Humsafars 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rahman lying down to get his beard shave. Sahir comes and tells him that Rohan is ready to give testimony against you for the burnt factory. He asks who will go to Jail with Rohan. He gives him lucknow tickets for them and asks him to leave with his daughter Samaira. Rahman fumes. Sahir says it is not a threat, but a suggestion.

Zaki calls Samaira. Samaira gets happy. He asks do you wants to marry me. Samaira says she likes fun loving, smiling Zaki. Zaki says he is ready to marry her and asks her to prove that this child is his. He says he is ready to have the DNA test done. Samaira says you wants to humiliate your child’s mother like this. Zaki asks why you are tensed hearing maternity test. Samaira gets tears in her eyes and shouts. Rahman comes and asks about Samaira tears. Zaki says I am a gentleman and never took advantage of anyone. I will not let anyone take my advantage. He leaves. Rahman asks what was Zaki talking about. Samaira tells him that when she went abroad, Zaki spiked her drink and took her advantage. He is now refusing to marry her and even humiliating her. He is asking me to do the maternity test. She threatens to die to protect her father’s respect. Rahman promises to get her married to Zaki. He thinks now this relation will happen anyhow. Samaira smirks.

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Sahir wakes up with an alarm and thinks you kept this alarm at 4:30. He sees Rahman coming to his room and saying he brought a good news for him. He serves him coffee and says he brought news paper for him. He reminds him of Rohan and says he came to know that Rohan went very far. He asks Sahir to call him. Sahir calls his number and it comes as unreachable. Rahman says Rohan went very far, where even network couldn’t reach. He is killed. Sahir gets shocked. Rahman asks him to read newspaper. He says we will make you have breakfast before we leave. Sahir looks on.

At the breakfast table, Rahman serves the food. Alvira praises his cooking. Kurti and Anam too praise him. Alvira praises Rahman and says blessings come from our heart. Rahman calls Samaira and asks Alvira to bless her. Alvira asks what happened. Rahman tells Alvira that Samaira is pregnant before marriage. Alvira asks who is responsible for her condition. Rahman says Zaki is responsible. Everyone get shocked. Kurti Apa says Zaki have so much time, he made two girls pregnant at the same time. Samaira tells that Arzoo is not pregnant and is just pretending. Arzoo confirms the same. Samaira says she is trying to trap Zaki. Anam taunts Arzoo. Arzoo tells them that she has a reason for her doings. Her Allah knows the truth and she doesn’t need to clear anything to anyone. Sahir hears her. Rahman tells that they will leave now after getting so much insulted. Sahir tells Rahman that you will get justice.

Arzoo recalls Anam’s insulting words and cries. Zaki comes and holds her hand. He says it is enough now. Come with me, and takes Arzoo with him. Kurti Apa says he brought bakri again. Anam says garbage needs to be kept out. Zaki says Arzoo is silent because of me and this house respect. She is scared and innocent. I don’t understand how can you doubt this innocent girl because of Samaira. Arzoo goes inside. Zaki continues that Samaira is pregnant but he is not responsible for it. Rahman gets angry and says I would have killed you. Zaki says Samaira is framing him for other’s sin. Sahir gets angry and slaps him hard.

Zaki comes to Sahir. Sahir asks him not to apologize to him and asks him to apologize to Samaira instead. Zaki says I didn’t do any mistake. Sahir says did you know what you have done. Zaki says truth will be out soon and says he can’t marry Samaira. Sahir asks for the reason. Zaki says he loves Jahanara and will marry her only. Sahir gets angry and tries to control his anger. He looks shocked.

Sahir tells Arzoo that you are among the one who can do anything for money, who is craved for wealth and money. Arzoo gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for fast update. Nice episode.

  2. Thanq h hasan

  3. How can Sahir talk like this to arzoo( in precap)?? Will see… How arzoo Will prove him that she is not a such girl as he think…but really sad for arzoo…its really hurts when our loved one is not believing us n say bad about our character….

  4. arey yaar sahir se misundestanding.cant u c the truth yaar.and this serial show us some scene of other serial like geet and iss pyar ko kya naam doon.sahir and arzoo doing like arnav khushi and maan geet.waise been they show that arzoo and sahir stuck in jungle before which similar to aranv khushi and maan geet even they were also stuck in jungle.and same to same misunderstanding btw these three serial.

  5. @priyaroli and @bhuvi. Well said! But the story is moving ….no nagging thank God. We always get hurt by our loved ones because they mean our very existence. Poor Arzoo…what all she has to suffer

  6. i think sahir is struggling wit his feelings. That is why he is behaving rudely wit arzoo. Jus like maan.

  7. I heard that sahir is trying to woo arzoo to show zaki that she is nothing but a gold digger. Wil arzoo fall for sahir?

  8. above was the spoiler for wednesday. Now spoiler for thurs.- saAz are slowly coming closer. Where will this love lead saAz? Will they end up being together or not?

  9. I think sahir is talking like that to arzoo so she cant marry zaki…

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