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During whole party Kunj just fixing his gaze at twinkle only she see and blushed don’t know why his gaze making her blushed Meera and Chinki or Avni teased her like anything.Kunj friends and other businesses clients wife’s she meet with them and they share good company.Alisha was fully drunk.Kunj pa come and told him about kids Sir all kids come now? His pa asked him?

You go and bring them he replied back. She went and all those kids with ladies who handling them. Kunj went towards them and meet with ladies.

Hi miss Naina.. he said.

Hi mr Kunj thanks for this all things you doing for our kids it’s amazing she said.

Don’t be thanks I’m doing for myself it’s gives me utmost happiness he said and lift small baby boy who nearly 2 years old he kissed on his forehead twinkle come joint them she meet with all kids and interact them nicely.

She is your wife Naina asked.

Yes she is my wife twinkle Kunj Sarna Kunj replied back with a huge smiled.

They give all gifts and toys to all kids and they get so happy and finally Kunj tell each and everyone he going to open school for all those orphans kids they going to get good education and will learn good things.All smiled and clapped for them.After this all session function end happily before going back twinkle gang didn’t leave her to teased. Kunj fully playing with arva and Kush Anjali and Rohan or yuvi and Aditi come to him.

Acha bhai give us our babies back they said together..?

Acha take na I was just playing why not you both leave your kids with me I have many chocy for them he said while looking both cuties which was in his arms.

No we don’t want say babies you enjoy with your wifey baby?yuvi said. Kunj roll his eyes. Arva and Kush kissed on Kunj cheeks and went in their mummies arms.They both waving bye bye Kunj too kissed on their cheeks after they all went.

Twinkle went in her room after get tired hell.Alisha went in her room Kunj send her with servant she is not good condition.

Ahah where is this twinkle haan i m not seeing her he spoke.Usha come there and he asked her Maa did you see twinkle haan?

Nahi puttar but before she going upstairs maybe she is in her room only you have any work tell me I’ll do it Usha said.

Nahi Maa nothing just normally acha goodnight he said and kissed on her temple she too kissed on his forehead both left for their respective rooms.

Kunj entered in room twinkle was lost in her thoughts completely she just thinking about Kunj the way he take her name and tell everyone she is his wife she love it ??.Bring bright smile on her face Kunj see her he smiled and lock her room slowly without doing any noise he went near twinkle and give her backhugged

she didn’t come in sense still. Kunj lock his hands around her waist fully he made way his Hand under palu and so he can tickle on her tummy he tickled on her tummy and moving his finger as well in sensually way ?.

Due to this twinkle come in sense.

Aha twinkle screamed.

Kunj rest his chin on her shoulder.

What happened where were you lost twinkle I’m toh here only he said she smiled and hold his hand.

Kunjj tum when did you come and what is this stop tickles ?me please.She said cutely ??.

I come when you busy in your thoughts he said.And kissed on her cheek from back.She closed her eyes and she turned and look at him. It was totally different feeling they both getting and their eyes too speaking something else they wanted to shy in front of each other’s.Twinkle get shy and she look other side slightly Kunj tucked her hairs behind her ears.You looking so beautiful in this today.He said in a romantic tone which hitting perfectly her shyness or else give more accelerator??..

Kya Hua twinkle looking tired he asked her.

Umm Nahi Kunj today I enjoyed lott and why you take my name na. He must be known Alisha is your wife she said he cupped her chin.

What do you mean by this now they should know you are my WIFE.Alisha not anymore he said don’t you get happy he asked her in low voice.She nodded in yes. He smiled back.And kissed on her forehead and hold her hand.kunj kissed on her hand twinkle look at him and shiver.Mehak Rahi Hai Zameen Chandni Ke Phoolon SeKhuda Kisi Ki Mohabbat Pe Muskuraya Hai he spoke and she blushed and look at him.

Ek tamana thi jho hasrat ban gayi……………‹{}›

.‹{}›Kabhi dosti thi Ab mohabbat bun gayi……….‹{}›

.‹{}›Kuch is tarha shamil hue tum Zindagi main …‹{}›

.‹{}›Tujhe sochte rehna meri adat ban gayi…………‹{}› he said and winked at her she can’t control and blushing like anything her face turn into red Cherries.

I don’t know you know poetries as well she said.

Hmm you don’t know anything about me till now twinkle sarna.He said.

Acha ji she said.

Yes any doubt don’t worry soon you will know each and everything about me he said. ?.

Today you sing so beautifully how you know this things tell me na. She said.

Hmm he pulled her closer to himself she resting her both hands on his chest.

Arey I’m interested in this things from starts only twinkle love to Write my thoughts and this poetries for Alisha I write so many poetries for her every day he added in gloomy voice.

Acha Kunj it’s so cool na and so special as well he nodded in yes talented Sarna.She said he smiled.

But less than you how you handle this event work now home as well he said.

I can manage Kunj even you handling each and everything together why not she said.

Acha it’s too late let’s sleep she Said about to go but Kunj hold her. Kunjjj.

Haan wait na he said.

Let me change Kunj she said

Hoo okay he said.Twinkle smiled and take out her night dress and went in washroom while Kunj ruffles his hairs and smiling like anything.

{Ik supna ae mera

Supne vich tu aave

Main teri ho jaawa

Tu mera ho jaave} he humming the song.

