will ha e a better life, 2:that it will very easy to kill Arzoo and dump her body somewhere and Sahir not know anything about that, and erase Arzoo from Sahir from his heart. 3: that Anam will become of the VP of the company. NOT…. IN HER DREAM. NOT…… Peace out

  6. chinku people hav dfrnt views. anywy i like the stry and the way d emotions are expressed on their face and eyes. i alwys lvd watchng dis serial. i genuly wish it wont end. if sonytv is not giving time pls change chanel. dnt u think der are lots of serials with poor story line is thriving in other chanels. sony only cares for cid.nothing else. love you SAAZ

  7. I ttly agree wd u.. Ju..

  8. why are so many programmes ending after a short time – if this is ending then be sure to see hotch potch with the story lines as writers wont know where to take the story line like in laut aoo trisha

  9. Humsafaars story beginned with mystery. Specially started with Sahir and ended with other correcters as well. This story about Fashion design but end up with death and thrilling going on. I like that Sahir and Arzoo romance scenes and how much Arzoo care for Sahir

    Harshad Chopra such a talented actor but i felt that he has less story line than Arzoo. Please track the story different direction to make audience more interessted in this show. I don’t like to see the promo someone attacking Sahir. PLEASE CHANGE THE PROMO. It’s really look scary. PLEASE KUL KHAN BRING THE TRP HIGH.” THIS IS HARSHAD CHOPR’S SHOW” PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR STORY LINE???

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