Humsafars 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kurti Appa wakes Zaki up by slapping him and asks him to come out of sleep. She tells him not to give up and it’s not too late. Arzoo still hasn’t said anything. She then whispers her plan in Zaki’s ears.

Arzoo is working in the kitchen and says she’s ready to become responsible for Sahir. Alvira comes and gives her their family bangles as shagun (gift). She further says it doesn’t matter whether she says yes or no, but she will have to take bangles for bringing smile and happiness back in Sahir’s life. She also says she had chosen her as daughter-in-law when she saw her first time in Lucknow. Everyone in family will respect her decision regardless what it is. She gives her the blessings and leaves. Arzoo smiles looking at the bangles.

Zaki comes to tell the truth. He speaks everything about Sahir’s first wife and her being in coma. But it’s Sahir there, not Arzoo. Sahir comes out and says he knows it. They both have argument regarding playing game with Arzoo. Sahir tells Zaki that he will never let him harm this house and there is only one way to stop him which is marrying Arzoo. This house and all family members is his responsibility and he will do anything to save that. Zaki says he will do anything to save Arzoo as well. Sahir reminds him that Arzoo doesn’t love him, but Zaki says he loves her and he will tell her the truth. Sahir can stop him if he can. Zaki leaves.

Sahir comes to Alvira and asks her to stop Zaki. Alvira tells him to take Arzoo away and don’t worry about anything.

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Zaki is searching Arzoo. Alvira comes to him. She tells him how she chose him when doctor said only either him or her would survive. But luckily, Allah gave her another life. Now she thinks why she asked for his life over her life? Only to see him destroying his life? She says she wants everything for him, name, fame, love. Zaki says he got his love. Alvira says she is very good, but she doesn’t love him. She loves Sahir. Zaki says, you asked Allah for my life and he listened. You can ask for my life once more. This time my life is Arzoo. Alvira says you will never get her. He asks then who will get? Sahir? who is cheating her, and also what about Zeenat? You will have to stop all this. She says she would have stopped if it was wrong. Doesn’t Sahir deserve happiness? Even Zaki knows Zeenat’s condition and they both know there is no hope for Zeenat recovering. Zaki says he wants Sahir’s happiness too, but not on base of lies. She asks him, how can you say he’s lying? Don’t you see how much Sahir has changed? I know Sahir loves her a lot. Zaki asks how to believe that? He feels Alriva is also involved in Sahir’s plan. Alvira asks him to forget Arzoo. Whatever she is doing is for their good. Zaki says he can’t forget her. It will be her decision whether she loves him or Sahir, but no decision is made in darkness. Kurti Appa was right about telling the truth to Arzoo and he will do the same now. He leaves.

Sahir is searching Arzoo. A servant informs she already left for office. Sahir rushes to office. Other hand, Zaki also finds out she left for office.

Arzoo is in Sahir’s cabin. She smiles touching his chair and then remembering their close moments and Sahir asking her for Nikah. She comes out all smiling and Zaki just misses her. He looks around and then goes in Sahir’s cabin. Hide-and-seek continues between them.

Arzoo comes outside and is still smiling. Sahir comes there. Both look into each others eyes. He says he wants to tell her something. Both walk towards each other. Arzoo smiles looking at him and says she also wants to say him something. She continues she has made the decision. Sahir interrupts, but she stops him from saying anything. She continues, she loves him a lot. Her answer is yes. She is ready for the Nikah. She hugs him. Sahir is shocked / happy / blank (cant say from expression). He too hugs her back. Episode ends on his face.

Precap: Sahir tells Arzoo that he’s already married. Arzoo says such jokes are not good. Sahir says, all this was joke only. What she thought that only she can play love games? Arzoo asks him again he’s married? He says, 10 years ago. Arzoo is shocked!!

Update Credit to: diya.d

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  1. Thanks diya.d!
    Btw what wil happen nw as arzu wil get to knw d truth?

  2. I’m so glad the truth is going to come out, firstly Zaki cannot threaten Sahir anymore n 2ndly Arzoo will make a decision based on truth. I think she will still be with Sahir because she loves him n this will make her love him more cos now she will understand his pain he had for seven years….thanks for update.

  3. When arzoo hugs Sahir the reality that he loves her comes on his face expressions

  4. When arzoo hugs Sahir the reality that he loves her comes on his face expressions
    Thanks for the update diya

  5. no updates for today

  6. Please please update 30 November 2014….why the delay. :((((

  7. Where is 30th November update?

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