After get freshen up twinkle come out of the washroom and see Kunj still didn’t changed his clothes.

Ahah Kunj why don’t you changed your clothes don’t you wanted to go office tomorrow haan she said.

Hmm I was waiting for you help me he said ??.Twinkle  understands and throw his nights and he catch up.

Kunj changing in side she blushed and went in side. Just than suddenly rain started twinkle see and she went near balcony door and watching the water droplets falling downs from sky. Kunj see her he went near twinkle stand beside her near to door second side.

Kya hua you admiring this barish he said.

Hmm Haan I love this rain Kunj lott it’s give me peace when I see rain water droplets after rain sky get clear fully even this rain clear our life pain as well she said and he smiled.

Hmm right twinkle he said.

You know what Kunj I was dreaming I don’t wanted to marry it’s like eww but when I see romantic movies raj and Simran Rahul and Anjali and others and think do anyone will come in my life who love me this and do all those things which a lover does she said.

Interesting filmy queen ?what’s the problem now you know even me too always I look different but I wasn’t like sadu what you thinking about me.When I fall for Alisha twinkle I wanted to enjoy each and every bit of my life like all couple going for date and do small and small things for each other’s just to make each other’s happy and after marriage too she will wait for me when I come we will have dinner together and went for long drive many things to do which a normal girl and boy does but this couldn’t happened in my wife she find happiness in huge things and I was the person who finding happiness in very small things only I always planned date for her and take her for candle light dinners but she was with me physically but not fully from heart but I never do issues on this leave maybe her way is different to see life and my as well he said in innocent voice twinkle see him and can feel pain in his eyes.

Acha good my life funda too same Kunj so why not we she said and he look at her.

Kyu na suru sesuru kar I mean tu shadi se phale wali twinkle he said.

And tum shadi ke phale wale Kunj she said ?.

Haan he hummed.

Our alliance too happened normally you come to see me and we went for dates you do this and that for me she said Kunj arching his eye brows.

Only me madam haan he said.

Haan you are look at me I’m twinkle Kunj Sarna punjabi pataka beauty with brain line lagi hui hai ladko ki mere peeche?. She said.

Hoo really look me rice family se returned from USA {Boston} girls behind me if you know twinkle ji he said.

Kuch bhi you are my husband now if you try normally than till now just try to impress me only samje she said Kunj giggles.

Acha theek hai me tujhe impress karta we will go for date talk whole night what’s say let’s do it. He said.

Hmm yes it would be amazing na Kunj ready kuware Kunj Sarna she tickles him Than you are Kunj before marriage and i m twinkle she said and both shake the hands and smiling like each other’s start afresh Kunj said.. 

But kunjj Alishaaa twinkle said Kunj pulled her in side and pinned her at wall.

Don’t take anyone name when you are with me and we are in this room just now we talk now about us why you thinking about Alisha he said.

Wo I mean you didn’t asked her she said.

I don’t want to asked her she does what she wanted even I didn’t stop she play with my feelings let everything going on the way going on before but for us it changed she bring you in my life now end of her topic get it he said and she nodded in yes.And hugged him tightly he too hugged her tightly nigh caressing each other’s bones fully.

Kunj lift her in his arms and went towards bed he smiled and she place her on bed and come beside her she smiled and rest her head on his chest.

Goodnight twinkle said.

Hmm he said.

Kya hmm Kunj twinkle added he giggle slightly she raise her face and look at him. She make pouty lips Kunj peck on her pout . She blushed.

Now don’t blushed I’ll loose my control ?.he said. Twinkle hide her face under his chest he pulled the blanket and both smiled and sleep took over them.

In Alisha [email protected]

She laying down on the bed and and blabbering kunjj you are my husband see everyone i m his wife mrs Alisha Kunj Sarna. Not that b*t*h ??.She reposed

At morning twinkle and Kunj wake up and look at each other’s and remember about last night. Kunj get up and went in balcony while twinkle sitting and cuddling her knees she thinking about their life. Just than her phone beep she take her phone and see Kunj. And get confused why he calling him.She look at Kunj he was sitting on swing chair.Twinkle pick up the phone,

Hello? Twinkle spoke.. with a smile.

Twinkle Taneja? Kunj asked.

Yes twinkle she replied.

I’m Kunj Sarna your mom have told you he said..

Twinkle said yes you gave proposal for marriage? he says yes Twinkle said i get 12 to 13 proposals a day so i cant remember much.

Kunj said i was thinking to take you on coffee.

Twinkle said i dont have time, i have to go on shopping, Guradvarah, do you go there?

Kunj says i went abroad but i know my culture.

Twinkle said meeting is not problem but i get bored easily by people.?

Kunj said people say that i am good company.?

Twinkle said you are over-confident.

Kunj added give me chance.

Twinkle said okay i will give you 30minutes, i will meet you at coffee shop, Kunj says done, they end call and smile.?.

Kunj come in room and look at her she blushing fully.Kunj went in washroom while twinkle get ready his things till Than.Soon they both get ready quickly.Twinkle closing Kunj shirt buttons Kunj playing with her hairs.

Haha Kunj stop na why you irritating me. She said.

Acha irritating showing attitude haa on phone call he sAid she giggles.

Ab me Kya karu you only wanted to play this role play.. if you don’t want we can stop here I’m toh like this only twinkle Taneja ??. She said.

