Humsafars 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Alvira telling Sahir that you are not my son. I wished for my kids’ better future being their mum. Sahir says I accept that I am a stranger, but you are my Ammi naa. I would have given you my wife if you asked me. I was aware what was written in the will. You might have said, I would never ask question from you as mother is never wrong. Arzoo is teary eyed. Everyone look tensedly. Anam comes there running and says he will kill her. She asks him to protect her. Sahir asks who? Vikram comes there running. Zeenat gets tensed. Vikram tells her that we have less time and have to leave from here immediately. He tells that his truth is out now and the head quarters came to know that he is supporting her. He asks her to come.

Zeenat asks Sahir who is this man and what is he speaking nonsense. She tells him that she is Sahir’s wife. Vikram asks which game you are playing now. Zeenat says she loves Sahir very much and wants to give a chance to her marriage. She tells Sahir that she wasted 7 years in coma, but now realized her mistake. She don’t want to lose the chance and wants to be with him. She says I am only yours. You are my husband and I am your wife. Vikram says I danced on your tune like a monkey. When I saw you 7 years back, I got mad about you. I betrayed my job. When you got consciousness, then I protected you. You used me all the while. You wanted to move Arzoo from your way, and I killed Rubina thinking her as Arzoo. Everyone get shocked. A flashback is shown. He tells that he attacked Arzoo in her room. He shot at Arzoo, but Sahir came in between.

Everyone get shocked. Vikram says I did everything for you. Even I mixed poison in Sahir’s glucose drip. A flashback is shown again. Vikram says today you came to know that Sahir has become rich, whom you thought as a loser, then you are ignoring me. He says it is not easy to get away from me. I won’t let you betray me so easily, never. You have to come with me. He holds her hand. Zeenat asks him to leave her hand and says you did this because you love me. She says, but I did this because I loves only my Sahir. Everyone looks on. Zeenat tells Sahir that she loves him immensely being his wife and knows that he too loves her. She says she did a mistake, but now repenting for her doings. She says life has given her a chance. She says she is seeing him on the place where she wants him to be. She says you have proved yourself to be with me. I am ready, we will forget everything and move on. I will forgive you for marrying second time. She asks him to tell Arzoo to leave.

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She says she doesn’t want to start looking at her bad reflection. Sahir says you said right that you came back for me, by fighting with death. You did so much, acted to be in coma, is ready to leave your boyfriend and even tried to kill Arzoo. Tell me what do you want? Zeenat says she wants Sahir and his love. Sahir says ok, you will get both. He announces that he accepts Zeenat fully infront of all. Arzoo is in tears.

Sahir says she did so much to get me. He says we will leave this house. Zeenat says I will pack my bags. Sahir says I am suffocating here. Zeenat says, but why we shall leave. This house is mine and yours. Sahir says this is happening because of money. You wants to stay alone, I don’t need anything. Zeenat asks are you mad? Do you want me to leave this property and house for your love. She says she needs everything. Sahir says I thought you needs me. Zeenat says she is not stupid. Sahir says perfect. He goes to Arzoo and asks can you stay with me all your life. Arzoo holds his hand and says God is surprise baaz that he made her meet him. She says my everything is yours. Zaki leaves from there. Sahir says lets teach her a lesson. He says I have moved on with my humsafar, and you are left behind. You are the feeling of a jealous toast which I used to eat. Now I eats sweets as Arzoo filled my life with happiness. He praises Arzoo saying she applied ointment on the wounds given by her. He says he has only Arzoo in his heart, only his Arzoo.

Sahir says life is going to be tough now. Arzoo says no, it would have been tough if you was not with me. Sahir turns and says everything is yours. Police comes and calls for Sahir. Zaki comes and says he called the police. Kurti Apa asks the police to take Zeenat. Zeenat tries to take her in her sweet coated words saying you loves me like your daughter. Kurti Apa slaps her. She says I loves you, and doing this because of it. She says wealth is important for you, more than every relation. You thought every relation as a joke. You betrayed all, even this kurti Apa. She says I fight with everyone for you. I used to say My Zeenat…..What did you do? You broke my heart? She says kurti Apa is very kurti through her deeds. She asks the Inspector to arrest her. Police arrests Zeenat. Zeenat says sorry to Sahir. Everyone looks on as she is taken away by the Police.

Arzoo throws paper rocket on Sahir. Sahir pretends to be hurt. Arzoo gets concerned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  6. Very nice episode. Loved it sooo much. LOVE YOU SaAz/HarShiv… I’m gonna miss HS SaAz/HarShiv a lottttttt…plz come back soon with new projects… eagerly waiting to see Harshad and Shivya again on screen…. Very best wishes from me for your future projects HarShiv.. Love you…

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