Humsafars 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir getting a call from a stranger asking him to stop the deal. He says he mailed a video and asks him to check. He sees Arzoo in the video. He calls again. Sahir says if Arzoo gets even a scratch then I will not spare you. He asks what do you want? The goon asks him to cancel the deal else Arzoo won’t be alive. Sahir asks what is the guarantee. He says no guarantee. Sahir says I will give you guarantee that you won’t be alive if anything happens to Arzoo. The goon asks him to go inside the room and refuse the deal. He says his eyes will be on him. Alvira talks to someone. Zaki comes and informs her that Sahir refused for the deal. He says Sahir found some loop poles in the deal. He says before I could speak, he left. Alvira says I believe on Sahir, if he has broken his dreams with his own hands then there is definitely something wrong. She calls him, but phone is unreachable. Zaki says he got to know that Arzoo went with Anam. Alvira senses something is wrong as Anam can’t get along with Arzoo. She says definitely something dangerous is going to happen which we couldn’t figure out.

Vikram comes and tells Kurti Apa that he will take care of Zeenat. Kurti Apa blesses him to become a constable. Vikram says constable is lower position. Kurti Apa asks him to sit with Zeenat and leaves. Vikram locks the door and comes to Zeenat. She opens her eyes and gets up. Vikram says Sahir cancelled the deal as per my order. Zeenat says yes, and thanks him for that. Vikram says everything is happened as per your wish, then what are you thinking. Zeenat says she was thinking about Anam. We have to do something about her. Vikram says no, and says Anam told Arzoo about you. She told that you are feigning to be in coma. She was taking Arzoo to Sahir, but I stopped her. Zeenat says we will put kidnapping blame on Anam. She asks him to say that Anam kidnapped Arzoo to blackmail Sahir. Vikram says your mind is clever. He holds her hand and asks her to say until when she will pretend to be in coma. He says Sahir is innocent according to my investigation. Zeenat says then who is that man who planned my accident.

Vikram asks are you ready to hear the truth. You are using me. You never loved Sahir. Just wanted to get him and it is your stubborness. You can’t bear that Sahir has given your place to someone else. You want to snatch Sahir from Arzoo and make him dance on your tune. Zeenat says so you are saying, I am cheap girl. Vikram says you think only about yourself and I know you very well. Zeenat gives a kiss on his cheek. Vikram is about to hug him, but she stops him and says she loves him very much. She says she will come to him once the man is caught behind her accident. Vikram asks her not to worry about Anam as he will handle. Zeenat thinks Sahir is mine and he won’t leave me.

Sahir comes to the office and sees Vikram. He tells that you might have tell me something which you are hiding. He asks why did you cancel the deal? Sahir says it is none of your business. Vikram asks him about Arzoo and says you should have come to me. Your wife is missing and you didn’t come to me. Sahir says why, to get blamed by you. He asks him to answer, how did he know about Arzoo gone missing. Vikram says they tap his phone and his team is searching for her. He says my doubt is cleared about you. We are at one side now. He gets a call and says he got the location. Arzoo wakes up in the kidnapper’s place and calls for Sahir. Sahir reaches there and opens the rope. He asks why did you reach here? Arzoo says Anam was taking me to the hotel room. She tells that someone sprayed something on her while she was in car. She says your life was in danger.

Vikram puts the blame on Anam. Arzoo says she is kidnapped. Vikram says where is she? Arzoo says it means she lied to me. She asks Sahir, did you sign the deal? Sahir is silent. Arzoo understands that he didn’t sign and feels bad. Sahir says his promise is not more than her life. I will give my life for your life. Vikram asks them to go home and get emotional. Vikram smiles and calls his goon asking him to release Anam. He says she will go to Sahir and Arzoo. They will inform me. She will be in jail.

Anam comes to Alvira after coming home from kidnappers’ place. She asks her to help her. Alvira says how dare you come infront of me. I will call Sahir. Anam asks her to help for now. Alvira says Sahir’s deal is cancelled because of you. Anam says I have a video of Zeenat’s accident and it was clear that it was planned conspiracy. She says you was behind her accident. Alvira gets shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. !!! thanks for the update. No precap??? I can’t wait until Monday episode. This is getting very interesting. Love you SaAz. Love you HarShiv 🙂

  2. Shuchismita Das

    Alvira planned her daughter’s accident? What’s going on? The inspector is Zeenat’s boyfriend, searching for evidence, Anam holds the video, What’s all this? Can’t get a spoiler even. God, two morw days, can’t wait.

  3. I love your show so much so much a rzoo and sahir is hot very interested in this show can not wait until monday

  4. I just love your show I hope you have season 2
    sahir is really hot

  5. yes he is cute but needs hair cut LOL!!!!!!

  6. Why no precap…?

  7. HS was very interesting. I enjoyed the enjoy a lot. cant believe that it is actually coming to an end. Maybe a HS 2 on its way?

    1. I don’t thinks so but I also hope that there Will come a HS 2!
      I just love the show it’s so awsome

  8. Today update?

  9. Today’s update please….

  10. There is no update bcoz now this show doesn’t come on Sony tv channel But IT COMES ON A-PLUS TV CHANNEL which airs only in Pakistan in the evening at 7:00 pm Mon to Thursday

  11. Plzzz see my comment fast

  12. This channel doent air in India it only comes in Pakistan
    So saddd we cannot watch It on tv

  13. @ kashish this show is airing on A-plus channel from beginning, but there was the news that this show will be aired on sony at 8pm and last episode will be on feb 26 or 27.

  14. But at 8:00pm Itna karo na mujhe pyaar serial comes

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