Yeah yeah I can see but I’m Kunj Sarna will not give up so soon he said.

Chalo everyone must be waiting for us at breakfast Kunj she said.And he smiled and nodded in yes they both went downstairs holding each other’s hands and carried bright smile at their lips.

They went towards dinning table Bebe and Manohar or Usha was sitting and having their breakfast they see twinkle and Kunj get so happy they looking so adorable together.

Good morning Kunj said they too wish him back.They both take seat beside each other’s.

Sorry mummy ji I get late she said.

Koi baat nahi beta Usha said.They having their breakfast Kunj smirked and hold twinkle hand under the table she look at him and shocked.

Kunjj what are you doing anyone will see us haan.She said while Kunj giving her smile and having breakfast she see him and smiled tightly hold his hand back he too smile.

Alisha wake up and holding her head last night she drinks like anything baby my lemonade moving her hand on side table expecting like always Kunj must be bring lemonade for her.Kunjj baby my lemonade she said in sleeping voice. She open her eyes and looking in side and didn’t see Kunj.

Where is Kunj he didn’t come for me haan She spoke she get hell angry.

After breakfast they all get up and went in living room while twinkle take Kunj office bag down and give him went with him till his car.Alisha come in her balcony and her eyes went on twinkle and Kunj standing.

Acha I’m going bye remember coffee date Kunj said ?.

Haan I know mr Kunj Sarna okay bye take care of yourself Kunj.He nodded in yes and kissed on her forehead she closed her eyes and he peck on her lips she blushed and he sit in his car and left while twinkle keep smiling. She went inside back.

This twinkle Kunj went office without meeting with me haan she said in anger.

After get freshen up Alisha come down and yelling at servants twinkle come out of the kitchen bring lemonade for Alisha.

Arey Alisha what happened haan why you yelling take your lemonade glass okay she said forwarding the glass Alisha look at her and she take the glass and drink quickly. In rudely way.

Where were kunj twinkle she asked her. Twinkle look at her.

Hmm he went office Alisha she replied back.

Aaj kal toh he don’t look at me once what’s the matter she said while twinkle excuse and went in kitchen continues her work.

Kunj working in his cabin he keeping thinking about twinkle.

Babaji what happiness I get from Alisha which I didn’t get from Alisha why I attracting so much towards twinkle. I wanted to spend my day with her she giving me so much happiness Yeah maybe we are same and understand each other nicely.But I enjoy every bit of it with her my. And Alisha what you said twinkle I’m so upset ?why I give you so much love and care and loving you like anything I wouldn’t talk to you will realised your mistakes one day soon he said and see twinkle photo he saving her photo his laptop screen saver. Thanks for entering in my life make me laugh.Whole day passed quickly twinkle get Kunj message

{ baby get ready I’m leaving you too come okay waiting seen you soon } twinkle read and smile and bite her lips she went in her room and selecting dress for herself just than her eyes went on side and see a dress keeping on couch with a note. She went near and take in her hand.

{ twinkle ji this dress for you increase the beauty of this dress more please wear it today for me}

Aww Kunj bring this dress for me aww babaji so sweet of him how romantic he is.She open the dress and see get hell happy I’ll wear this only she said and quickly get ready.

Kunj come out of his cabin he going in hustle he bumped with yuvi and Aakash. Arey bro why so hurry and where are going yuvi asked him.

Arey let me go I’ll get late please he said.

Ahaa Aakash closed his way first tell us looking like you going for a date he said and yuvi and he giggles while Kunj smiled.

Aisa hi hai samjlo he said and went from there.

I’m so happy for I told him after her his life just filled with happiness only that happened exactly ?yuvi murmured.

Kunj sit on car and checking out himself does he looking fine. He left for cafe. After get ready twinkle come down she looking so happy she get nervous how she get permission from bebe and Usha. She went near them.

Arey twinkle puttar you going somewhere haan usha asked her.

She look at her nodded in yes.

Hoo where with whom I think with her husband Bebe said in teasing tone twinkle blushed she went near her and shake her in teasing manner.

Than good beta go fast after tell me what you both done.Bebe said.

Okay bebe aap bhi na she added and take their permission and run out side.Usha and Bebe smiled.

I’m so happy finally happiness arrived in my Kunj life Usha murmured.

Kunj reached cafe he went inside and waiting for twinkle where is this siyappa queen she coming for dinner haan.Kunj spoke.He waiting for her and looking here and there.Just than twinkle arrived she looking for Kunj.Kunj eyes went on her. Oyye madam here he said she see him and smiled and gesturing him she is coming she went towards him.Kunj take Table in private way. Kunj get up and pulled chair for her smiled and sit happily.

He too side

You come very soon twinkle ji he said.

Hoo sorry you know I’m not free that’s why Kunj koi na she said.

Okay but I’m very punctual about time he said.

Acha ji but now your alliance fixing with me na you will become like me ??or else I’ll make you she added Kunj giggles.

Very funny he said. Waiter come.

Acha twinkle which coffee want you. He asked her.

Hmm Kunj today you try my one she said and give Oder for them waiter went.

Aur sunaiye aap ke baar me. He asked her.

Kya suno me you asked me na. She said. Kunj hold her hand. First date pe hi getting cozy with me haan.. ?she said.

