Humsafars 4th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo asking Sahir why Alvira lied to Vikram. She asks when I didn’t do any mistake then why Ammi lied to save me. It is not right. Sahir gets up and says truth is that one has to lie to get the rights. He says your life is in danger and I can’t give you permission to go far from me. It is my responsibility to protect you, it is my right, consent and duty to protect you. It doesn’t matter if I have to tell lie to protect you. Arzoo says Zeenat hold my hand and smile. She opened her eyes too. Sahir says he consulted leading doctors, and they are saying it is medically not possible. He says he is taking her to the hospital to get MRI scan to clear the doubts. Kurti Apa hears them and smirks. Sahir talks to the doctor and tells Alvira to get her ready. Alvira goes to Zeenat’s room and asks Kurti Apa to accompany her with Zeenat. Kurti Apa refuses to let Zeenat go to the hospital. Sahir comes and says she will go to the hospital. Kurti Apa says if you insists then she will go on my dead body. Sahir asks her to understand. Kurti Apa says you waited for her for 7 years and now you are dancing on your second wife’s signals. Sahir gets angry and asks what? Kurti Apa continues that your second wife tried to take Zeenat’s life. She is not safe in her home itself, and she will not be saved in the hospital. She asks them to go. Alvira asks what are you saying? Kurti Apa says she will kick them out if they didn’t go by themselves. Sahir takes Alvira out of the room. Kurti Apa tells Zeenat that she can’t let anything happen to her.

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Sahir thinks everything is getting entangled. He throws his phone. Arzoo comes and picks his phone. She makes him wear the shirt. Humsafars music plays…………….She buttons his shirt and says I didn’t know that you are a big secret baaz. You hide a big truth from me. Sahir asks what? Arzoo says you also do the same thing like me. She talks about throwing his phone. Sahir says he does it sometimes. Arzoo says you threw the phone Mr. Gabbar Chaudhary. Sahir smiles. Arzoo says she wants to ask him about Zeenat. Sahir says I will tell you, but don’t want to open the past. He says he is going for a meeting and says you can check. Later Arzoo thinks why Sahir gets angry whenever she insists to know his past life. She comes to Zeenat’s room and sees Kurti Apa talking to Zeenat while she is in coma. She says you know well that Sahir loved you very much. She says Sahir used to meet you in the hospital every Thursday. Arzoo recalls in a flashback. Kurti Apa tells her that Sahir used to eat burnt toast happily. He loves you very much and has every relation connected to him because of you. She says nobody can take your place as you remain his first love.

Arzoo thinks Sahir loves Zeenat so much, then why Alvira aunty got him married to me. She thinks how can a mother love her son in law more than her daughter? She is definitely hiding something. She thinks why Alvira lied to save her. Vikram comes and says he needs her help regarding Alvira. He asks did you find something strange about Alvira’s behavior after your marriage? Arzoo says nothing. Vikram asks who did inform you about Rubina’s death. Arzoo says Alvira. Vikram asks whether Alvira was with Sahir in the hospital. Arzoo says she went out for some work. Vikram gets suspicious and says he is doubtful about her. Arzoo says you can’t doubt on me. Vikram says it is kalyug, anything can happen here. Arzoo thinks what to do? Whether to tell Sahir about Vikram suspicion. She thinks what will be its effect on Sahir. She then hears Alvira’s scream and rushes to her room. Sahir too comes to her room and looks at the broken show piece. Sahir looks out from the window and sees Alvira tied to a tree with fire around her. Sahir panics and rushes to save her. Vikram tries to stop him, but Sahir frees himself and goes to bring Alvira from the fire.

Kurti Apa hears Sahir taking Alvira’s name and thinks loudspeaker is fixed in the house. She doesn’t care and tells Zeenat that she is here for her, until she gets well. Arzoo asks Vikram, who wants to hurt Alvira? Vikram says Alvira can tell better. Alvira gains consciousness and calls for Sahir. She asks him to save her. Sahir says everything is fine. Vikram greets her and asks her not to fear as she is safe with the family. He questions her, who took you out? Alvira says I didn’t remember anything? Vikram asks her to answer him. Sahir gets angry and says Ammi will not say anything. Vikram says answers have to be found. Sahir says everything has his time. Don’t you see that she is unwell. Vikram says he is trying to find the culprit. Sahir gets angry. Vikram asks what are you trying to hide. Sahir gives an angry look.

Arzoo tells Sahir that she wants to know him and Zeenat. Sahir says there are no answers for puzzles, the more you will try to read, the more you will get confused.

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