It’s not crime we going to marry with each other’s Kunj added with a shy smile.Soon their coffee come they both enjoying the coffee with lotts of laugh and chit chat. Time went so fast.They went out of the cafe Kunj see florist he bring flowers for twinkle.

Twinkle jiii Kunj said she turned and see him. Red roses for whom she asked.

For one and only twinkle ?he said she blushed and take the flowers from Kunj hand and smells it my favourite I love their smile she said and sit in car and left for Sarna Mansion.

This coffee date is nice Kunj said.

Hmm she Hummed.

Arey I forgot you looking truly amazing in this dress he said she look at him.

Hmm it’s your choice na she added.

They reached Sarna Mansion and went inside.They didn’t see anyone And get confused Kunj asked servant. Where is everyone he asked.

Sir all elders toh went for some function at kapoor house and Alisha madam didn’t come back till now he replied.

Hoo okay he went twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s while Kunj smirked at twinkle.

And think in his mind wow we are alone at home it’s interesting I can spend Time with twinkle now he spoke..

Kunjj i didn’t impress with you lott she said and bye to him went upstairs.

Kunj giggles and he went in side after sometimes later twinkle come downstairs and see candles lit up in living room lights were off.

Arey where is Kunj kunjjj kaha ho tum she Said.What is this haan.

Just than she listen some sound she turned and see Kunj who coming down and wearing red shirt along with black jacket and playing mandolin he come down while playing twinkle see him and get shocked.

Kunj comes there dressed as Raj of Dil wale Dulhaniya lejayengy, he plays movie’s tune on Mandolin Twinkle smiles seeing him enacting SRK for her, Kunj comes to her and smiles.she asks where did you find this hat, jacket and Mandolin?

i bought it when i saw Raj with Simran, i was waiting for this moment. Kunj replied

You are SRK’s fan too she asked him

Yes i am but i am fan of.. he said  let it be, you will laugh

Twinkle asks him to say.??.

Kunj said i always used to think when i will find my Simran, who is sweet, cute and innocent, i saved this getup for day when i find my Simran but i didnt get chance to wear it, now i know that the girl i was waiting for whole life, you are that girl Twinkle, both smile at each other, they recall their first meeting, their marriage. Kunj thinks that when Twinkle smiles, she looks different, her face glows and she has shine in her eyes, i can do anything for her smile, Tujhe dekha toh ye jana sanam plays, Twinkle is smiling, Kunj comes close to her, she gets shy and starts to leave but Kunj holds her and says its okay Sanorita, small things happen in big cities(dialogue from movie), Twinkle admires him.

Twinkle said you have impressed me a little.?

Kunj said so now what? he comes closer to her.?

she said its our first date only so don’t t try to come closer, she pushes him away,

he said this is not fair, my heart wants to come closer to you.

Twinkle said this is not some movie.

Kunj added but this is romance right? Twinkle doesnt know what to say, she says you..

Kunj said now i will speak and you have to listen,i was saying that my heart wants to come closer to you.. more closer, he holds her from waist, both are really close, they look in each others eyes, Sajna ve plays, he is about to kiss her, she moves away and says i am hungry, i will make something to eat, Kunj pulls her closer and says are you afraid? you want to go away from me? he says you make food for me everyday so i will make food for you today.

She smiled and nodded in yes and went in kitchen

Twinkle asks Kunj what he is making for her?

Kunj said just wait and watch what chef Kunj makes for you,he brings noodles, she says noodles? he said i only know to make noodles, i will make it nicely,Twinkle glances at him and thinks that i will anything or everything you cook for me, the fact that i love is that you are cooking for me, Kunj sees her glancing at him and asks what is she thinking?

she said nothing, i will help you to cut vegetables.

he said dont even think, i am cooking for you so i will do everything, he starts cooking Twinkle is mesmerised by him.In kitchen,Kunj is cutting vegetables, he mistakenly cuts his finger from knife, Twinkle quickly takes his finger and sucks blood from his wound. Kunj looks at her in surprise, he sees her tensed for him, Sajna ve plays.

Twinkle said to Kunj that i told you i will cut veggies but you hurt yourself, she punches his shoulder and says now i will cut veggies, dont even try to stop me, you boil noodles, we will work like a team, Kunj glances at her.They Makde noddles happily and after they take noodle bowl in living room both sits opposite of each other’s.

lights go off, Kunj said thank God, she asked what he said even God want us to have candle light dinner she said lets have??.

Kunj said to Twinkle that i have read somewhere that we can test compatibility between with noodles, both partners should eat one noodle from each end and if it doesnt break then they are compatible, i think we should test it, Twinkle said okay. Kunj holds noodle from one end in mouth, Twinkle holds it from other end in her teeth. Both looking at each other’s slowly slowly eating noodles

Kunj pov.

Thanks babaji for sending her in my life Alisha bring her that best think happened in my life I never wanted to this happened but she itself ready but after seeing her goodness he changed and falling for her very soon don’t know why always feels like I knew her from start see her she is very important for me.Today whatever I m

Doing with that never do with Alisha even I didn’t try as well once maybe babaji wanted to send twinkle in my life.

Twinkle pov

Twinkle admiring him he is so nice babaji I never thought this like way I get Kunj I

Mean after see him I’m changed I mean his goodness make me fall for her because of Alisha I misunderstood him and tell him so much sorry for that thanks for Kunj. I really really like him babaji. Don’t give him any pain he just stay happy when he come closer to me why I can’t stop him between I love his touch.they are just inch apart.Both looking into each other’s in romantic way.



Just than Alisha along with all family members entered in living room they saw twinkle and Kunj and get shocked Bebe and Usha giggles to see them because of this twinkle and Kunj come in sense and see them shocked like anything immediately get up and composed themselves while Alisha looking at them angrily.

Ahem ahem bebe Hummed.. ?. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s awkwardly.

Woh bebe she said.

Haan what’s going on romantic set up nice bebe said:

Woh my phone is ringing bebe I’m going she said and run from there immediately. Usha look at Kunj.

Even my too. He said.

Haan jaa Kunj bebe added he ruffles his hairs and went while they trio laughs out expect than Alisha she went in her room in anger

Kunj entered in room and see twinkle she making weird faces.As soon as twinkle see Kunj.

What is this Kunj haan because of you I bear so much embarrassment haan. She said.

Really twinkle only because of me even you are with me equally so don’t blame me for everything he added.

Huhu meri izzat ki lassi hogi what bebe thinking about us she said in cute way Kunj went near her pulled her hand.

Kya Hai ab she said.

Why you thinking so much what they will think about us haan we didn’t go any crime you are my wife and I’m your officially husband so there is no big deal baby we can do anything more than this he winked at her she blushed fully ??. Now don’t blushed this why you blushing every time there is any Paid partnership with this ?.He said.

She again blushed and looking down. Ab me Kya karu tumhari baato se blushing come at my cheeks itself Kunj she said in low voice.

Hoo Yeh matter hai he cupped her face how’s your real raj today Simran ??. He said she look at him.

Good she Hummed. ??.Kunj see her face she blushing continuously.He wanted this but Alisha never does this type of things he get romantic with her lot his talk but she just giving normal expression.

Now next Kya Hai twinkle Kunj asked her.

Ab kuch nahi let me sleep samje na.She pushed him and went in washroom.She get freshen up and come out of the washroom till Kunj Oder something for them. He come in room with a food he went towards bed and sit come twinkle let’s have your favourite butter chicken with paratha.. he said twinkle smiled and went towards him and sit she see the food and making temping faces Kunj giggles he tore the morsel and she open her mouth and feed her she too like they feeding each other’s.And giggles as well after they laid down in each other’s embrace Kunj caressing her hairs.

Hmm sleep na now she said.

You sleep I’ll sleep twinkle he added.She closed her eyes and sleep while Kunj kissed on her cheeks and admiring her face.

Today I enjoy every moment really it’s so awkward everyone see us but I’m happy still I living all moments with her the way I wanted. Itself my heart wanted to do with her all things.Now I feeling I’m smiling and happy from my heart after twinkle.Babaji I’m totally confused you know I love Alisha but than why I’m falling for her. Her eyes are like the stars in the sky. Her sweetest smile is what makes me high sometimes I wish I could hug her forever and till the

End of our life be together thanks god for making me meet this angel who had made my ordinary life so very special and I promise to love and give you each and everything till the end of my life let me be your forever my BELOVED MY WIFE TWINKLE ?.Tere aane se Zindagi Savar Gayi, Zindagi ko Ek PAHECHAN si mil gayi, pahele to tha mai Tanha Akela, Tujhko Paane se or Ek JAAN si Mil gay kissed on her forehead and sleep.

Another morning.

Alisha wake up and went in her washroom after get ready she went downstairs and sitting and having coffee.Twinkle wake up and see Kunj she kissed on his cheeks and remember last night and giggles she come out of his cage and went in washroom get freshen up and get ready.She went downstairs and see Alisha but she ignored her because she play with her feelings she went in kitchen making breakfast. Alisha too went and in side she making coffee she take went upstairs. She goes in twinkle and Kunj room she went inside and see Kunj sleeping still she went near him and sit beside Kunj and caress his face.

Good morning honey she Hummed. Due to her touch Kunj wake up he thinking about twinkle but when he open his eyes and found Alisha sitting beside he get up and sit.

Good morning Kunj you wake up so late now haan she said.

Alisha tum yeha itni subha he added but didn’t making any eye contact she breaks down his heart and trust as well.

Yeah Kunj I bring coffee for you always you demanded na but I never listen to you see I bring she said she forward the mug of coffee Kunj look at her.

No I’m fine Alisha twinkle will bring na he added

Just than twinkle entered in room and see Alisha surprise but didn’t said anything she come ahead.Alisha looking at her.

Hoo twinkle come.He said and get up from bed.

I’ll get freshen up he said and went in washroom twinkle looking at Alisha even she too.

Give this coffee Kunj baby she said and went from there.Twinkle taking out his things Kunj come out of the washroom and get ready he look at twinkle.

What happened he asked her?

Hmm nothing Alisha she said.

Haan she bring coffee for me he said.

Hoo than drink na she said and about to go but Kunj pulled her.

Kya hua he asked her.

Nahi Kunj she will feel bad na she bring for you coffee she said.

I told you many times you leave this things it’s my duty twinkle. He take coffee mug which twinkle bring for me and sit and enjoying his coffee and having tears in his eyes.

See Alisha today where you come and stand I used to wait for you will Make coffee for me and demanded but you never give me deed today when I don’t wanted to you now you coming I know you come he think in his heart. After

Each and everyone having breakfast Alisha come and take seat beside Kunj Kunj looking at twinkle while she give him smiled. He finished the breakfast quickly.

Acha Maa and papa I’m going bye twinkle he said and left.

Kunjj baby Alisha giving him voice but Kunj didn’t listen her.Everyone look at her.Just than Alisha got call from jone she left immediately.

Kunj get busy in work back to back meeting so in between his work he called twinkle and she doing her work both talking with each other’s and laughs out bebe and Usha see twinkle.

See bebe Twinkle and Kunj they are so happy haina Usha said.

Haan usha I can see them now my Kunj was so happy Alisha didn’t give him this happiness twinkle puttar always thinking about him they just made for each other’s bebe said.

After sometimes later.

Twinkle was sitting with her both mother in laws just than she get call from leela and she wanted twinkle come at Tm for stay somedays twinkle told about this in her mother in law both Usha and Bebe get agree after marriage she didn’t went her mother place.

Twinkle puttar you go and get ready driver will drop you okay Usha said.

Ji mummy ji twinkle said and went in her room.

Huhu I don’t wanted to go Kunj she look at his photo frame and kissed on it but can’t deny Maa as well for two days matter ??. Acha I have to do his work first she get ready Kunj all things for 2 days so he will not struggle now he can’t do anything without twinkle she arrange all basic things and keep in side wardrobe he will find easily.She packed her clothes and went downstairs and leave message for Kunj take bebe and Usha blessing and left for Tm.

Soon twinkle reached Tm she run side leela was waiting for her like anything. She hugged leela. Maaa I missed you twinkle said while cuddling her.

Even I missed you you itself not coming so I thought to call you leela said and they sit Meera come and joint them.

Good aunty you call her she is toh busy fully huhu Meera said.

Nahi meera woh busy in Kunj work you don’t know him I have to take care of his small and small things that’s why nothing else she said.

Hoo so romantic aunty leela smiled.

She told twinkle hand. Are you happy na with Kunj and there leela asked her. With full smile Haan Maa I’m so happy with Kunj and there also Kunj is really nice he love me so much he give me so much respect and he cared about me. She said

Meri bachi I can see happiness on your face I’m hell happy thanking babaji everyday for this leela said. Kissed on twinkle forehead she smiled where is papa and bhai she asked just than they entered in living room.

We are here Haider added. They see them and smiled twinkle get up and hugged rt and Haider.

You come good rt said.

Haan uncle ki Princess didn’t miss us now she got her Prince Charming ?. Haider said twinkle blushed and hide her face under rt chest they all get surprised to see their twinkle like this but happy. They all sit in lawn and chit chatting with each other’s twinkle telling meera and Haider what Alisha did with her they get shocked but happy Kunj with her.

I’m happy kunj with you meera said.

Haan meera I was mad didn’t believe but on Alisha she hurt him lott he just smiling but I can see he was sad he loving her lott bhai and meera still she did this with him just for BABY SHE said.

You don’t think about this twinkle you just think about you and kunj only leave this all okay Haider said.

Hmm even Kunj too saying me same bhai twinkle added. After sometimes later.

At Sarna Mansion.

Kunj return back from office after get tired he went in living room and sit. And rest his head on couch.

Aha twinkle where are you come and get coffee for me please he give her voice Kunj didn’t get any reply back nor twinkle come. Alisha come there after she get to know twinkle went her home she get hell happy she will stay with Kunj. She come and stand beside couch and caressing Kunj hairs he feel good and smiled think she must be twinkle.

Hhmm so soothing twinkle he said. And open his eyes.

Your coffee Kunj Alisha said Kunj listen her voice and look at in back side she come in front Alishaaa he said.

Haan Kunj me what happened come I’ll give you massage.She said he nodded in no. Twinkleeee he give voice her.

Twinkle will not go Kunj he look at with question eyes I mean she went to Tm that’s why.I come and bring your coffee she said.

Nahi I’m fine I don’t wanted I’ll manage.

He said. Arey Kunj I’ll do come with me she said.

Alisha you leave this things do your work MERI BIWI HAI MERE LIYE he said and went in Usha room and he asked about twinkle than she tell him each and everything how leela call her and wanted she come there Kunj said okay and he went in his room.

Ahah siyappa queen went how I’ll stay without her two days omg now I fully addicted with her. He said and lay down on bed why madam didn’t in formed let me take her class first he open his open and see her message firstly.

{ Kunj I’m going to Maa house she wanted and call me urgently so I can’t deny her when you will come back I’ll went there sorry I don’t want but can’t do anything acha keep your all things in side wardrobe don’t give trouble yourself and tell maid she will give you each and everything itself okay baby she said and Kunj read and smiled} he having tears in his eyes she think about

Him so much. He kissed on phone screen and went near side wardrobe and open and see each and everything keeping.

Cool ?twinkle full 2 days arrangement like it he take his things and went in washroom he get freshen up and sit in balcony maid come with Kunj coffee and give him.

Sir bhabhi tell me to give this she said.

Thanks Kunj said and she went.Kunj enjoying his coffee.Later they sit and having their dinner Alisha try to talk Kunj but he just ignoring her Usha and Bebe see this but didn’t said anything.After dinner Alisha entered in Kunj room.

Kunj baby can I sleep with you today Alisha said.

Kunj look at her Nahi Alisha you cant sleep with me now you know why he said and she cuddled him.

Kunj baby why you behaving like this with me because of that photo shoot okay next time I’ll asked you she said Kunj remove her hands from his back.

Alisha why I’ll get angry with you do whatever you wanted to do he said.

Kunjj twinkle went na let’s enjoy before she said Kunj look at her.

I’m fine Alisha you go please in your room. He added

Kunj you giving twinkle so much time not me why haan what she done for you haan you love me not she is b*t*h I don’t know she will spell something on my husband blo*dy slave Alisha said Kunj get angry.

Alishaa?I’m your tongue don’t forget you talking about my wife I’ll not bear a single word Against her he said.

Kunjj why you getting so hyper for her she just come in your life for some times before only. You leave this Kunj we just want baby from her get our baby will throw her out our life good she said Kunj feel so disgusting she thinking about her and she is mad and so innocent just for her happiness she get ready.

Alisha please go from here he said and and went in balcony. Alisha was shocked to see Kunj this Shade he never did with her. She went in her room.

After Kunj lay down and waiting for twinkle call after get freshen up twinkle come and lay down and see Kunj miscalled she smile and called him

Kunj picked her call.

Hello Kunj she said.

Now you get time siyappa queen he said.

Haan i was with everyone na Kunj she said.

You went and leave me alone huhu twinkle not fair he said twinkle giggles.

Now what can I do you talk to Maa Kunj don’t worry I’ll come just 2 days.she said.

Really 2 days is less 48 hours 2880 minutes 172800 secondsI have to stay without you haan it’s easy twinkle get surprised even shocked to see his calculations she laughs out ???you don’t know it’s so difficult he said

Kunjj you totally become mad ??I mean full calculation ??. Haan she said.

Don’t laugh at me jhalli he said in irritating ?tone.

Okay Baba don’t get irritates I didn’t understand what happened when Alisha went somewhere she said.

Hmm ?but she don’t care na about my feelings she just care about her carrier he said in sad tone.

Acha don’t get sad I too start this topic i m happy you missing me even I m missing you like anything she said and he smiled.

Aur suno you get your things or not she asked him.

Haan I get why you did I’ll manage na like before he said

What do you mean by this Haan before you don’t have twinkle na in your life now you have so I don’t want my husband get trouble for anything in my absence get it mr Sarna she said he smiled and get hell happy.They telling each other’s about whatever they have done today.They taking till so late enjoy lott. This all things happening with Kunj first time now he living normal happy life with twinkle. Twinkle see the time it’s almost 6 she get shocked they didn’t see the time and whole night passed away taking with each other’s.

Now sleep Kunj you have office see the time.Kunj see and surprised. Okay we talk enough today now sleep bye miss you and take care of yourself she said.

Okay bye even you too and come back soon he said and both end the calls with smile.

Kunj looks at phone it’s so good na I talk to her so much spend my whole night only with her.That’s amazing.

Zindagi Ka har Lamha tere saath jeena chahata hu tere saath twinkle ab Muskile hai jeena tere bina woh HUMNAVA ?.He spoke and smiled and cuddled the pillow and sleep Same twinkle did.

Sunlight coming on Kunj face which disturbing his sleep twinkle calling him he get irritates who calling me at this time haan. He take his phone and see twinkle caller id twinkle he said and pick up the call immediately in tension.

Twinkleee are you okay why you calling me at this time haan he said in one go.

Bas break lago Kunj Sarna I’m fine I just call you to wake up you for office I knew it you will not wake up on time because didn’t sleep last night so and and I know today you have important interview so I call you she said.

Why you doing this all things didn’t leave a single chance to make me fall for you more and more every time amazed me twinkle why you caring about me this Alisha didn’t ever he said.

Ab me Kya karu it’s her fault she didn’t and but I wanted because it’s give me peace and happiness as well when I take care of you and if I’ll not take care of you and your things than who will did our neighbour Haan Kunj ji she said Kunj giggles.

Nahi you will do why neighbour ?. Thanks twinkle he said.

Don’t be thanks okay it’s my duty and now go fast and get ready and please have your breakfast she said.

Acha Meri Maa feeling like I’m two years old boy and you behaving like Maa ?she must be less ??he added.

Huhu jao na she said.

Acha ja raha hu now you sleep okay he said and she Hummed and end the call Kunj run in the washroom and immediately get ready while humming the song.

Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se

Mohabbat hogayi hai tumse. And take his bag and went downstairs.Didn’t see Alisha and get happy they all family members have breakfast after Kunj left for office and drop bebe and Usha at mandir.

Kunj interview going on live on tv twinkle fully engrossed and adoring his husband listing his all words which so true leela gestured rt and both smiled to see their twinkle Kunj promise them he will give her all love and care respect she wanted and he give as well ?. Chinki come and see twinkle and even Kunj on tv she understands and off the tv. Twinkle see.

Ahah chinkiiii ?. Why you off the tv let me see Kunj interview she said try to take back remote from her.

Hoo mrs Sasha Kya interview dekhna tera hi pati hai Kishi aur Ka nahi hai samji na. Aur why you staring him see him at your home okay. She said.

You are so bad Chinki huhu she said and sit with puppy faces all giggles out.

Twinkle beta see afterwards na rt said

Butt papa kunjj she said like a baby

Ab Chinki it’s wrong na now you should know Humhari twinkle deewani hogi hai apne pati ke peeche she said ?.

Maa bhi na teasing me like bebe and mummy ji ?he is my husband so what she said.

Even Aakash saying me nowadays Kunj just lost in twinkle thought whole day ??in office ?waha pati Yeh biwi what game they playing man ??hifi with leela and rt. She said.

Bachu don’t forget your time haan huhu she said and went in her room.

At [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj talk to each other than they end and sleep but Kunj wake up and missing his wife lott he think something and left the house and went to Taneja mansion.He looking at twinkle room balcony.It’s on so high babaji he said but I wanted to see her face he used pipe and reached to twinkle room balcony.Wow I’m Kunj let go inside And give siyappa queen surprise he went in her room. And see twinkle sleeping peacefully on her bed he smiled and went near.Aww my queen he hummed. And kissed on her forehead I get my breath back. Due to Kunj touch twinkle wake up with jerked and she see Kunj and shocked and think ghost ?

Ghosttt?he about to screams but Kunj covered her mouth with his hand.

Siyappa me hu tera pati he said she blinked her eyes.he remove his hand.

Kunjj tum huhu I’m scared she hugged him he too. Pagal she said.

I miss you twinkle he cuddles her fully and lay down beside her.

You at this time at her Kunj why she asked him.

Hmm why because I didn’t getting sleep so think let’s go and give darshan to my wife now come back na I can’t stay anymore without you he said

But how you come she asked.

Hmm from pipe twinkle first time feeling like thief ??he said she agree.

True but why you come if anyone will see you than she said.

So what I’m your husband.He said and caress her face ??. Nuzzles his face in her neck and started kissing her fully. Ahah Kunj In moaned voice.She caressing his hairs fully Kunj entangled their legs and linked their fingers tightly. And giving her love bites and sucking the part where he bite her she moaning just his name fully.Kunj leave her neck went near her lips. She look at him and can see pure love for her in his eyes. She blushed and bite her lip slightly

He went near ears I’ll do better he whispered this and sealed her lips with his both started kissing each other’s fully and bite each other lips exploring every corner of their lips.Kunj hands moving on twinkle body and pressing her body as well.They share long deep liplock because of lac of oxygen they break the kiss and looking at each other both breathing heavily Kunj about to open her robe.

Kunjj not here please go na if anyone come And see us here than it will be awkward like last time. She said.

Huhu romance spoiler?She giggles and cupped his face.

Kunjj you behaving like babies very cute in her mind Iss ko tum Se pyaar na woh pagal hai Kunj. He again about capture her lips twinkle stop him No?. She said. He lay down beside her.

Acha twinkle lets go for long drive.. he asked her. She look at him. At this time I mean Kunj she said.

Yes at this time today come with me I’ll show Amritsar best place where I wanted to go but never get any one company he said And twinkle lock her arms around his neck.Acha you didn’t get company now I’m na full company. Acha wait I’ll come after change she said and went in washroom get freshen up and wear normal Kurti but off shoulder one Kunj was waiting for her.

Looking beautiful ?he said.

Thanks chale hold his hand she said Nd Kunj look at her.From balcony only Kunj asked her.

Hmm no let’s go from main door Mr. Sarna she smiled he too and they went down from main gate rt and Leela see twinkle and Kunj.Twinkle and Kunj sit in car and drove off Kunj open sunroof and twinke stand enjoying fully. Kunj see her and smiled.Twinkle sit now he said.

Hmm she Hummed and instead of seat she sit on Kunj lap he look at her she smirked Kunj give her flirty smiled.She pinch on his nose Kunj bite her cheeks while driving he stop of the car they reached where he wanted to take and sealed her lips she shocked but give him. Both share a romantic gentle kiss like this she sitting on his lap only.

Break the kiss.

Shameless twinkle murmured.

Chale Kunj said and they come out of the car twinkle see the place and get amazed.

Kunj it’s so beautiful place I never knew about this place haan she said and they went ahead and sit


Hmmm the place called by lover point.. ?he said.

Hoo lover point ahem ahem??. Weather was so cool and cool breeze going on soothing all stressed. Kunj rest his head on twinkle lap she caressing his hairs both looking at moon. You know Kunj

My bestie is this moon when I’m alone she said even my too I talk so much with moon he said both smiled Kunj kissed on twinkle hand he made her bend down both give each other’s peck.

And she blushed fully.

Jo na mila tha ab tak zindagi gawa ke Kunj said.

Wo sab mein paa liya twinkle said too Than both look into each other’s eyes and said together EK TUJHE PAA KAR ?.


Both spend quality time together here after they sit in car Kunj turned the way. Kunjjj why you going to Sarna Mansion I mean me she said.

Because you going with me stay here enough now more he said and stop of the car in front of Sarna Mansion. she look at him and smiled he come out of the car open her door of car she about to come but Kunj lift her in his arms. She look at him. Kunj I can walk myself na she said.

I know this if I m lifting you in my arms any problem he said.

Nahi hai pagal ho tum pure she said.

Haa hu tere piche ?he said and went in side twinkle lock her arms around Kunj neck and kissing on her cheeks keep. They about to entered in their room Alisha eyes went on twinkle and Kunj and see them freezes.




How was the shot?

Twinkle and Kunj living every single

Moment with each other’s ??.

I hope you all like. ??.

Bye love you all.


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